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Why Carp fishing is not as popular in the USA as it is Europe.

Why isn’t Carp fishing in the USA as popular as it is in Europe?

Why isn’t Carp fishing in the USA as popular as it is in Europe?

I’m often wondering why in the USA there isn’t as much interest in fishing for Carp as there is in Europe. I’ve tried to explain it to several people, I wish I knew the real answer, but here goes. From what I’m told is that the Carp here in the U.S. are not as tasty as European Carp, true or false? Personally I don’t think that’s really why. The other reason I heard is the Carp in Europe are HUGE compared to ours. I’m going to investegate a little more and report back, so in the meantime watch these videos and watch us fishing for Carp in the U.S.

Here is another one caught by my father, at the Carters lake in GA, USA. This big common was one of the biggest ones we cought so far from Carters lake. We could’t weigh it because we had no scale, but I guess you guys can guess ho much it weighs. We will have a scale for our future videos, hopefully. Enjoy and comment. Thanks
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Carp Fishing in Tennessee featuring John Bramley of K-1 Baits and using tackle and baits from K-1 Baits & Tackle, End Zone Terminal Tackle and Resistance Tackle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “Why Carp fishing is not as popular in the USA as it is Europe.”

  1. 2bluegillinapond says:

    @Maddawgbaits I totaly agree with you an ultra light is amazing for carp. 

  2. 2bluegillinapond says:

    @2bluegillinapond their usualy not very big like maybe 2-3 or maybe 4-5

  3. 2bluegillinapond says:

    carp are so much fun to catch. Especialy oon my 7ft ultra light

  4. jrloopy1984 says:

    @chicagoblast Buy a good medium or medium heavy action rod. I use Ugly Stiks for Catfishing and catching carp.  They run about $30.

  5. Maddawgbaits says:

    theres no sport in using those huge rods. use an ultra light and see how fun it is

  6. Maddawgbaits says:

    @khash2 bloody hell?

  7. nolangreen says:

    @chicagoblast Man i just bought a berkley fusion rod from walmart for 40 bucks, itsa really nice and bad ass looking combo. 7ft rod and loads of power will take the biggest cats and carp easily

  8. carpangler89 says:

    na edna kuka na proteinovo topche

  9. imtheshit111 says:

    abe xora na kombain sas ka4amak li ste? i ako e ka4amak kakvo slagate ?

  10. chicagoblast says:

    where do you buy your rods.

    where can i get carp rod

  11. carpangler89 says:

    oh yea, it was a long fight.

  12. khash2 says:

    bloody hell, she’s a feisty one isnt she? lol

  13. carpangler89 says:

    atanasovs6983 tursi me na tozi skype

  14. duhaibetahiks says:

    dai mail ili skype da se razberem kato horata, che v nedelq mai shte hodim s bashta mi ako e hubavo vremeto

  15. sthao1 says:

    Use bread…more specifically white bread to catch carp.

  16. jabram1 says:

    @3Szczupak The K-1 BAITS Carp Starter kit has everything you need to catch a carp. I would also use a packbait & flavor combo kit to attract the fish. The instructions how to mix and use the bait come with it. These baits & Tackle are ideal for everything you will need, Good Luck!!

  17. 3Szczupak says:

    @jabram1 I Fish in NJ Lakes for carp any good Tips on how you fish

  18. jabram1 says:

    @3Szczupak We get all our bait & Tackle at K-1 BAITS.

  19. 3Szczupak says:

    Where Do You Purchase All of your Baits

  20. 429redneckify says:

    not a fan of the beeper things takes away from the fishing thing

  21. MrAndryushka says:

    Good fishing!

  22. jabram1 says:

    @cory1337 We agree, it is brilliant fun and a great sport.

  23. cory1337 says:

    I love carp fishing! Me and my girlfriend fish off our dock with sweet corn nothing more pull in 10-15 pounders every 20-30 minutes it’s so fun!

  24. whitetrash429 says:

    You take the fun out of fishing grab some beers and relax

  25. jabram1 says:

    @catman529outdoors The TVA system offers some tremendous sport for a variety of species, you are very lucky buddy!

  26. catman529outdoors says:

    European carp fishing brought to my home state of Tennessee… I love it, thanks for the cool video.

  27. jabram1 says:

    @buggyblah I cast to where the fish were showing. Seemed silly not to, seen as that is where they were asking for it LOL!!

  28. buggyblah says:

    @jabram1 oh that’s pretty cool, howd you decide where to cast? or did they all just go there?

  29. jabram1 says:

    @buggyblah We did not pre-bait, this was just turning up and turning them on with K-1 BAITS.

  30. buggyblah says:

    did throw out some corn the days before fishing, or was this with no previous preparation

  31. SoCalJohnston says:

    @epicfail62 whats in the dough?

  32. epicfail62 says:

    i caught a 35 pound card down in conroe texas i got a good spot some nice dough bait home maid i was gettin hits every 15-20 min so if yall r ever in texas call me up

  33. barryAmsterdam says:


  34. rbgt02121 says:

    nice setup other than the bite alarms they take the sport out of it.. it shows how lazy people are getting these days

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