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Avoid Fishing For Pike At A Distance

One of the most important aspects of angling is being able to locate the fish. Knowing where they are allows you to introduce ground bait efficiently and place your hook bait where it will most likely catch fish. When fishing for pike it may be better to bring the fish closer to you.

Many pike anglers like distance techniques for pike. They will use extra strong gear not unlike heavy sea fishing beach rods that can cast big weights up to two hundred yards. Radio control floating craft are even used to take the ground bait to a distant hot spot and dump it there!

There is no doubt that this method will catch fish, but it does have the disadvantage of reducing your contact with the fish and your ability to feel or notice a take. Deep hooking a pike down its throat is most likely to happen when control over the end rig is least, as with long distance fishing. Deep throat hooked fish can starve to death, as the hooks and wire trace cannot be removed without damaging the delicate throat and stomach.

Striking a pike’s bite at just the right time is the way to prevent deep hooking down the throat. Control is a lot better when fishing 25 yards away than over 200.

Bringing the pike to you by pre-baiting the swim is also a good method to stimulate feeding response in sluggish pike during the winter months. If you introduce a ball of fish mash into a potential swim the pike will be attracted by the smell. Pungent fish oils can be mixed into the ground bait to increase their allure. The mixture can be made up in the comfort of your kitchen and frozen in soluble PVA bags. These will dissolve in water. This means that when you are ready to go fishing it is a simple and clean process of taking a few frozen ground baits with you. While still frozen they can be thrown into the swim and will slowly melt releasing the smelly oils.

Near fishing for pike means that you can strike immediately you feel the bait has been turned in the pike’s mouth, but before it swallows it. This prevents deep hooking. As you will have been using much lighter tackle you will likely have had a more enjoyable tussle with the pike.

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Carp Fishing in France-Secrets to catch this dumb fish

Millions of people from all over the world love to visit France as it is a hot spot tourist destination. Due to numerous carp lakes found in France, you can select one that attracts you, so that you can enjoy the adventurous carp fishing activity when you are in France. Most of the carp lakes have excess carp up to 40lb to 50lb and more! Mostly, carp is a dull fish and you need not have a great knowledge for catching this species of fish. Being the most inactive fish, carp is the master in its own territory. It can defy and do all those things to distract the angler’s attention. To get an easy catch, you need to think a bit seriously on how to trap it. These are a few secrets that assist you to catch extra carp conveniently. – Search for your carp: This is one of the obvious things that you need to do. Most of the talented anglers’ don’t bother to pay attention to this little job but it is the major step towards trapping your carp conveniently. You need to fish where you find carp, or else, you wont be able to catch one. – Know the spot to place your rod so as to attract the carp: This is an essential part of a good catch. Marker rod forms the most necessary think of your fishing kit. And most of the anglers do forget to get one. There are times when the carp doesn’t consume even if it is present. In order to get the best chance, you should pay attention on the essential features. – Bait perfectly: You need to select and apply the bait perfectly. It is the key to a great success or a big failure. You must add enough quantity of food, so that your fish is interested in eating and catching it. Too much of food may not allow them to find the hook bait. But if you recognize that you are fishing on a wrong location, you can never go back then. You can freely add some more food for the carp if the place is perfect. – Observe the water: Scrutinizing is another necessary point that should be taken seriously. With keen observation, you will be able to spot the carp which are found leaping during rainy or dull days. – Keep moving: You should never make a huge shelter that will take nearly half a day to move. The fish may move out of your area if you do so, or you will have to search a new spot for the catch. – Adjust with the conditions: There are several lakes in France and each lake varies from the other. Their makeup is different, vegetation, the nature of lake bed, depth and several other factors. You should change according to the changing situations. You can change the hooklink material or the hair length. But you should know what you are doing, what your rig should do, the type of water you are on etc. Same tactics with every lake wont work well. – Covert the chance: Lastly, you should be alert enough to convert the chances. You must change the hook only when it is needed and not for every fish you catch. Soft hooks, weak rigs, old line may be a few factors for poor catch. Inspect all the equipment before you start and this will improve the chances of conversion.

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