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Carp Fishing And Bait Recipe Secrets For Big Fish Success!

Did you know you can tickle carp and make them go into a trance?! Why is this and how can such things help you catch carp? Carp can see in the near infrared and near ultraviolet ranges and are far more sensitive than the average human! Also carp hear extremely well too and they can hear sounds in overlapping frequency range to humans (which means what you hear they hear including 10 decibel bite alarms contacting your line!) Carp learn to fear due to instinctively programmed negative associations so anglers must beware of all they are doing! Now read on to discover more about fish senses and how to use them to your advantage to catch more fish!

Did you know certain carp retinal (eye) cells are sensitive to things like caffeine and other substances? I knew a young kid once who drive me nuts because all he kept saying all the time was did you know. I asked myself what he was trying to prove by doing this – he was only learning on the fast-track! Then it struck me that the biggest lesson for me here (that I had long over-looked,) was the fact that so many of us adults pretty much stop asking questions all the time – and that means we are missing out on loads of good stuff to help us catch many more fish!

For instance, why does a carp mind if you throw lots of free baits out to him but then object to you plonking a 5 ounce lead on his head – I don’t know! It seems to me he would appreciate all that free food and in response kindly jump on your hook by way of thanks. But then maybe he also does not particularly like hearing the vibration of your tight lines in the water sending out vibrations like so many wind turbines on your doorstep. Or maybe he would prefer a more musical melody coming down your fishing lines from your bite alarms set at full volume!

Maybe a Mozart or Beethoven symphony instead of a boring single note alarm sound would produce more fish bites by stimulating their mood better – who knows! This might sound too far-fetched to be true but carp can hear the vibrations of plankton and chose between areas of different concentrations of them in order to feed on them with much more energy-efficiency; carp are really sensitive creatures.

In fact if you think carp are simple rough types that like their alcohol and rough mating (a bit like many more hirsute macho-appearing beer-swilling rugby fanatics,) just remember appearances can be deceptive. Carp are renowned for biting your balls off and sucking your maggots dry without even getting hooked – they are that sensitive when playing with your baits that is!

The truth is that carp sensitivity makes certain they keep on adapting (and surviving,) and in fishing their sensitivity is their greatest strength against us (if we do not keep adapting and exploiting their sensitivity back against them!) Remember that we sensitise them when we condition them in every way by actually being there on the bank and fishing for them!

We humans as long-lost descendants of ancient teleost fish such as carp still have strange habits and behaviours from the past that help us adapt or fit in faster; so giving us better chances of survival. Here is a strange thing; how is it this possible: The very first utterances that a deaf human baby ever speaks can have the local accent of its mother. Is the liquid environment of the womb significant here in pre-learning before birth?! Of course larval stages of all kinds of creatures do things that only instincts and genetics appear to explain! What do crustacean larvae do in respect of tides, what do baby fish immediately do when hatching out of spawn and what stimulates such behaviours anyway?

Now just because you can see a fish and he seems quite happy and contented it does not mean he had not noticed you creeping along the bank in your Realtree one piece sniper outfit. A carp can see into near infrared so when at the surface or slightly out of the water do you think there is half a chance your own body heat will give you away like you were dressed like a luminescent Ronald MacDonald?! Mr Carp in all likelihood would know all about you in ways you have no conception of and that science has yet to discover.

We like carp are over 95 percent water. Good clean water is getting more difficult to find and even water from reservoirs still needs reverse osmosis treatment and subtle energy treatment to make it far less tainted; the average home water filter is just an inadequate joke. Adult carp take a lot of punishment and can even survive in quite low oxygen conditions and can thrive despite certain pH and salinity conditions, but even they have their limits! We humans are creating carp fisheries but our consumption is gradually poisoning waterways one way or another.

Remember we are what we eat and drink as are carp. The water quality of so many carp fisheries is a very big problem when hot conditions occur and this is something every carp angler needs to investigate to reveal to themselves the reasons why this is. All this can help you make better catches, make better baits and improve conditions for carp and improve our own personal health; carp nutrition is a great teacher of what is great for humans to consume also – so take note!

Now science is arrogant enough to think it knows so much for certain, and yet it does not know what came first – the chicken or the egg. Did a bigger human brain and the ability to walk and talk or make tools come first? Does our ancient reptilian brain used in fight or flight mean we were originally like reptiles, mammal or chickens anyway mammals were present on the scene before dinosaurs appeared and crocodiles were there before dinosaurs too!

There is evidence that some dinosaurs had feathers because that helped energy efficiency, but of course there is no point carp having feathers because they are cold-blooded and are the same as the temperature of the water they live in but a winged and feathered big carp would probably give a really good fight in the water (and in the air too!) See more on chicken in carp baits and their digestible protein later.

In regards to carp, chickens, humans and dinosaurs, maybe things evolved this way: The carp originally hatched amphibious mutant humans and chickens simultaneously (which kind of solves the chicken and the egg conundrum and probably explains why some dinosaurs and mammals went back into the water!) Then the chickens and humans discovered chocolate, coffee, vanilla, coke and chilli, and this mixture dwarfed the chickens and made them flightless, and made the humans high so they grew upright and tall and let us see the lions coming (and thus we became the king of the jungle.)

Then during a freak forest fire in the first rudimentary herb and spice garden (near a salt mine,) the humans discovered the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken which they were addicted to and so began to farm chickens (organically of course.) Then one day while the chickens were playing their favourite game of (you guessed it – chicken,) they hooked up a worm on a stick and a human found the stick, tripped up in a pond and hooked a carp that went for the worm – easy! Thus began traditional carp fishing without bows, arrows (or dynamite) approximately 450 million years ago give or take a week or two and thus the concept of fast food (though limited) it being fried, rare or live on a stick.

But now back to chickens; as you will see there is more to them in regards to carp and us that meets the eye! Science reckons (using the currently known genome,) that chicken DNA represents the closest match to the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Saying that T. Rex is the king dinosaur was a bit premature as in fact, he had bigger competition that looked very similar to him at different stages during dinosaur times so he was not the king at all. But science is not that exact really knowing only what it knows at any moment in time! Note; this applies to future carp bait developments too and the application of new technology and the potential to find new substances – maybe in the jungles of South America before they all get cleared to grow trendy soya beans, biofuels and coke!

Maybe chickens really are T.Rex in disguise and they are all just playing dumb to lull us humans into a false sense of security while we all laugh at all those why did the chicken cross the road jokes!

How about this; the majority of boilies and paste baits in carp fishing world-wide are based on the proteinous benefits and characteristics of common but humble chicken eggs! What does this tell you about the real power of chicken – because he gets everywhere! (Egg-bound boilies are the number one carp fishing bait right around the world!) Now chickens are produced to a great degree from special mutant stocks that make them lean mean thick legged big breasted roasting machines. Purely judging by the billions of chickens produced around the world every year, maybe T.Rex is on his way back and is intent on world domination again!

No kidding; did you know that probably the most viable successful sustainable (for now) protein products used in fish farming (instead of or to supplement fish meals, soya and maize protein,) is poultry protein meal. Chickens get everywhere; from China to South America in markets and fast food joints and get this; you are what you eat! (How things go full circle!) Added to this, chickens have indirectly created unrest, anarchy, mayhem, civil and world wars using their infamous battle cry of who are you calling chicken (humans love to mimic animals right!)

But seriously, you would think by now that the average intelligence male human being would have figured out that actually a chicken is not a chicken at all thus negating any suggestion of a man lacking testosterone fuelled abilities being a chicken. After all, chicken fights (or cock fights if you prefer,) have not been banned in so many countries just because chickens fight each other by tapping each other over the head with feather dusters (they are T. Rex dinosaurs in disguise right!)

Nutritionally-speaking it is reckoned that for all the effort you put into buying and drinking expensive high protein body-building powders based on whey protein concentrates (for all those lactose intolerant, fart-thumping, boob-blooming body-builders out there,) you might as well snack on chickens to get those big muscles you always dreamt of. (To get muscles like Arnold you will be needing steroids but maybe Paxo Super Booster (chicken gravy) will do instead!)

And what about the birds and the bees – what about those attractive birds guys are always calling babes and chicks?! Have you ever noticed the body language similarities between a guy on the pull in a club or at a bar, and a cockerel strutting his stuff with the hens (hilarious stuff or what?!)

Anyway, did you know that dead (chicken) chicks are proven catfish baits for leviathans? Those dead days-old chicks hook the monsters like a jumbo sized pellet never has; like I say, chicken is supreme! I promised you recipes so alongside your liver or fish meal or yeast or braised monkey nut ingredients, try adding keratin and poultry protein meal. Anyway, take your average white or brown fish meals; in a fight with Mr Chicken only the fighting fish tag team partnered with flying fish would stand half a chance! OK so it sounds like I am over-selling this chicken stuff but as fish stocks are terminally declining and English is not a chickens first language (or second language) they deserve a spokesperson!

In the UK chicken boilies etc have been plugged in the media so much by now. Maybe now carp anglers should all jump onto the Dynamite Bait bandwagon and just accept that chicken boilies have had their day, been fashionable and currently tuna is the new boy on the block?! (Note all those poor old halibut pellets that are floundering on the sidelines at the backs of fishing bait shelves now -ah how fickle fishing fashion is!) Do you see how much your perceptions of what is a successful carp bait are really in your own mind and not all based in objective reality?! And does this mean that carp sensitivities to your bait substances have anything whatever to do with your bait-choosing decision-making because I hope for your sake it is because a Tutti Fruitti or spicy tuna readymade bait will not always save you from a blank; it takes the power of thought too!

And if you are an readymade bait kind of guy, and you happen to have at least half a brain cell partly active after all the brand-conditioning adverts and advertorials you probably are not even aware of,) it is obvious that the best time to get on the chicken baits is when everyone else has jumped onto the tuna or other currently fashionable baits! (Have you noticed that wary big fish tend to like baits they have not been hooked on too much recently?!) I think I will bring out my own special unique cunningly-crafted scientifically proven in real-time (from the future) range of post space-age baits based on mutton (young sheep,) just to be different but the same just to please everyone!)

If you happen to have the urge to catch more fish than your average brainwashed fashion-copying modern carp angler, maybe you have realised that making your own homemade baits (made specifically to top all those standard format readymade baits) is a great way to save yourself a fortune. Super-boosted chicken baits are an ideal example to get you those freakishly good fish captures your mates will love to hate you for! But fashion-following brainwashed carp anglers are easy to beat anyway. They are far too fixated on the flashy magazine adverts searching for exciting new stuff to think of  asking how on earth their chosen new baits might actually work (or fail) when used by the less than average angler against talented anglers.

Anyway, when you consider all the carp out there with a developed palette from chomping on chocolate, strawberry, Scopex, cranberry, crab, pineapple and chilli bait flavours etc, why would carp not accept roast chicken juices as their brand new favourite boilie flavour?! You really can obtain this genuinely great flavour from my good friend Phil at CW Baits (online.)

Finally why not tip your weighing scale balance in your favour and make your boilies and ground baits different with white meat! Why not add more sustainable and economical poultry protein type ingredients to them? Plus everyone knows cats love eating birds – and if you want a Jurassic sized carp there is no better nor obvious choice than to exploit the power of a chicken (that old dinosaur in disguise!)

In that Hitchcock horror film called The Birds, all the real stars in it were chickens painted black and made to adhere to a strict diet and exercise programme to build them up and slim them down of course! Special effects helped make their beaks and faces look more symmetrical (and the odd feathers were air-brushed out according to Hollywood standards!) But even if you choose not to believe this, just consider that your local ostrich can out-run and out-kick you and makes a meaner bigger omelette than you too; so remember whatever you do – never call him chicken!

As you can tell by now this article was produced purely for entertainment and was written from the place where the chickens end up (after crossing the road,) but for a more practical gathering of truly valuable fishing bait information you need to read on a bit for my bait secrets! (For more seriously essential information see my website and biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

For the unique and acclaimed new massive expert bait making / enhancing ‘bibles’ ebooks / books: “BIG CATFISH AND CARP BAIT SECRETS!” And: “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” (AND “FLAVOUR, FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CHEMORECEPTION SECRETS”) SEE: http://www.baitbigfish.com Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the “British Carp Study Group” for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now…

What Is The Best Bait For Carp Fishing

What Is The Best Bait For Carp Fishing

Is there such a thing as Carp Fishing Secrets and do the people that are so called experts in this field really tell you what they are?. These are the top Carp anglers who are catching the most and the biggest carp in the country, do you think they are going to tell you what is the best bait for Carp fishing and when to use it? I can tell you now not many of them do carp fishing and the carp specialists that pursue this fish are very protective of there techniques and rarley tell you things like what is the best bait for carp fishing and when it should be used.

I can tell you now I am an avid Carp fisherman who has been at this game for years, I started carp fishing in the 70’s and at this time nobody was willing to tell you anything, all the top carp anglers kept everything they knew closely guarded and there was no way you could find information like where to fish, what tactics to use and the best bait for carp fishing.

During my early days I desperately needed help, I needed to know what the big boys knew, what they were using, the methods they were using and where they were fishing for these monster carp. Today it’s a different kettle of fish (excuse the pun!) there are vast amounts of information on the market today, books, videos, ebooks, magazines the list is endless but finding  all this information in one place and having information from the best carp anglers in the country is not so easy, but there is such a place and I am going to tell you where it is.

What you need is a carp fishing guide that will show you how to catch more and bigger carp, a guide that puts you in the mind of the top carp anglers in the world, a book that shows you all the techniques and the best bait for carp fishing and when to use it.

I have personally purchased many carp fishing books, some were good some were not so good, however CARP FISHING  SECRETS is without doubt the best Ebook I have ever purchased.

UK Carp Fishing Secrets contains well over 100,000 words, along with a many photos and illustrations to show you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to catch more carp, .Even if you’ve never fished for Carp before, this book will show you exactly how to catch them and the best bait to use for carp fishing.

So, what is the best bait for carp fishing?, is there such a thing as ‘the best bait for carp fishing’ well I can tell you there is and it will make a big difference to you catching or not catching.

The contents and quality of the information contained in this ebook is as good, probably better, than anything you’ll find in the world. Coming from seasoned UK Carp Anglers, this book is based on experience, not waffle – it’s written by men who’ve been carp fishing for most of their lives and are the best in the world at it.

You are getting information from the very best in the field, the tactics they use, the rigs they use, how to use the rigs and the best bait for carp fishing in all weathers and conditions. One thing you need to learn is that carp fishing is definately not an exact science, techniques for catching them change depening on the time of year, the best bait for carp fishing in summer will not be the best bait for carp fishing in winter. The rigs and methods used in summer will not work in winter you have to change you tatics, you wll learn all of this from this book, there is notning left out it really is the best carp fishing guide i have ever seen.

So, if you want to catch more carp, bigger carp then I seriously suggest you get this book you won’t regret it and you will be catching carp like a seasoned professional for many years to come.

Steve Kempson is a fishing fanatic who has specialised in Carp fishing for over 21 years. His personal best Carp is 29lb 2oz from Horse Shoe Lake in the UK. For more Carp Fishing tips <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=”http://www.squidoo.com/carp-fishing-secrets”>Please click here</a>

Live Bait Secrets Ebook.

Complete Guide To Fishing With Live Bait. How To Find, Catch, Preserve, Raise, And Sell Live Bait. Includes Illustrations Identifying Baits And Hooking Methods. Offer Also Includes 3 Bonus Fishing Reports.
Live Bait Secrets Ebook.

Better Winter Carp Fishing Results Using Well Proven Bait Tips!

Get the best out of your bait in winter and maximise the money you spend on it! These are a handful of very well proven expert tips to help you catch more winter and spring fish. Discover more now!

Carp do not digest bait very well in colder conditions so it is extremely vital you design and select your baits and ground baits for exactly this situation to maximise your greatest chances of bites and literally in effect stop actually wasting good money on bait! Of course one way to do this is use as little bait as possible, but this is only part of the solution and does not maximise your chances because you will not necessarily be applying bait and baiting in the optimum ways possible for best results. Many anglers will choose to utilise water-soluble PVA products in combination with whole or crushed boilies, yet you still have to pay for the PVA of course, however it baits-up exactly where your hook bait is, so drawing most attention to it without filling fish up.

The choice of bait these days means you need never worry about over-feeding fish but you need to know what will and will not over-feed fish in the first place and this requires some know-how. In general you need to avoid bulk oils and un-winterised oils in baits and avoid using too much free bait that takes a long time to break down in water. after all, if a bait is not very soluble it is likely to take much more energy and time for carp to digest it and this is something to very definitely bear in mind! Proteins are much better if they have at least been part-digested and fermented shrimp powder, whey protein concentrate, predigested yeast powder and enzyme-treated yeast powders for example are very well proven.

Of course you can apply as many various baits in your attack as you like, from readymade ground baits, to maggots, to hemp, to various crushed boilies and soluble carp pellets and so on, all in conjunction with PVA products and methods (and specialised bait feeding cages and droppers etc. Ground bait application is the art and skill that is a genuine cornerstone of successful carp fishing so it is absolutely essential especially in winter to do it to suit the situation and conditions taking into account all the possible variables that may challenge your fishing. Ground baiting for some carp anglers might mean launching spods of pellets or hemp or slop or method mix etc, instead of just firing out whole baits; which may well fill carp up too fast and bread is a very useful ground bait base often over-looked.

If you choose to exploit bread in winter and spring you will find it is not necessarily a small fish ground bait base; in fact far from it! In the coldest of nights you can get bites from big carp over bread-based ground baits and of course, know fish are gorging on free bait very little without actually sampling your hook baits with this method. Boilies in standard bottom bait, or pop-up bait or critically-balanced form etc all are reliable hook baits and always will be.

Increase your bite rate by improving the effective addtives and ingredients in your baits and ground baits that induce more sampling of hook baits having not fed fish up on free baits first! Water-solubility and digestible potential of your baits is paramount. Pellets and boilies made with little oil as possible (that make baits less digestible and less effective in cold water) are very highly recommended!

Many forms of popular pellets substantially lose their edge in winter owing to their high oil levels, including the halibut pellets and others which are designed as commercial feeds for fish with comparatively higher dietary lipid requirements. Pellets with low oil levels and wheatgerm are great for winter and spring carp fishing and you will normally get far more bites in the long-run fishing over such digestible free ground baits than over ordinary high oil halibut pellets for example. As oil is pretty much insoluble in water low oil pellets and boilies are much more able to draw fish towards your baited area as more water soluble attraction is dispersed more effectively in low water temperatures.

Robin Red is one of those famous winter bait and ground bait additives you can adapt and apply to almost anything just by mixing it into a mix or adding water or almost any liquid. Red Factor, Red Band, crushed hemp, Insecto Insecivorous, Nectar Blend and other mixtures such as Meggablend, Ccmoores Meggablend Red and Meggablend sweet are excellent as are yeast products and Phillips Yeast Mixture in winter baits. Essential oils and lecithins work their magic too and some are mostly under-dosed, while others are often over-dosed, so take the effort to discover correct levels!

If you add a liquid to your boilies and pellets for whatever period you choose whether long or short, you can raise the water-soluble proportion of your baits making them far more effective. Baits like particles, boilies, pellets etc all benefit from glugs, dips and so on, and so do fake and live baits such as maggots. These tips are just a sample taster to give you a perspective on the importance of you bait choices and the seriously important free bait application methods and ground bait formats you might select; preferably you will try to stimulate as many carp senses as possible at this time by gathering as many tips to help you as possible!

In winter and spring you get what you work for so to guarantee you save yourself money in wasted bait and on wasted blank trips, think about your carp senses-related issues around your hook bait and ground bait effectiveness and it will pay you back big-time; so read on…

By Tim Richardson.

For the unique and acclaimed new massive expert bait making / enhancing ‘bibles’ ebooks / books:




Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the “British Carp Study Group” for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now…

Winter Carp Fishing Boilies Pellet and Paste Bait Tips

Many fishermen get an anxiety attack thinking about their baits in winter and rightly so! Most commercially produced baits are not made to be ideal winter baits but in part to fulfil typical customer expectations which lead to more buyer confidence in the bait. This produces quite a few baits having constant features which may not necessarily always lead to the best bait option.

For example, such a winter bait will last more than 12 hours in water as a functional durable hook bait. Or exude a smell which is recognisable to a buyer to fit a current fashion (like pineapple for example. Or have a fair degree of initial hardness when first immersed in water and even have a dry centre. Such baits require a period of soaking in order to allow the bait to open up its texture and structure enough to release good soluble attraction into the water. Often winter baits can be so over-flavoured that they repel fish. Over-flavouring of baits works but can be a disadvantage on many waters where the same bait and flavours have been used too much to keep a real edge.

Many effective winter baits having a more open texture, containing more coarse ingredients like bird foods, (egg biscuit, hempseed, wheat germ meal etc,) the levels are often in less than ideal proportions that could lead to a more attractive and digestible bait. A bait with an open soft structure and capable of leaching soluble attractors while retaining attractive nutritional signals and taste factors is often much better than a dense textured bait which inhibits the dispersal of its attractors even if its a high protein milk protein bait. Very important taste signals which are received by carps taste receptors can directly influence the longevity of feeding on your bait and even if it is eaten at all.

Many baits will have high proportions of finely milled flours. In some carp studies it was found that carp preferred to eat coarse food items such as cracked maize, as opposed to finely milled maize flour made into dough balls. (This has much to do with nutrition being lost during the milling process – taste the difference between milled oats and natural oats for example.) Cracking open a piece of natural maize releases more concentrated flavour than the dough balls made from maize flour.

There has been a long growing trend towards use of so-called ‘food baits’ by carp anglers in many countries. This in theory means that carp get used to eating such a bait feeling the nutritional benefits that it contains and keep coming back for more. Such baits retain higher levels of taste substances after long immersion in water, than say a cheap ‘crap bait’ made from soya, semolina, rice flour or maize meal.

The cheap low food value bait base mix has very little in regards to nutritional attraction which contribute to taste attraction. In the case of the average commercially produced bait, results are often very similar between them because the ingredients used are so often the same or very similar and are offering similar nutritional rewards. Having been fed on these baits constantly by numbers of anglers and being hooked on them often fish can reduce their feeding on this bait now they need this supplemental nutrition offered less.

Some anglers say that carp do not differentiate between different anglers’ balanced nutritional baits, arguing they will eat them all anyway once flavours and most taste factors have leached out; the real difference being an individual angler’s abilities. This is very true in that years ago a low nutrition bait with a flavour could not match the attraction profile and nutritional rewards of constantly eating a balanced nutritional bait. At that time such baits could really produce astounding results. But these days most busy carp waters are fed such a wide range of baits, (which now form much of the bulk of the fish stocks diet,) that differences in catch rates between the commercially produced baits are mostly very similar, with few really standing out for long.

Even the new baits with added enzymes claiming to contain ‘optimum levels of the right amino acids for the best concentration and release of the most stimulating amino acids to carp,’ do not seem to work everywhere to the same degree of success compared to average baits. It seems that every carp water is different in regards to the relative nutritional requirements and possible deficiencies or not that carp may have. Much depends upon exactly how carp respond to each type of bait as a direct consequence of the nutrition that can be detected in it and efficiently digested and assimilated from it. There is evidence that use of the new generation of more highly preserved quality food baits, when used together with low flavour fresh frozen type baits on the same base mix can offer special attraction advantageous.

It’s the bait which offers more stimulating taste or a different nutritional attraction profile or a more stimulatory physiological effect that can get around the natural and angler-conditioned defences of carp. Many anglers have missed the potent physiological effects of essential oil mixtures including improved digestion and changes metabolism stimulation. An energized cold water carp is going to move faster and further, be more generally active, eat more bait, give you more chances of more pick-ups and even more far enough fast enough to self-hook itself against your lead, when they might otherwise not do so. I am personally extremely interested in the physiological, physical, mental, mood altering, general health and energy promoting effects of carp bait additives and ingredients. We have been catching carp for years by ‘drugging them’ and fishing baits are now more scientifically complex now than ever before.

The author has many more fishing and bait ‘edges.’ Just one could impact on your catches.

By Tim Richardson.

For the unique and acclaimed new massive expert bait making / enhancing ‘bibles’ ebooks / books:




Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the “British Carp Study Group” for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now..