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Setting Up a Koi Fish Tank

The brilliantly colored and gracefully mobile koi fish make great pets and the ideal ornamental fish for hobbyists. The Japanese specifically bred them for color and have continued to develop different varieties of koi. While they may be colorful, koi are blessed with great intelligence and the toughness of the carp, their ancestors. If you wish to keep these beautiful creatures as pets, you will need to build a koi fish tank.

The most important task is to keep the fish healthy by maintaining your koi fish tank. These fish aren’t difficult to take care since they adapt to different conditions. However, like all other beings they need to live in reasonably hygienic environment. To begin with, you need to keep the water in the koi fish tank clean and remove unwanted fish waste and excess food. Fish waste contains ammonia which can disturb the pH balance of the water, leaving the koi vulnerable to sickness and even death.

A good filtration system is essential for a koi fish tank. This system will filter out the waste, bacteria, and algae that can cause illness. An aeration filter will help circulate the oxygen content in the water, making the fish look more vibrant and colorful. It is also essential to main the water temperature since their food digestion and metabolism depends on it. A water temperature between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for feeding them twice a day. Anything lower than 50 degrees you ought to stop feeding them since they prefer to eat only algae.

By maintaining your koi fish tank you will be able to monitor the fish well and observe their color patterns. A dull color with unusual spots on the body indicates an unhealthy koi that requires attention. You can try changing the water and their food to see if there is any improvement.

You need to keep plenty of fish supplies for your koi fish tank. Apart from the filtration system and aerator, a UV sterilizer will disinfect the water and reduce waterborne bacteria and algae. The rays from the sterilizer repel bacteria formation and keep the koi fish tank clean.  A water heater is also essential to maintain the right temperature for the fish to survive. A heater is essential for baby koi since they cannot survive in very cold conditions. A strainer is also necessary to gather waste and food particles that gather in the tank. These are essential supplies required for a koi fish tank. Although it may cost you a bit, these supplies will ensure that your koi fish remain healthy. Moreover, it will give you the satisfaction of owning a proud collection of colorful koi.

Studies indicate that simply watching a koi fish tank has a number of therapeutic benefits. For the kids, a fish tank is said to reduce their anxiety levels and bring about a behavioral change in them. Adults too can benefit in the same way and reduce their stress levels by watching a colorful bubbling koi fish tank. The dining room, they say, is one of the best places to keep a fish tank, since it helps you to relax and focus on completing a whole meal. Now you know why some of your favorite restaurants have installed large fish tanks in their dining areas.


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