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CARP FISHING EPISODE 1 single hook baits

DLD PRODUCTIONS episode 1 . A look at why you may fish single hook baits

Top 10 carp fishing tips – a Quest Baits Masterclass

Carp Fishing Hints & Tips from Quest Baits boss Shaun Harrison. See the full range of Quest Masterclass videos here – www.questbaits.com Tel; 01246 854062 / 08448 000345 Blog – www.questbaits.com

Making Homemade Boilies For Big Carp and Catfish Fishing!

My readers ask me questions every day on the subject of fishing baits. Far too many anglers just do not realise what are the most important aspects of carp or catfish baits that make fish most interested in picking them up – at all! Some of the very most vital aspects of how and why baits actually work and can be improved are inevitably missed; so why not read on now and find out more on how to make your baits and big fish catches better!


So how do you think a fish senses your bait in the first instance and how does this make a fish test out your bait with its mouth and various senses simultaneously? When you think about it, if they were ways you could enhance the impact of your baits on fish senses internally and externally, and even exploit how your baits change the water around your baits, then you will certainly massively improve your chances of catching loads more fish than the average angler!


I knew as a kid of 6 or 7 that fishing over tiny particles of bait that all dispersed in the water column where some sunk to the bottom, some remained hovering suspended and rising and falling in different water levels, and where some even rose to the surface, that this kind of bait was extremely effective for catching carp – and catfish later too. Bait success is very much all about dispersal in water. This dispersal is how fish come into contact with various bait substances, and these substances and particles provide a trail of suspended particles, and a concentration gradient of diffused substances in solution (or part solution) that lead the fish right back to the area of your hook baits waiting for them to make a mistake on them!


But there are endless things you can do to massively improve this effect so your fish are incredibly stimulated – even long before they come across your hook baits. It appears that relatively few anglers realise just what stages of modes of feeding behaviours carp can go through on their way to becoming hooked up! You can exploit and manipulate these behaviours by using various baits and bait substances, and combined fishing tactics and approaches to maximise fish behaviours in your unique personal favour.


Ok so you might think that using boilies or pellets straight from the bag is a very well proven way to catch carp, catfish or maybe big barbel for instance. But consider this; these fish home predominantly home in on the bait substances that leach out and become solution, that dissolve the most easily in the water. Dry baits take time to hydrate in water, and this also means that such baits are harder for fish to digest. But most worryingly is this; these baits take the longest to pull in fish – so you are wasting your valuable time, when you could be doing things to maximise every bait in every single fishing situation!


So consider this; next time you buy readymade baits use a few ideas from homemade bait making. In making homemade baits you learn countless tricks to overcome fish caution and manipulate both fish senses and feeding behaviours massively in your unique favour, but also get to know how to get very distinct competitive edges over the vast range of readymade baits out there which seem to confuse anglers so much.


So taken from my own products, let us imagine you are fishing a water dominated by a brand of readymade bait and you cannot hope to compete with the guys using that bait – because you either do not want to bother trying, or want to do things your own way, or simply do not see why you should spend all that money on bait when these guys are maybe getting it massively discounted or even for free. So what kinds of options might you consider to catch more fish despite fishing pressure from a dominant group on a bait?


The first obvious thing is to simply find out what their bait is and fish on the edge or on top of their baited areas in between times they are fishing in their chosen swims – that way you are catching fish guerrilla style and exploiting their efforts. This is an age old trick that has frequently caught angler good numbers of big fish. But you often cannot do it and anyway I for one do not fish this way because I prefer to do things my own way and derive far greater fun and satisfaction from my catches by doing this!


So maybe something you might do is maybe look at the boilie base mix they are using, and cut it so you make a cheaper more economical version – that the fish will recognise, that you can use but at much less cost. In fact this can be a brilliant edge and can lead to you catching even more fish than them as they will still be on the old version of the bait that fish could easily be getting wary of after enough captures.


Boosting your own unique boilie base mix with extra elevated levels of hygroscopic substances that are extremely rich in fish feeding triggers is a sure way to ensure you get really good results! But there are countless more innovative ways to catch more fish – economically, using methods, substances and knowledge beyond the conventional or the expected! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!


By Tim Richardson.

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HOMEMADE CARP BAIT RECIPES and Making Readymade Fishing Baits Catch More Fish!


When you need some powerful advice on designing carp and catfish baits and recipes for boilies, pastes and pellets, here is some very practical advice that really works on big wary fish and easy small fish, that will not merely help your catches right now but improve your understanding of how to achieve better results in summer or winter for years! These bait tips will work for anyone; so read on and reap your big rewards now!


Many anglers want a bait recipe. But how is this going to really help when still fail to create opportunities that are possible to catch more fish, or fail to maximise situations that result in potentially great catches being missed! What is important is that you really get to understand far better what fish are really about and how and why they do what they do in their watery medium. I say this because the watery medium aspect is totally vital in improving your success equation OK!


So many anglers merrily put out free baits and expect miracles. A very big part of fishing success comes down to ground baiting or free baiting skills, knowledge and experience. But remember one key thing. Fish can be excited or repelled by what you put out there and even if your bait is a popular and previously successful readymade bait it can actually work against you or reduce your chances if you do not realise what that bait is doing in the water, how and why it impacts of fish, and why it may make them excited or make them unduly suspicious.


Familiar ingredients additives and flavours can all be a turn off for fish for many reasons right down to simply not requiring the nutrition from a certain bait because they have been filled with them for so long, quite apart from being afraid of familiar baits and their potential dangers of hooks and capture etc.


One thing most anglers must have noticed is how many anglers us the same format of baits these days. Boilies are so commonly used in big carp and catfish fishing, and certainly they catch the majority of big carp around the world. But part of this is because so many anglers use them. I make my own pellets because they are different to standard boilies and unique baits in the presence of very wary fish can be a massive advantage and this is well proven time after time.


Whether you use readymade baits or homemade baits here is one thing I advise you to consider OK! Consider how hard and how well sealed your baits are in water, and how long it takes for the majority of soluble material and liquids to become soluble and become solution as part of the water column – thus attracting fish and inducing feeding type of responses that we require in order to most efficiently hook them.


So many readymade baits are hard, even if they sit in dips or bait soaks for a long time. Such baits might be useful in situations where nuisance fish and crayfish abound but even in such situations I have always found it far more effective to use soluble baits that break down pretty quickly –say within 5 hours as opposed to 12, 24 or 48 hours plus! Ideally what I want is my baits to actually become part of the water and not sitting there as a bed of baits on the bottom.


Even in stronger currents of rivers I aim to have such baits constantly breaking down and pulling in and triggering feeding. For rivers I might make baits square or disc shapes or rectangle odd shapes and make them using certain heavier ingredients but note in such baits you do not have to compromise on bait impacts and you can easily add things like crushed egg and oyster shell to add weight to soluble mixes OK! Crushed finely these kinds of ingredients are great too for when you want to launch hook baits and free baits into the distance.


In fact fishing moving water situations is an ideal place to seriously hone your bait effectiveness skills. Many barbel anglers have benefited from my experience of combining refining baits adapted from carp and catfish recipes, and used in search of river chub and other species where baits get washed out very quickly in moving water.


Imagine the power of being able to refine the impacts and potency of your bait in moving water, and then using those skills in the pretty still waters of lakes for instance. The impacts of such refined, so well adapted baits on fish and fish responses and feeding is hugely increased – by comparison to conventional baits, and catches differ very significantly! This is especially when compared to boilies made using eggs and the boiled or steamed; thus sealing inside the baits the vast majority of more water-soluble material and liquids within these baits!


I like countless anglers used to boil lots of my homemade baits. In fact I regard boiling as very detrimental to your baits in so many ways. All you need to do is compare the amount of stimulating bait material left in the water baits are boiled in, to realise that you are losing loads of potential catching ability of the baits – by leaving it behind in the boiling water!


I noticed my catch rates using homemade boiled baits really improved when I used to boil my baits in water that was first treated with additional soluble substances. Sure some of these lowered the boiling temperature of the water, among other effects but they really worked to improve my catches. For instance you might add condensed milk, evaporated milk, flavours, enhancers, marine and vegetable extracts, Horlicks powders, milk powders, milkshake powders, honey, chocolate source, raspberry puree or tomato puree, salmon, shrimp or crab paste etc, condiments of many kinds, sugars, sweeteners, syrups, yeast powders, enzyme-treated fish or liver among an endless list of others I know work.


The list is endless, but I advise you to look into hygroscopic substances and form you own personal list! But I would not only add these to water if you want to boil your baits, but soak these into readymade baits freshly defrosting, and to air-dried baits and also to particles, pellets, meat and marine baits, ground baits of many kinds including stick mixes, method mixes, spod mixes and so on! Take good note of this and you will reap big rewards! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!


By Tim Richardson.

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Its Alive ? Amazing Carp and Catfish Active Enzyme Baits and Flavours

The awesome ‘fish-pulling power’ of fishing baits that are ‘active’ is truly amazing!

This is a fact that many ‘secret squirrel’ type fishing bait makers and designers will not tell you too much about! But I will – I’m good like that!

I’m a professionally trained horticultural grower and you may wonder what the heck a plant science background has to do with making and enhancing very top performing fishing baits!

OK let’s see: for example, catfish and carp stimulatory betaine, fish essential and non- essential amino acids, fish essential omega oils, essential oils, active enzymes. Countless fish stimulatory and volatile compounds and components.

From lecithins, fats, carbohydrates and protein ingredients, grits and corn to soya, wheatgerm and important effects of these. To fish stimulatory carotenoids, as in the famous ‘Robin Red’ bait ingredient, alkaloids; phenols in flavours, spices, herbs, biofavonoids in fruit oils. Their fish essential and attractant vitamins and minerals etc, etc!

This said – how many of the most powerfully effective drugs effective in animals in the world are plant derived? The latest relevant headline I saw in the paper was “Chilli peppers kill cancer tumours!” It’s interesting that these peppers seriously stimulate the ‘long range’ carp ‘motile’ and protein feeding response…

In fact most of the best fishing flavours have a lot in common with a very famous headache cure and heart attack preventative. This all proves that certain plant ‘active’ and ‘volatile’ ingredients and components are exceptional for putting more fish in your net, when used in baits – as we shall see!

But the practical question is: “Are your homemade fishing baits and readymades ‘dead or alive’ and just how many fish are YOU missing out on as a direct result??!

Many readymades and homemade baits are pretty much innately ‘dead’ when it comes to stimulating fish effectively!

It’s just like the marketing old trick used in carton packaged or canned orange or pineapple juice implying that it’s really great for you and ‘just like the fresh juice!’

What is faulty about this idea is it is simply not true, because the fresh juice is ‘literally alive’ with very highly beneficial active enzymes, which the stored juice has ‘lost’ in being preserved.

You will really notice the difference on your tongue when you eat a fresh pineapple or orange. I’d always add pineapple juice if I wanted to include a synthetic ‘pineapple’ flavour in a carp bait, that’s for sure!

The same effect is felt when eating spices, such as in curry powder, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, chillies and black peppers, even many herbs like celery, garlic, onion, and familiar red and blue fruits like cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry and so on. Strangely familiar carp attractors and stimulators too!

When you eat a blueberry or strawberry, what is it that stimulates you to eat another one – it can’t contain much nutrition can it; it’s not packed with protein?! Maybe there’s some ‘active’ components and effects at work on your brain!

Perhaps you can leverage such a principle to catch more fish – or even just to get a ‘take’ when times are hard and in ‘unfavourable’ temperatures and air pressure conditions.

The components doing the ‘tingling sensations’ on your tongue are natural ‘volatile components’ and active enzymes, oils components, antioxidants, and powerful acids etc. For example, the multi-use food digesting enzyme ‘bromelain’ is found in pineapple, while ‘bio-active flavonoids’ are especially found in the citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, lime etc. Many winter baits are steeped in ‘bioactive’ ingredients flavours and additives with good reason!

By Tim Richardson

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are at this dedicated bait secrets website now…

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