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Jiangxi Wuyuan trip rape line – Jiangxi Wuyuan, rape – sports and leisure industry

Travel Line: Eastern: small bridges, Li Hang, Wang Yu Ancestral Hall in the mouth, and down from the village of Xiao Jiang Ling beautiful North line: extension of the village, thinking Creek, Tsinghua University town pit Rainbow Bridge and the ancient village management

Travel style: Wuyuan claimed to be the most beautiful village, she is the most beautiful season in late March.

Kekeji pink peach, white pear dot the mountains and plains of golden rape, set off with white walls and gray tiles Huizhou architecture, so each person can escape from numerous city find a home. Overnight farm, cook a pot of mellow wine, fried vegetable and two normal, ten dollars will take you to the highest realm of life. . . . . . .

Trip Description: D1: Ziyang Town, Wuyuan arrive early in the morning, including motorized (60 Yuan / day) or package cars (Santana 200 yuan / day) to the extension of the village and thought stream, starting at 13:30 the next day before the first bus station bought back Quzhou ticket. Extension of some of the ancient village is mainly residential, thinking is distinctive river corridor and Baishou map, then one hundred carved Wooden doors The Longevity is not the same one. And then to Tsinghua town to see the Rainbow Bridge, the town in Tsinghua lunch, go Likeng. Management from Tsinghua University to pit road is all gravel roads, some cars are not willing to go, then package more suitable motor. Reasonable reading of ancient pit houses, directly to the dawn, the dawn from the top and bottom two villages, the dawn from the entrance of the river is quite distinctive, tree-shaded. Two villages have a huge ancient camphor trees, some tree, feeling more than the diameter of the trees in Mount king of the West, it is spectacular. Can stay here at the local dawn from ancient houses in the entrance 10 yuan / person / day, food is also very cheap.

D2: morning package to Jiang Ling Motor, Jiang Ling is a ridge road to pass up, in the hills watching the scenery below, fill the fields of rape, and then on foot to walk down from the ridge, so that the car to the foot of the mountain village, etc. , passing through the village is also very beautiful. When the county can go back to Wang Yu Ancestral Hall and I look at people known as small bridges Lee pit. 13:00 Ziyang before the return to town, 13:30 shuttle to Quzhou, Quzhou passenger arrival Centre 16:00.

Travel tips: 1. Attractions tickets: In addition to Yu Ancestral fifteen yuan tickets, visit the most ancient villages are 10 per ticket, with most attractions Student Card can be half-price ticket.

2, Dining : Xiao Qi – mother of Jiang restaurant, old house hotels (the old Zhaizi), paragraph Xin (Xin water for some guest houses), No. HY -133 Chan Kee Restaurant, Da River – small male hotel room main house, grounds pit – Cloud River Villa . Usually live for 10 yuan / person / night.

3, Transport: Guangzhou to Nanchang, train more, express about 12 minutes; Nanchang to Wuyuan car about 9 minutes, sell less, about 50.

Charter cost is generally about Wuyuan: Changhe normally 150 yuan / day festival 200 yuan / day; Gold Cup usually 200-250 yuan / day, holiday 250-300 yuan / day.

4, in various spots, especially in the pit must pay attention to Li, the CMB is only stopped at the road side, to go to Lee Valley but also about one kilometer walk, this time a lot of people to attract business: their 10 yuan set in, ticket-free. Student ID can be half-price ticket, want to walk, then up to 2 dollars sent to village outlets.

5, specialty 1, Red – Carp purse: purse red carp is a unique nationwide Freshwater fish Species, the Diaoyutai State Banquet treasures. Authentic red carp belly should be big, the shape of pockets, hence the name.

2, Green – Wuyuan green tea: As early as the Tang Dynasty, the famous tea-producing areas Wuyuan, Song dynasty is known as one of the six major products must, Ming and Qing Dynasties to pay tribute.

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