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ESP Quality Carp Fishing Tackle

What is E.S.P. Fishing Tackle?

Well, if you were thinking it was a new kind of tackle that would help you find and catch fish using some kind of mysterious psychic power, not quite. E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is a popular and well respected brand of fishing equipment. In fact, for many carp fisherman (and fisher women) E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is the brand of choice.

Carp fishing is growing in popularity. There was a time when some considered carp “junk fish”, the ones you did not want to catch, and would quickly toss back if you did. But, over the years, many anglers have come to realize that fishing for carp is a worthy past time. And for many different reasons.

First and most importantly is the fact that you can eat carp, which you can’t always say for a lot of the “sports” fish. True, some people fish simply for the challenge of catching a “big one”. But being able to dine on the fruits of your labours adds to the feeling of accomplishment you got from catching the fish.

Another appealing thing about carp is their size. Part of the fun of sports fishing is being able to catch the really big fish, which is relatively easy when using quality equipment like E.S.P. Fishing Tackle. It’s not at all unusual to stumble across carp that are upwards of 20 or 30 pounds in size. (Although carp 10 pounds and under tends to be better for eating.)

Another thing that makes carp fishing so appealing is the challenge. Serious anglers don’t want to just drop a line in the water, pull it up, and find a fish dangling on the end. They want a fish that puts up a fight. And this is definitely true of carp.

Two more advantages of fishing for carp are its abundance, and the many different places they can be found. You can find these fish in streams, lakes and ponds all over the world. Wherever you live, there’s a good chance there is a body of water where you can fish for carp nearby.

When fishing for carp, your best bet is to use a heavy, high quality rod and reel with a 15 pound test line. Anything less could be too easily broken by the weight of one of these weighty fish.

E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is a brand that offers a variety of rods designed especially for catching carp of all sizes and in many different environments. If you are interested in carp fishing, this line of fishing equipment should be at the top of your list.

Written by Glen Buchanan, Keep-Fishing.com, ESP Carp Fishing Tackle.

Carp Fishing Bait And Tackle Secrets Of Success!

Many anglers mistakenly think that all they need to succeed is a bag of readymade baits and a few thousand pounds worth of new gear. But did it ever strike them that actually the most well known anglers of the last 50 years certainly did not always use readymade baits or the latest most fashionable carp gear – because such things are only relatively new innovations! Read on now for genuinely new edges and tips you will not find in any magazines!

Carp fishing arguably got more popular in the early eighties when many more individuals and companies saw that carp fishing could become a big business. In the nineties when carp magazines became more of a force of influence other than the voice of experienced anglers on the bank, the commercialisation of carp fishing really got moving. Unfortunately many of the carp magazines appear to be more interested in making money and selling products than offering readers open-minded opinions free of commercial bias but it appears that running magazines requires guaranteed regular advertising revenues in order to survive. I must admit I preferred the days when guys wrote books and articles that were not blatant promotional vehicles for companys products!

All this has gradually happened at a steadily growing rate of change that has seen once peaceful lakes today resemble bivvy cities. The enormous commercialisation of carp fishing has been going on for some years but I consider the real start of the cult of carp fishing explosion was around the early nineties when the magazines popularity really began to grow and influence anglers mindsets.

Cliff Fox founder of Fox International now one of the biggest tackle companies was running a different kind of engineering business before he really got a name for mainstream carp fishing tackle and if I remember correctly he was into providing things like custom-made shelving for businesses and so on. However it seems he always had an urge to design fishing-related items and I know he liked using gadgets such as 2 way radios such as when he fished certain lakes in Essex. Even in his much earlier days he was selling things like his old-fashioned style of metal bait dropper for instance.

I noticed a distinct change in his tackle preferences when he joined the Savay syndicate when long-range tactics were essential and his rods and reels suddenly resembled pretty much in the early nineties what have become the normal for most carp anglers today. In the eighties one of my fellow syndicate members designed a zero-friction style of bite indicator and this was field-tested on the water. I was one of the lucky few to use these brand new swinger indicators before they became a world-wide phenomenon and initially we really mainly used them to find fish by refining their setting to most easily indicate line bites which was something that monkey-climber-type bite indicators were less effective at doing.

I invented a rear rod butt clip by using the plasticised rubber of an old style heavy duty hose pipe and it is no coincidence that Fox brought out the foam rubber and metal adjustable rear rod rest ideal for clamping your rod solidly in position when fishing in snags and hit and holding and so on. In the early days on the syndicate I used to tie my rod butts to my rear rests using a simple thick string loop that when passed from one side of the rest to the other the rod formed an angle that meant the string stayed in place until manually lifted off by hand immediately when a run occurred. You might think that stretchy or elastic type rigs are new but we were using such rigs and indicators for that matter back in the early eighties or before that time.

It amazes me how many anglers now use the plastic coated braids and other materials of hook links, where once very few anglers thought of including hinges and loops in their rigs. Of course stiffness in a rig is an advantage in hooking fish and loops can help prevent hooked fish slipping of hooks for instance. The old Amnesia type rigs are still in use and the memory of certain materials makes them ideal for producing curved springy type rigs perfectly angled for maximum penetration. I still really like using multi-stranded hook links and I remember having to buy my first batch by mail order in the very early days when Kryston was far from the multi-million pound turnover business it is today.

Believe it or not the original multi-strand product I used was 60 pound strength – and I initially trialled it as hook link material at that strength in the maximum thickness – and caught very good fish in the upper twenty pound bracket on this material right from the first cast! The fact is that multi-strand totally flattens and spreads out when compressed by carp lips when carp are testing for lines connected to baits and this is just on of the many unusual advantages of this material.

Inevitably I obviously split my 60-pound hook link material into 3 lengths to make the material go much further as it was quite expensive and using it at 20-pound strength and thickness was ideal. I found it best to make thumb knots in it about every 2 inches, leaving the last 3 inches able to spread out next to the hook. Use with PVA products this hook link material is I believe as good as invisible as is possible when presented correctly with practice – unlike so many hook links that will never disappear, flatten out or absorb light to a sufficient degree to be totally natural!

Many lines and plastic hook links even reflect light – like the vast majority of hooks; this is madness considering how acute the short-range eyesight of carp has been proven to be! Some of those so-called expert names in magazines have even written articles on rigs that included silver hooks – talk about misguiding the masses!

Of course in the eighties we used PVA tubes, PVA string and spodding and method type ground baits although the cult status of such products was yet to come about probably because those of us who used such edges then mainly kept quiet about them – but there are plenty of other secret edges yet to be exposed in the magazines or elsewhere!

I will finish with a tip about bait. Years ago we used to make liquid bait soaks by boiling down the whispered-about potent additive Belachan fermented shrimp block and adding all kinds of weird and wonderful substances, some of which are still under wraps today. One impact that Belachan in solid or in solution has is highly significant enhancement properties within baits of all kinds. Belachan has a significantly high mineral content that is highly attractive in its own right and this obviously enhances the amino acids, various acids and other compounds that Belachan offers that are so stimulatory to fish.

Today many bait companies offer Belachan in liquid form, often at inflated prices – so why not make your own homemade bait edges instead – in far more naturally concentrated forms? I do not recommend you use the enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate) because it over-hydrates brain cells at the brain receptor site causing bleeding on the brain – please pass this on! Other very good enhancing liquids include L030 and liquid yeast – these examples and more are very rich in natural glutamate! These will certainly multiply your catch rate if you fully maximise them and impregnate your baits with them to a far greater degree than almost all readymade baits available today!

In fact I have found it easily possible to make homemade baits packed with liquid nutritional attraction that have proven to last functionally intact in water for at least 21 and more hours, that contain no egg binder and have no need of cooking whatsoever! The competitive advantages of these homemade baits are huge (all it takes is to keep an ever open mind and a willingness to think for yourself instead being hypnotised into becoming a mindless consumer!)

Such unusual baits contain far higher levels of liquid foods and natural enhancers, and natural feeding stimulators and attractors and as such are far more potent to fish than any readymade boiled, steamed or heated boilies or pellets. If you fish maggot-dominated lakes such as the Sandhurst Lake why follow the herd? Sure when so many maggots are entering the water carp receptors can get adapted to becoming very much more sensitised to their excretions but guess what – it does not mean you have to stop using boilies at all unlike anglers such as Ian Chillcott and Gareth Fareham might imply! No disrespect intended to them but to be frank I do not regard them as scientific experts on bait or fish – so why swallow every word they say? They are good anglers because they are willing to be adaptable – but you too can be equally if not even more adaptable and successful! (Note too that many great anglers do not publicise themselves at all!)

Think about it; exploiting liquidised maggots as the liquid protein and ammonia source in your boilies, pellets and ground baits is going to really make a difference if you use very soluble bait designs. With the right information these are totally unique baits you can easily make at home for yourself – to keep ahead of your fish and competing anglers! (For further information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my bait secrets ebooks website Baitbigfish right now – and improve your catches for life!)

By Tim Richardson.

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Carp Fishing Tackle



Carp tackle is an expensive business. There are so many products on the market, from the mildly priced to the ridiculously expensive. The thing is, everyone is lead to believe that when it comes to buying carp tackle, the more expensive and better quality, the better the experience. This is not always the case. To be able to buy the top of the range carp tackle, and I mean all of it, you will need to invest a small fortune. So, that’s either selling your house or winning the lottery! Carp fishing means compromising a little, and having some of the best and then some cheaper options. Otherwise you may find your habit taking over not only your life, but your bank balance as well!


It pays to look around when considering buying the correct carp tackle. Compare prices and look everywhere. The internet is a great resource when it comes to buying many things and fishing stuff, particularly carp tackle is no exception. You should also consider buying second hand things, and looking at online auction sites is a great idea. You can get some really good carp tackle for a fraction of the price in the shops and a lot of the things you can buy is in great condition!


Fishing for carp is a long and rather boring process. Many carp fishers will have two or three lines on the go at once, and this is perhaps why buying carp tackle is expensive! Buying one of everything is a lot of money, but going for two or three is practically bank breaking! The reasons behind having more than one line is because it increases your chances of catching carp by doubling or trebling the surface area that you can cover. As I have already said, this type of fishing is a waiting game, and the more rods, the better the chances of you actually catching something. You do need to remember, however, that if you are planning on having multiple lines, that you should check the amount you can legally have on the license you have. Some of the licenses will only allow one or two rods or lines, so you may need to obtain more than one license!


Carp tackle tends to be more expensive because you need more durable things. Carp are heavy fish and therefore small lines and hooks just won’t cut it. A thicker and more durable line is needed; otherwise you will end up losing parts of your line and also your hook if the fish gets away. Better quality hooks are needed, and this means more expense, and don’t forget, more than one line means more than one reel of line, hooks etc.


At the end of the day, carp fishing can be a very enjoyable experience for so many. Just don’t let your head run away without you and spend a fortune on carp tackle that you may not have. Be sensible and try to check out second hand tackle and you won’t have to break the bank!


Devon Angling Centre offer mail order fishing and carp tackle supplies and have a shop located in Devon, UK.

Carp Fishing Baits And Tackle Best Proven For Big Fish Confidence And Success!

You do not have to be a big name high profile angler to be able to offer advice – after all literally anything you have learnt, adapted or refined in your own fishing that has helped you catch fish can be passed on to others to help them – often to very great effect! Unique experiences, insights and understanding from decades of fishing is extremely valuable and just one tip can make a quantum leap in your catches – so read on now!

Many anglers on the bank are completely dependant upon using readymade baits but are frustrated because they still do not catch the numbers of fish they desire. Ready made baits have made a massive difference in carp fishing – a complete beginner can simply buy everything, from all the tackle he needs, to bait, fishing tickets and venue information and methods to fish venues etc. But even experienced anglers get fixated by their baits and definitely get into a mental rut about them – and this really limits their catches considerably!

Speaking yesterday with an experienced angler at one north Kent water yesterday gave me a fine example of how we can become the actual barrier to our own fishing success! This guy had explained to me how the particular water was hard. Well I never take much notice of that. Frankly it is up to each and every angler to think for himself and understand why a water is hard – usually it is because the anglers have conditioned fish to behave in certain defensive ways in response to their baits, rigs, methods of fishing and even sensitised them to almost every aspect of having anglers present on the bank – which the carp are highly aware of.

This guy was frustrated because he said that a few guys on the lake had banded together and were putting into the lake a quantity of popular readymade boilies – and they were catching good fish. He had tried the same bait and was struggling to catch moaning that he could not afford to put out much bait unlike these other anglers.

The mentality that this guy had formed meant that he had become fixated on what other anglers were doing and what bait they were using – and had completely stopped thinking like a fish – which is the most powerful mentality in carp fishing! (Far too many anglers I meet think like anglers – concentrating on what readymade bait they are going to be using and what new rig they will be trying that they saw in a magazine – and how beautiful their new spod rod and reel is – and so on!)

I was standing there on the bank when this angler I was talking to reeled in. He was fishing as stereotypically as possible. He had spodded-out into his swim a very standard mixture of whole readymade boilies and popular pellets and his rigs were round white readymade pop-up boilies on a rig of very standard material, dimensions and mechanics.

It was as if he had literally just finished reading a typical magazine article, and gone fishing copying the most fashionable parts of what he had seen and read – yet when I asked him why he was using what he was using as opposed to other tackle and baits his answer was basically that he had read and seen this stuff in the magazines – so it had to be good right! He did not actually understand what he was doing and why – therefore he was not maximising what he was doing to overcome the challenges the carp in the lake represented – because he was not actually solving problems and overcoming them – and so was not catching as many fish as possible!

Watching the lake it was clear that anglers were fishing in very stereotypical ways and were not assessing the major factors influencing fish behaviour on that very day. If they had been they would have been catching fish. The guy I was talking to told me that the water was hard. He explained to me that he wished he had the confidence to fish bread right next to the special duck feeding area that the public use to throw bread into the lake – and where carp are occasionally seen feeding knowing this is a safe no fishing area.

He expressed his frustration at not being able to simply put some bread on and cast into that area! In saying all this he was basically saying that he had very little confidence in his readymade boilies – and why should he when they were supposed to be so good, yet the carp could be seen feeding confidently in the safe area and yet fed much more cautiously over the boilies introduced!

I suggested it was not the bait that was the problem but the fact that this guy was fishing so stereotypically that the fish could very easily avoid his hook baits and avoid any suspicious baits with ease – while hovering up his free baits and moving on again! Much of this conversation really came down to a lack of confidence in the mind of this angler – because although he had the tackle and the baits he really did not understand what drove the fish behaviours – and how to get around their defence behaviours – or even re-programme new behaviours.

To be able to re-programme new fish behaviours might seem mad until you consider that anglers re-programme fish behaviours all the time by any and all aspects of their fishing activities. We have the power to re-programme fish yet the majority of carp anglers seem to be too focussed on copying other anglers and their baits and methods – that have already lost their edge by the time they get on them! Very often it only takes one negative experience with a bait for a fish to always be fearful of it – and this transmits to other fish too; this is no over-exaggeration!

Carp fishing magazines have a tremendous impact on the group mentality and perceptions of anglers as a whole. By that I mean that the majority take what they perceive to be the easy quick route to success by simply copying what they read – because that is human nature I guess – but in fact in carp fishing it is far more powerful to be unique in what you do and with the baits you use – and how you use them!

The most powerful starting point in carp fishing is not the bait or tackle but understanding the fish. When you understand in far greater detail what drives fish to behave the ways they do and why these behaviours change through a day,  a week, a season, you can really look at manipulating carp behaviours in your favour – and bait

substances can do this in an enormous range of ways! But of course a huge number of bait substances both well known and known by very few really do not get the attention they deserve in relation to the potentially incredibly powerful ways that they impact on water and on carp externally and internally do they?

Think about it – unfortunately because nearly every carp fishing magazine is a predominantly product-promoting vehicle that is where the focus of the articles is – or should I say advertorials, as the vast majority of anglers getting space in these magazines are so-called sponsored anglers! Magazines are a great way to learn but are also a great way to become totally confused.

So many different angling writers have different experiences, preferences and biased opinions about not only what tackle and baits to use but why and how to use them and this is to be expected because everyone is different. But having said that it seems that most anglers totally overlook that they are unique and different to everyone else – and appear to seek to fit in and do pretty much the same as everyone else. It actually would not matter if the topic of the magazines happened to be gardening, guitars, computer games or mobile phones, vintage car maintenance or whatever.

In many cases the writers insist that their justification for recommending certain products is that their products are the best – but all these things are of their time – and carp are constantly adaptive creatures that alter their behaviours when they get stressed by being hooked or simply get stressed by experiencing too much angling pressure.

I would really like to see far more focus on the fish again – in the early days before magazines proliferated the articles were certainly in many ways much more about the fish. I find it fascinating how individual carp develop and grow from unnoticed single and double figure fish and over the years begin to attract attention when their size or looks or other factors draw attention to them. Some fish are very interesting not for their size but for their behaviours. You might expect that the biggest fish in a water would be the hardest to catch but some of the smaller fish can actually be caught far less.

I consider that asking yourself why this is an extremely powerful method of improving your fishing success yet the answers to this question really revolve around all the major factors that influence fish behaviours.

When you consider that much bigger carp have far greater essential dietary requirements than smaller carp you can see how you can exploit this fact to your advantage. If fish are predominantly natural feeding fish then this can also be exploited – but of course you have to study your fish and get to understand this first to really make the most of it.

The guy I spoke to on the bank had shown his excitement when I mentioned some ideas in regards to adapting his readymade baits so they performed much more effectively. It is very easy to make a readymade bait unique and different enough to make fish feed far more confidently on them – as if you are literally the very first angler to use them on your lake – even if you are just about the last! One of the simplest ways to beat bait sponsored anglers is to adapt the popular readymade bait they are using so it become both a partially familiar but new bait at the same time.

Some of the lesser quick easy methods are using liquids. For instance you might soak your Mainline Cell boilies in CC Moore Feedstim XP liquid, or soak your Richworth Tutti Fruiti boilies in CC Moore Liquid Super Slop for instance. These are very mainstream ideas and I much prefer to actually change the nature and characteristics of readymade baits completely to form something new entirely.

For instance you might use a bait grinder to grind up some Solar Byt and Club Mix boilies, add to them some Richworth Salmon Supreme boilies and bind these up in CC Moore N-Gage base mix with CC Moore Feedstim XP and CC Moore Liquid Salmon and Krill Extract for instance. Binding materials can literally be anything but the point is that you will have created something new from popular baits that have a great track record.

But for me personally even doing this is false confidence but not because it will not be successful far from it, but this example is merely a totally random idea to offer fish something different. It does not take account of many factors that influence individual fish behaviours – because the starting point focus is products – and not the fish and their defensive behaviours.

For instance in the lake that I visited yesterday, the fish were very obviously fast approaching spawning time and were located spending much of their time filter-feeding on richly nutritional phytoplankton and zooplankton. Making very simple homemade baits using ingredients and additives related to such items such as seaweeds, spirulina, daphnia and vegetable extracts for instance is very simple.

Such baits will catch fish even if they contain just 2 ingredients – so they do not have to cover all nutritional angles at all! Think about it; a bait made from pre-digested yeast, peanut butter, LT94 fish meal and a little blood or blood plasma powder with CC Moore Liquid Red Venom for instance, is actually a very complex bait indeed when you consider what this bait offers nutritionally – and how it will impact on carp senses and how it will influence carp internally in your favour!

Bait texture is just one aspect you can obviously change at will to add different advantageous edges to your baits. For example why not try crushed mealworms and casters plus oat bran, whole rolled oats or even crushed or chopped sweets for example when making fresh baits on the bank? Such things really can make all the difference. How many baits do carp experience that are packed with crushed extra strong mints, chopped Liquorice Allsorts or chopped Haribo jelly sweets for instance?

Even a homemade bait made from ground catfish pellets bound with semolina, boosted with L030, pre-digested liver and concentrated liquid yeast for instance will be an instant winner – especially if you avoid using liquid eggs! If you need extra confidence when using pastes why not try using a percentage of ground CLO bird food and whole egg powder for instance (there are endless other possibilities) – use neat nutritional liquids maybe with additional blood powder to help binding and improve soluble impacts on the water surrounding the baits and increase impacts on carp sensory systems etc.

Making homemade baits to suit the day you fish is easy too and recipes can be very economical, fast and easy to make – so why not make your baits on the bank? Few anglers do this because it is not fashionable and because most anglers are just not thinking enough for themselves yet; but soon enough it will be fashionable. But why not do it right now – and gain vital competitive edges over carp and competing baits?

You can actually make very simple pastes that last over 20 or more hours immersion without any need for boiling, steaming or cooking of any kind – thus maximising nutritional attraction but just as importantly also boosting the impacts of unlimited bait substances diffusion into the water that seriously turns fish on! Read on to find out more! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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