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In the UK what do y’all do with all that carp and coarse fish?

Just wondering if you eat it and, if so, how? My understanding is that it’s quite bony and the meat can be less-than-delicious. I suppose it’s called coarse fish for a reason. And what about trout fishing? I read “Fly Fishing: Memories of Angling Days” by J.R. Hartley earlier this year and it seems like every time he turned around there was a place to fish for trout. Of course, the book is set in the mid-1900s, so maybe things have changed.

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Im trying to catch carp but i dont know where to start.does anyone know secret baits hook techniques or secret?

I need help im trying to catch carp fish.i don’t know where to begin can someone help me or give me a site i can go to to find out how to catch carp and the basics like hooking and baits.

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What is a good recipe for preparing freshly caught carp for gefilte fish?

azelb asked:

If carp are to be utilized then they must be prepared for consumption. Does anyone know how to clean and prepare carp for food?

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I like to fish,a lot.I’ve been fishing for many,many,many years now and I’ve done all sorts of fishing bass,bream,crappie,perch,carp,trout,cat fish,and many more speices of fish.I need the ultimate fishing lure that will pull in any fish and it will cacth any thing.I’m tired of waisting my money on so many difrent things,I just need the perfect lure.