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Making homemade boilies for really outstanding big fishing success is far more than just about mere recipes, ingredients or flavours etc. Carp boilies are made by commercial bait makers and homemade bait makers alike, but the best baits are head and shoulders above the rest; so find out how to make them now!


The best baits are all about gaining the bigger picture and understanding what works best and knowing why this is, so you can maximise this knowledge to maximum effect every time you go fishing, and exploit it at every opportunity. You can even create your very own amazing big fish catching opportunities to keep ahead of the crowd. So read on now for details for beginners and more seasoned bait makers alike. These top tips, and practical insights born of hard experiences will make a genuinely big difference to your catches!


Make your boilies without using eggs and use other forms of protein-rich ingredients and additives that do not seal baits so much that they are massively reduced in their potential effectiveness and truly work from the centre outwards!


Make your boilies without boiling them and steam them fast instead. For example only steam them for just 20 seconds. Or alternatively you can design your boilies so they are resilient baits, but used and applied with the absolute minimum of heating!


Make your boilies with no heating whatsoever so they last up to 20 hours or more intact, without being sealed by any heating coagulation of protein-rich ingredients and additives etc! Although these baits might appear as pastes, they will last like boilies and this is a key skill area that I have developed and value hugely in my own homemade bait-making and fishing approaches!


Make your baits with different and unique materials to those that your fish are used to! (In part note that this means avoid simply copying your celebrity heroes from the magazines and actually thinking for yourself more and more so you come to regard them as no better than anyone else!)


Use bait materials that offer different nutrition and bioactive factors to what fish are offered by the majority of anglers on your water.


If there is a currently dominant boilie on your water think about the reason that this is so! Consider the fact that essential nutritional requirements and bait taste specifics and very many bioactive and other factors in homemade baits of your own design can be harnessed in your own unique baits to out-fish the masses on the popular commercial baits; buck the trend and be a trend-setter for a change and be different!


Make sure your baits are unique in the way that fish experience them in multiple ways through all their sensory systems and more familiar and more obvious fish senses. Homemade baits can easily out-fish popular readymade baits just due to being unique and different when designed with thought.


Try making homemade baits that have unusual surface textures and internal textures that readymade baits rolled and pressed by machine cannot produce!


Make unusual oddly-shaped baits that commercial bait machines cannot produce!


Source additives, enhancers, extracts, ingredients, liquids and so on that you know will never have been experienced by your fish ever before. This is far easier than you might think if you just give it a go!


Try making your boilies and pellets of multiple different sizes.


Try making your baits different colours and shades!


Try combining mixing 2 bait recipes in dough form together just prior to forming your baits to break up the outline and shape of your baits visually.


Try making baits that do not have common colouration, such as black or green or grey or blue, instead of the brown, red, pink, orange, yellow and white and even purple colours and shades etc that wary fish are so used to avoiding these days!


Make your baits using multiple dyes and then mix them so that you combine them together and form multi coloured baits. You can easily do the same with homemade baits for flavours, different sweeteners and special extracts and protein-rich substances and protein liquids and so on, so that for example a third of each of your baits has a different flavour or even nutritional profile and palatability!


Try making baits with a really high level of coarse materials, such as precooked seeds and grains of more unusual kinds and in larger sizes. For instance, wheat cooked in Minamino, then added to your bait mix, or whole hemp soaked in liquid proteins, spice oleoresins etc then added to your boilie base mix. (A boilie base mix is the dry powders, meals etc, that you will add to your liquids to form dough or paste bait.)


If you heat up your baits by boiling, use totally chemical free water, such as mineral water, or at the very least, filtered water.


If boiling your baits remember you will actually lose a very significant part of the feeding stimulation and attraction of your baits into the boiling water so it is lost from baits prematurely; for this reason spike your water with added water soluble substances, such as yeast extract, hydrolysed protein complexes and enhancers and sweeteners etc.


These might even be honey, smooth peanut butter, jam or marmalade, curry source, crab paste, tomato puree, liquidised fruits or liquidised liver; look into why you are doing this and why you are choosing these substances (see my ebooks!)


Remember carp are dynamically learning all the time from everything anglers condition them to be and do and avoid by bad experiences; so be different from the trendy boys on your lake even if they are catching fish; it is an illusion because you can beat them at their own game by being totally different I assure you!


Try impregnating boilies or pastes with different pellets with the freshest and best quality pellets you can source. For example try Carpfishingpellets, and CC Moore; adding these will seriously multiply the various great incentives your fish have for taking your baits compared to other competing baits!


When fishing never over-look the advantage of fishing over combinations of boilies instead of just one recipe. Fish are individuals and each has their own unique sensitivities to tastes, smells and nutritional needs at any point in time etc, plus some are far more wary than others; so think about this and other related individual factors fish as individuals have so you at last catch that rarely caught monster in your water OK!


Make your baits alive! You can make your baits very seriously potent in terms of bioactivity and the impacts of substances in your baits on not merely carp senses acting on them at multiple levels simultaneously, but also you can provide extremely powerful incentives for fish to keep on repeatedly consuming your baits again and again!


Making baits that are genuinely addictive and habit-forming cumulatively and even instantly is no myth. So discover how it is truly done, and how to keep ahead of fish when they get warier; such secrets require a certain level of understanding that anyone can acquire by some reading of my secrets ebooks.


Why use boilies when you can air dry paste as free baits and use scalded paste hook baits; this is far more efficient and effective so use this OK!


If you must boil or steam your baits then replace some of the surface feed triggering and attraction factors in your baits by dusting them as they cool off with certain water-soluble substances (refer to my biography!)


If you are dependant upon readymade baits that is just not necessary; readymade bait bosses learnt their craft in their sheds and on their kitchen tables and so can you! So save yourself loads of money by doing this and improve your understanding of bait and multiply your catches big-time!


Avoid wasting time making round boilies! Most boilies are rounded whether uniformly machine rolled round baits, pressed baits, or chopped pellets or cylinders or barrels. With the modern methods of bait delivery via spod rockets and ground bait launchers and bait boats and all the rest you do not need to make round boilies ever again (and using totally uniquely-shaped baits will catch you far mare big fish!)


If you use readymade baits that the masses can get hold of then create your own bait edges. For instance soak into them a homemade combination of a homemade flavoured oil, flavour, enhancer, sweetener and liquid protein complex, (see down for such secrets and details.)


Try making baits that dissolve very fast indeed, and that leave a deposit of larger particles of crushed nuts, seeds, coarse kelp, soaked insects, pellets and other fragments scattered on the bottom and suspended in the water column to seriously excite and trigger your fish into getting hooked on your hook baits!


Here is a great question about boilies: How many anglers have tested over a long period of time fishing over free bait boilies that are totally a mixture of carefully designed and selected bait mixes? This refers to different recipes, varied nutritional profiles, mixed sizes, colours and flavours, and are composed of dramatically different shapes, textures, buoyancies, densities, solubilities and hardnesses (do yourself a big favour and do it!)


I always laugh when people in magazines go on about chopped boilies. I mean chopped boilies are already boiled or steamed and rolled into pretty shapes (what an expensive waste! Prepare your own boilie mixes, make them into dough. Roll the dough flat and roughly chop really fast into odd shapes and odd sizes. Then heat them or air-dry them and mix your various finished baits together for really awesome unique bait impacts, properties and impacts on fish that are extremely competitive compared to standard readymade baits and takes no time to make with such little effort at all!


You can very easily make extremely potent productive baits without any bait gun, bait rolling and rolling tables; these are a total waste of time in my opinion; why make baits that replicate characteristics of rounded, dense commercial baits that fish find all to easy to avoid getting hooked on?


Always remember that being different and preferably always being unique in your baits and personal approach, and tactics and most of all your thinking, is your greatest fishing edge!


A new bivvy, or a new set of rods, reels or alarms will not do this for you! So do yourself a totally massive favour and really think about what makes your fish harder to catch. Most usually it is your own thinking about the fish, their behaviours and changes and adaptations to your fishing pressure and the baits modes of action and impacts inside fish and the fishing methods you use and so on.


But think about this; even more commonly the greatest barrier to you catching the maximum numbers of fish possible is most usually your own lack of thinking! But you have all the power you need between your ears if you use it creatively and with imagination. Gaining the really big picture about how and why your baits actually work to defeat fish defensive behaviours and instinctive caution is such a giant advantage over 95 percent of anglers you will ever fish against!


Only people who do not seriously know about bait dismiss having credible bait and fish knowledge as a factor of secondary importance, because with it you can dictate fish behaviours, train fish responses and tastes and preferences and even condition their locations, travelling routes and to a degree feeding times and much more to ensure you catch the fish of your dreams instead of just dreaming on and hoping like the vast majority do!


Knowing how to create unique incredibly powerful fish-feeding opportunities for yourself, means you will never again be sitting behind your rods with no clue and thinking you need to change to yet another line or brand of readymade bait! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information. Look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!


By Tim Richardson.

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If you want to catch many more big fish then there are some exciting bait substances, fish senses, and vital energy and metabolism clues to help you attract more big fish to your hook baits! Far too many anglers ask themselves the wrong questions about fishing and baits that really are not that important! So begin by thinking more like a fish instead of an angler and get much better at asking yourself the most productive questions that bring success – and read on now!

So in the beginning when considering bait at all, why start of with bait itself at all when it is far more productive by starting off with taking a much better look at the fish?! Relatively very few anglers understand carp in detail so it is no surprise they have little idea how their baits might possibly work to attract fish to take baited hooks inside their mouths, but if you understood this imagine the power this provides you with over anglers with little or no knowledge or insight regarding this incredibly vital aspect of fishing.

Why be dependant on readymade boilies and pellets and exorbitantly-priced paste when there is no need whatever to blow your money away when you can make baits in the vast majority of cases as good if not much better?! It is in the interests of bait companies to make you dependant on their products and they use all kinds of sophisticated mans to achieve this but when you wake up and get better well-informed and make your own potently productive baits (of all forms,) you can seriously save yourself a fortune!

When it is you deciding your budget and costs of your bait, and deciding how they will work, how potent they will be, how different to normal they will be and how successful they will be and in what volumes at your own chosen price, then you really are a winner in so many ways, plus no-one will ever compete against you using the same baits as you ever again!

So set your own bait budget, cut your costs in advance and not let someone else decide your spending for you and save yourself a genuine fortune! Readymade baits cost so much each year or even per fishing session that undercutting these costs by making your own potent baits is very easy. Of course knowing significant details of things like how and why fish behave in the presence of substances they are sensitive to and so on, and how to exploit such things to get fish hooked on your own unique bait recipes repeatedly again and again is extremely productive!

Bait-making beginners can take many short-cuts by learning and avoiding the kinds of commonest mistakes that other bait-making anglers have made and then avoided themselves over the years through their own experience! Over the last 34 years of carp fishing I have had well over 80 percent of my own homemade baits work on many waters even from the first cast. Sure some waters demand bait changes and adjustments to be successful and these days this often is in regards to out-competing other baits as opposed to simply attracting fish!

Probably the commonest mistake bait-making beginners make is formulating a bait based on their personal opinions and own human perceptions of bait substances aromas, smells, tastes etc. The best way to avoid limiting success of your baits is to start with the fish and what they are most sensitive. Basing your baits on fish sensitivities is the most powerful starting point and this encourages you to think like a carp and not like an angler merely choosing a readymade bait flavour that thousands of others may have previously already exploited so massively reducing any competitive advantages.

Certain bait substances do necessarily not work on their own in water and need a bait carrier substance with which they can work synergistically to bring forth their most potent impacts on fish senses. However, many bait substances can be said to be very habit-forming and I include the essential amino acids and particular non-essential amino acids found in protein ingredients additives and liquids in this group too.

I am amazed at how many anglers feel they lack confidence in a bait if it has no strong discernible flavours or smell. Think about it; carp can sense substances down to a few parts in a billion and it will be very hard for the average carp angler to incorporate any substance in their bait that has no smell, taste or aroma or effect some sort of subtle electrical impact or difference on carp senses when in water for that matter that they will detect the presence of!

Carp can adapt all the time and sense new substances that are completely foreign to them and their environment and this is no surprise as this is how they have been able to evolve and exploit completely new potential food sources and monopolise them to supply their basic diet and vital energy needs in order to survive. Training carp to feed on your baits is just like training dogs using the rewards your baits offer that come in many forms in instant and more longer-lasting ways and these can be leveraged in creating more competitive baits with unique advantages over competing baits that my lack these benefits and rewards.

Your choices of baits substances will directly impact upon carp hormones released when being sensed and eaten, and the behaviours resulting from these releases – so you can have incredible power over carp and even manipulate if they will feed in frantic excited modes or in more leisurely and relaxed ways; but there is much more power in making baits than this! (For even more information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits whether readymade or homemade see my unique secrets website and biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

For the unique and acclaimed new massive expert bait making / enhancing ‘bibles’ ebooks / books: “BIG CATFISH AND CARP BAIT SECRETS!” And: “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” (AND “FLAVOUR, FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CHEMORECEPTION SECRETS”) SEE: http://www.baitbigfish.com Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the “British Carp Study Group” for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now…

Homemade Carp Fishing Boilie Baits Using Chocolate Malt And Scopex Flavours!

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New Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Recipes To Beat Readymade Baits!

Countless anglers want to catch new personal best carp, catfish and barbel using homemade baits. Looking at recent carp magazines and papers you might get the impression that a revolutionary wave of new baits has arrived – but homemade bait makers have been making these forms of baits for decades! So read on, develop your own homemade edges and catch loads more big fish now!

Bait companies market baits very cleverly and often make them appear to be the very latest new thing without this being the case at all! For example, recently a Japanese-designed form of readymade boilie made without additional concentrated flavours so common in such baits has been claimed to be unique. But numerous anglers have been making homemade baits for decades using zero added flavours while exploiting and natural extracts such as marine ones to enhance the impacts of baits both nutritionally and in terms of bait attraction and performance over all. This has included different forms of seaweed products and protein-rich marine products such abalone powder for instance.

Another so-called new innovation is readymade baits that dissolve quickly in your swim so attracting carp without filling them up; but such baits have by definition been the most frequently made homemade baits for a massive range of fish species for centuries – if not millennia! Fibrous pastes that hold together so you can put them on your hook or rig and know they will be resilient are nothing new either. Just one Western prime example is the old medieval Isaac Walton recipe that includes using cotton wool incorporated into sweetened, preserved high protein homemade paste!

So pellet and bait syrups are new things right? Even before the seventies anglers with an ounce of curiosity about experimenting with bait substances have soaked or dipped baits in a massive range of attractive and stimulating materials and liquids. Refiners syrup (Tate and Lyles Golden Syrup) and their liquorice-tasting black syrup have been used in homemade baits in many ways for decades. Even in the late seventies when everyone made their own baits because they had no other option many baits were dipped, glugged, soaked or boosted in some way to improve results.

A very simple example was the instant method of producing extra-stimulating trout pellets. These were coated in flavours, marine extracts, liquid yeast, syrups or liquid sugars and intense sweeteners, essential oils, marine and nut and seed oils, molasses, liquid proteins foods such as Minamino etc decades before such baits became popular as readymade baits in the angling press.

Easily digestible pre-digested boilies suitable for all year round use (even in the lowest temperatures) have been used for decades – well before readymade baits of this type appeared on bait shop shelves or in glossy magazine adverts. In fact when you think about it, the massive majority of commercial bait company bosses of today started out making homemade baits in their kitchens or in their garden sheds and of course many still do although their shed may be much bigger!

Chilli baits and other forms of spicy baits are really old; these go way back in time beyond the days of soaking luncheon meat in curry powder or incorporating spices in special baits in the seventies for instance.

Flavouring fake baits such as foam has been going on since decades ago – I was doing this at the start of the eighties for surface fishing. It also improved results using dog biscuits off the bottom. Spraying maggots with flavours, enhancers, liquid foods etc is old as the hills only liquid foods is a trendy term today – I bet Isaac Walton did not call his high protein rabbit meat baits food baits but they were of course! For me personally, when fake corn appeared flavouring these and other fake baits was second-nature because I had been flavouring foam with all kinds of things since the seventies when it was very useful in stopping soft meat baits from falling off my rig.

In the days before carp fishing became so commercialised you often had to source and design much of your equipment including adapting or making rods, landing nets, bank sticks, indicators, bivvies, homemade foam-padded sun lounger bed chairs and so on. For my early carp fishing rigs before pop-up boilies were used by the masses, I used homemade floater cake propped up for the long term by highly buoyant rubber foam from my dads printing plates – often coated in attractive solvents from the printing trade I might add!

Incidentally I am one of those anglers who cares not for fashions – instead of wafters and expensive tiny pots of pop-up baits a very effective answer to create balanced or trendy in – word wafting presentations is the use of a cut-down piece of liquid food and flavour-soaked rig foam. Rig foam works when flavoured or not but I find it far more effective when it has some residual food or attractor whether this is natural esters or liquid marine extracts etc. Pre-soaked foam used on your hair or hook itself is ideal to for getting loads more bites when using pre-soaked pellets and luncheon meat and prevents soft baits getting pulled off too!

You might think that the concept of using prepared particles that contain a combination of 2 or more types of particle baits such as hemp and sweetcorn is a new thing. But going back decades ago, any general coarse angler who aimed for carp by the evening of a days fishing built up his swim using a combination of all kinds of particle type baits. This would often include any of the following and more: maggots, breadcrumbs, sweetcorn, stewed wheat, stewed pearl barley, fresh homemade pellet-based pastes, chopped worms, soil, soaked crushed egg food, desiccated coconut, peanuts, cracked corn, corn flakes, essential oil soaked luncheon meat, bird foods such as those containing molasses and insects, etc.

Also in the list was the additive Robin Red (which seemed relatively far cheaper in the old days than it is today!) In the eighties using crushed tiger nuts and various pellets soaked in tiger nut extract, powdered palatants and enhancers for example was a great edge for me.

At that time I experimented at home with a mind-blowing array of additives, liquids and associated materials. Fishing over a bed of extremely open- textured unique homemade crushed boilies at a time when most anglers slavishly stuck to a bed of round whole boilies or particles of a single type was just one edge that produced many big fish for me.

Using maggots is far from a new thing for carp. In the early eighties it was common to get great catches by fishing any kind of semi-buoyant low density bait over a bed of maggots. I remember flavouring my maggots with Scopex and Chocolate Malt and dying my maggots and sweetcorn black in the eighties – to great effect!

Liquid Robin Red is far from a new thing either. I loved using this stuff as part of my own unique homemade flavouring and liquid food combinations since the seventies. Originally I was soaking Robin Red with Minamino to try and make the Minamino flavour different when I used it in my homemade boilies, baits soaks, ground bait liquids and so on. It was a small step to heat this liquid to make it far more concentrated. I then got onto the liquid Robin Red that Rod Hutchinson supplied for a period of time – I have no idea why this product was discontinued because it was really was great stuff!

I can tell you that on many waters where the Robin Red liquid of today will be used you will soon do better by adapting it to make it unique after it has hooked enough fish and when they have inevitably become much warier of it! A simple addition of an essential oil, a new seed, an oleoresin or terpenoid type product or an extra spice and unusual sweetener for example will give it new life again – I love all this creative stuff and my bait secrets ebooks are stuffed with such detailed edges!

If you think that pineapple baits with butyric acid are new – think again; this trick was going on long before I started carp fishing in the mid-seventies and then it was used all year not just as a special winter trick. If you want some tips on making better ground baits and more effective stick mixes for instance, get to know a few guys from the States who competitively fish pay-lakes where no ground-baiting or chumming is permitted – many of these guys are real experts and some have literally multiple generations of experience in making these baits!

If you must use fresh boilies try cutting them down for hook baits so all the outer skin is taken off and so you have square baits of about 8 or 10 millimetres in diameter, then soak them in your special dip for a few hours – 3 hours to 5 hours is fine. Use a number of these on a hair with dip-soaked foam on the end of them at the bait stop to pop-up the end of the string of baits.

A tip to finish up this piece – if you want a different bait dip to almost anyone else – for your fake baits, pellets or boilies, either use the juice from ready-prepared hemp or from hemp that you have prepared for yourself. Add about 10 percent liquid inclusion of high PC liquid lecithin (which is an energy-rich feeding trigger proven by one of the more famous fish scientists by the name of Harada!) I might also suggest adding a 10 percent addition of pure triple-filtered salmon oil in your baits too – especially for warmer water baits and through into the autumn time. I get these liquid additives from Phil at Carpfishingpellets online.

Why not try soaking your boilies in this alternative combination so that your baits are fully hydrated in advance of fishing. Why not try fishing them on your rig using a trimmed disc of rig foam to stop them coming off. Put a baiting needle through your baits a few times and fish not whole baits but jagged thirds or halves cut very roughly so it seems that they have already been attacked by smaller fish – and see how the bigger wary carp respond! (For further information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my bait secrets ebooks website in my biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit: http://www.baitbigfish.com the home of the world-wide proven homemade bait making and readymade bait success secrets bibles!