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Ok so I’m getting a rc fishing boat and I want to go fishing in green timbers lake in Canada bc?

Please help some one because I don’t want my boat to drown and I would really love if someone can tell me how big the fish there are

Whats a good rc boat that i can buy from walmart or target that would be good for fishing with?

The reason i’m saying walmart or target is because i want something cheap. Don’y tell me to get the “RC fishing buddy”. How do i attach the line so it detaches from the boat when the fish strikes and i can reel it in usin a fishing rod? Tell me some dos and don’ts with rc fishing.


Unique homemade boat. Watch how this Frankenstein boat will catch a fish.This rc fishing boat has been made with 80% of recycle pieces from computer ,tv,fax motor,phone,wiper motor,printer motor,ceiling fan,etc. The dimension of the boat are:6 feets long,42 inches large and 32 inches height.There’s five motor on the boat.It’s not just a RC boat,It’s a full control RC fishing pole .The pole can move up and down and move to left and right by 360 degrees.The winch is also control by the remote control.The weight of the boat is around 200 pounds.