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Life Changing Feng Shui Tips and Tricks Revealed

There are a lot of ways that you can bring in feng shui to your life. It can be as basic as de-cluttering any given space or moving around your furniture so that the energies will be given room to move around. Whatever it may be, even the smallest change in a room can lead to a huge difference in your life.

When it comes to feng shui tips, there are a lot of things that you can do. Read along as we discuss the basic feng shui practices that will potentially change your life.

The entrance of any house is the first thing that people will see. Due to this, the entrance to your house should always be welcoming to all your guests.

A feng shui consultant may recommend that you place a bagua mirror at the upper part of the outside part of your front door. You have to make sure though that it’s a flat Bagua as there are many kinds of bagua mirrors. A flat bagua can help protect you and your family from any negativity and other influences that can harm you.

Here’s more feng shui tips you can do: take three Chinese coins and tie them together using a red ribbon. Make sure that you cut the ribbon in lengths which are multiples of 9. You can use a 9-inch ribbon, 18-inch ribbon or 27-inch ribbon depending on your preference. Hang this in the front portion of your door handle. This will be very useful if you want to attract money.

Using Fu Dogs are great feng shui tips to implement for guarding your home and family so that no bad energy can invade your living space. Fu Dogs have to be purchased in pairs and you should position the dogs outside your door, on the right hand side of your front door.

Water is one of the favored elements in feng shui, especially flowing water. You can make a fish pond, bird baths or waterfalls to achieve this effect. Your fish pond should have healthy fishes living in it, preferably gold fish or carp.

You can also add other living things like live plants into your front yard. Group of three’s will work best and the color red is your best bet. If your flowers or plants died, you have to remove them as soon as possible. Dead plants will also attract dead and negative energy so you have to make it a point to always have fresh, living plants all the time.

Lighting the walkway towards your front door is also something that you can do. The illuminated path will guide the positive chi in entering your house.

A very important feng shui tip you should be aware of involves clutter, it’s the number one hindrance in feng shui. You have to avoid any form of clutter or mess so that the energies will have room to move around. Make it a habit to clean up your house once a week so that the buildup of clutter will be eliminated.

Good interior decoration feng shui tips like not having too much furniture clumped together are important so that the energy can flow much more freely around you. Having too many things in one place can hinder the energy in moving around, like obstacles in it’s way, leaving it stagnant.

If you are having a problematic area in your life, the easiest feng shui cure is to place a mirror in the room area that corresponds to this area in your life according to the bagua map. A mirror has the ability to reflect good and positive energy.

Mirrors can also be used in a small room. If you want to make it appear bigger, you can use a mirror so that it will reflect the space, making it look like it is bigger than it actually is. Mirrors are also representative of endless possibilities for you.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. Visit Way To Feng Shui for more great feng shui tips and expert advice advice on how to use feng shui to bring you health, wealth happiness and more!

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Feng Shui Cure Arowana Double Carps Over Dragon Gate for Education Luck

The double carps are able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jump above the water to reach heaven and this symbolizes great achievements in one’s pursuit in the area of education. The general belief is that once these carps cross the dragon gates they turn into dragons. The goal of these carps is to cross their finish line which is the Dragon Gates. A representation of the double carps crossing the dragon gate signifies that you can set your dragon gates too and like the double carps if you work hard then you can achieve your goals too.

To attract education luck place a representation of the double carps crossing the dragon gate in the northeast corner of the study desk.

The carps are considered to be very lucky symbols that signify good luck. These fishes are closely related to the dragon. The symbol of the carps crossing the dragon gate signifies the strength to overcome hardships and succeed in the face of difficulties in life.

Arowana crossing the Dragon Gate is mostly a symbol of education and literary luck but in general it is also considered as a symbol for fortunate outcomes in life.

Place a double carp in the personal success direction to attract general success and power.

Career Climbers may place the double carp in the north portion of the work desk to attract personal growth and recognition for hard work.

Double carps are also considered as symbols of harmony and can be displayed in the east for improving family luck.

Many business people have found that displaying the double carps in their premises has helped improve the cash inflow. Hence displaying the double carps in the south-east sector of the work space is also beneficial


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Feng Shui, Feng Shui Fish, Feng Shui Aquariums, Feng Shui Fish Aquarium, Feng Shui Fish Amulets

Fish also drive away misfortune, as it’s one of the good signs in the Buddha’s footprint. The image of a pair of fish is often embroidered on curtains, cushions, linen, and clothes. This amulet has a strong protective energy. In Thailand, children often wear these talismans on their necks (these charms are usually made of gold and precious stones).

The feng shui fish also have a strong reproductive function, so they symbolize fertility. These aquatic creatures swim happily in the water, and thus are a symbol of happiness and harmony in a couple.

The most popular species in feng shui are carp (koi), goldfish, and arowana. The amulets are available as figurines, paintings, scrolls, and pendants.

Goldfish can often be seen in ponds and aquariums, as they bring good energy. Goldfish represent double joy, because the Chinese word “goldfish” consists of two hieroglyphs – “gold” and “happiness”. Goldfish symbolizes success in financial affairs, and it is well suited for the zone of wealth.

Carp is a symbol of good luck and military glory. The legend says that the carp became known for its prowess, when it swam against the tide to reach the dragon gate and became a dragon. Thus, it became a symbol of perseverance and tenacity. One of the popular paintings today is the painting “Carps passing through the gates of the dragon.” The hieroglyph “carp” sounds like the word “business” in Chinese, so it will help achieve success in business. A carp shown in a pair will bring love.

Arowana is a rare fish that brings financial well-being; it’s considered a particularly strong symbol of wealth. It should be pink, silver or gold. As a symbol of prosperity, you can hang an image of a golden arowana in the corner of wealth.
Live fish are also a sign of abundance, and that’s why so many people use feng shui aquariums. A feng shui fish aquarium can not only decorate your home, but also help you achieve prosperity and wealth. If you decide to start an aquarium, remember several important rules. When buying an aquarium, give preference to round or rectangular shapes. Put the aquarium in the east or southeast part of the living room or office. It’s best not to put the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen.

It’s best to have an odd number of feng shui fish in the aquarium. The most favorable number is 9, such as 8 golden ones for prosperity and 1 black one for protection. The red is a solar Yan, and black is the lunar Yin. Together, they symbolize the unity and completeness of the universe.

It’s best to avoid buying the species with sharp fins. If you decide to purchase arowana, note that this tropical specie is very sensitive to changes in water temperature and other conditions. Moreover, arowana will not live in the same tank with other species – it will eat them.

To attract wealth, you can activate your tank with wealth symbols, such as a money toad or ship with coins next to the aquarium. You can also hang Chinese coins on a red ribbon.

Jakob Jelling runs http://www.fengshuicrazy.com which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui fish.