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What You Need to Know about Carp Fishing Bait

What You Need to Know about Carp Fishing Bait

What You Need to Know about Carp Fishing Bait The range and variety of baits that can be used will soon become apparent to any carp fisherman irrespective of his experience. You won’t be surprised to learn that some kinds of bait are more successful than others. This stands to reason when you consider that a real live fish is going to be coming towards your bait to see whether it is worth taking a bite or not!

Getting prepared for a successful fishing trip.

If this is a new pastime for you, you will need to buy carp fishing tackle as well as purchasing your bait. The best way to make sure you have everything you need is to consult a good website or read a carp-fishing magazine. This will give you access to lots of carp fishing advice that will increase the chances of your first trip being a success.

As well as the obvious need for comfort and essential supplies you will also need one vital essential: bait.

How can you find out more about the bait?

Exploring the market is the most effective method. Not all fishermen will agree as to the most suitable bait and method of fishing. You are likely to make your own personal choice. Undeniably, though, some baits are manifestly more successful than others. A popular choice amongst fisherman is the use of boilies. There are few more popular baits available on today’s market. The most effective bait, according to most fishermen, are boilies.

As a consequence you could easily make a trip to the nearest stockist and buy some. You can also purchase carp fishing bait and tackle online. You’ll be amazed to discover the enormous variety of boilies available within this one section. People have different ideas as to which ones are best. The most effective flavours from the hundreds that are available will be found only by trying out lots of different ones.

What, if any, other types of carp fishing baits are available?

You only need to visit an online carp fishing tackle and bait shop to know the answer is a resounding yes!. An example is the use of live bait. Some pellets have bloodworm in them which dissolves when you put them into the water. This will attract the carp as it is a normal part of their diet.

If you are very new to carp fishing you may want to go for one of the most popular forms of carp fishing bait: maize. The cheapness and availability of maize makes this a popular choice amongst beginners. It’s also an easy choice because it’s basic and doesn’t come in a range of flavours. You must however soak and boil it properly if you are going to use it to attract the carp, otherwise you could harm the fish as it will swell inside them and cause damage – sometimes irreparable.

So, you are not limited in your choice of carp bait. No matter how experienced you are as a fisherman you will go out and fish with increased confidence as you know more about these different types of bait!

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Top 10 carp fishing tips – a Quest Baits Masterclass

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Homemade Carp Baits Made Using Potent Liquids and Ingredients In Your Kitchen!

Everyone wants cheaper ways to go fishing and saving money on bait is a massively important thing to anglers these days. You might think homemade kitchen made baits are ineffective, but guess what, the majority of commercial bait recipes first began in the kitchen. Read on now and save yourself a fortune as well as improve your catches for life!

Encouraging attractively-stimulating substances in your baits to leach out makes all the difference to your catches and the more easily and better they are able to hydrate and become more soluble they are the better!

You might immediately assume that cake-making flavours are the limit kitchen liquids to exploit in baits, but you can introduce loads of feeding triggers, attractors, enhancers and sweeteners in liquid forms! You can turn a vast range of dry kitchen food items into very useful liquids, by mixing them with warm water, or a condiment with a powder, or by liquidising an individual food or mixing a selection of things together.

Here’s a few examples I have found in my kitchen put to good use to make dips, soaks, etc used in particle and sea food preparation and in homemade paste, boilie pellet-making and in boosting a few readymade boilie base mixes, homemade and readymade ground baits, stick mixes, spod mixes, method mixes, flavouring maggots etc:

Marmite (or other types of yeast extract that are cheaper!)

Smooth peanut butter.

Tomato puree and Ketchups etc.

Worcester source.


Parmesan cheese.

Sea salt.

Horlicks drink.

Nesquick milk shakes.


Ice creams.

Chocolate powder.

Fresh crushed and powdered black pepper.

Herbs and spices and not just chilli pepper powders of which there are many forms!

Raspberry puree.

Jams and marmalades.

Creamed and concentrated soups.

Sugars; Demerara is superior to cheap white!

Condensed and evaporated milks.

Powdered milks.

Liquidised vegetables and fruits mixtures such as blueberries, and red peppers.

Fructose (fruit sugar.)

Garlic and onion powders.

Crab spread.

Liver pate.

Liquidised liver.

There are loads more things – with all kinds of useful impacts on fish senses and physiology etc to induce the behaviours and modes of feeding that you really want!

Including dye your dips and your baits will produce a plume of attractive attractor and feeding trigger-rich cloud in the water – if you make them right and keep them highly soluble so they break down easily for this effect! Liquidised sea foods for instance liquidised mussels, prawn, even tinned shrimps, cockles, tuna, crab, frozen squid etc (but use fresh not preserved whenever possible!) Concentrated fruit and herbal teas such a super fruits, vanilla and acai and ginseng, liqorice and Echinacea containing versions with only potent natural flavours and bioactives!

Many kitchen food items come from super markets but online stores, health stores etc. Modern cake-making flavours are totally different now; more naturally-orientated these days! But when it comes to buying from the shop or supermarket think about how you can seriously maximise the impacts of the essential nutritional attractions and bioactives within those foods; and study the labels very carefully for it reaps massive benefits and rewards – for you personally and in terms of your fish captures! (For example I recommend using sea salt with CC Moore concentrated garlic plus their unique ‘Cyprivit’ vitamin supplement – instead of garlic salt!)

Even the most innocent seemingly simple kitchen bait soak or dip can be extremely complex! For example, something like this: Marmite and molasses, fructose, a bit of instant coffee, plus liquidised pilchards in tomato source with liver pate and flaked crab with liquidised mussels carries an awesome array of feeding triggers, attractors and loads of special factors that fish really respond to internally instantly and longer-term.

You can use liquid from canned pulses, peas and beans, used with juices and oils from tinned fish etc, even to form a milky lactose-rich bait soak from certain lactose-laced breakfast cereals.

But of course seriously effective homemade bait making is about basing your efforts on knowledge of fish. This is paramount and without this detailed knowledge you are really guessing and hoping. Sure bait making is about feedback from catches in order to refine and fine-tune, but you need to know your fish in the beginning to really get the bigger picture about what you are trying to do so you begin to truly understand the power of baits over fish on a whole spectrum of levels and impacts, both instantly and over the long-term.

It is not merely what you use, how much you use, what you combine with what and why. It can be very simple indeed to make an effective bait using just 2 materials and a liquid – but it is in the knowing the reasons why you chose those specific things and why you combine them that is really powerful and exciting. But bait making is so much more profound than it might first appear.

When you have this knowledge and detailed information you can adapt and improve (and out-compete) endless readymade boilies, pellets, and also ready-prepared particle baits such as hemp and tiger nuts and even sea foods like mussels, cockles and prawn, and live foods like maggots too – and even boost fake baits like plastic sweetcorn!

You just need to find out how to do this so you can do it all yourself and save a fortune and reap the big rewards in improved fish catches for life; because knowledge really is for life! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information. Look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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    Big Catfish and Carp Baits – Cool Hook Bait Ingredients

    Keeping ahead of fish by using new baits, or versions of baits to keep on catching consistently, is so often the key to success, after location! But some fishermen might wonder how and why constantly changing baits has major advantages; there’s more to this than you might expect…

    With many big catfish when fished for constantly, over time, many traditional baits can fail as fish associate these baits with ‘danger.’ Often catfish baits will go in a cycle of success before seemingly failing completely at the point where the catfish diet may have changed to predominantly feeding on live fish instead of fishermens’ baits.

    I’m not alone in experiencing having ‘hits’ often very good hauls of catfish over a relatively short space of time, on one particular bait. Then the catfish simply ‘switch off’ the successful bait, often for an extremely long of time indeed. You can end up constantly searching for a completely new bait altogether.

    Making catfish dough baits is an easier option as the ingredients, attractors and stimulators, size, shape, colour, density, texture, buoyancy etc, can be skilfully manipulated to constantly keep ahead of the fish before it ‘blows’ and results significantly reduce.

    This has been found with various boilies, squid, and liver, certain pork baits like luncheon meat and Pepperami, even with nightcrawlers, prawns, mussels and cockles and so on. It seems like each has its day, then they can be ignored completely for an amazingly long time. However, dead baits of whole or chopped fish, but more especially, live baits, can really exploit the catfishes’ change in feeding behaviour.

    In certain situations with particular fish, the question is how to get around these ‘defence mechanisms.’ Use of natural baits style is one answer but these often just act like a needle in a haystack, like fishing a single bloodworm in a bed of millions of them. Sure, worms, night crawlers, maggots and the like do make catching ‘clued-up’ fish easier initially, especially where fish have been not been used to being hooked on these baits before.

    The famous giant 50 pound common called “Herman” of “Warmwell” repute in the UK, was very wised-up about conventional boilies. But this fish was not immune to worm bait… The “Redmire” fish, which could be very difficult to catch, were very keen to feed on tiny baits like various particles such as hemp. Use of new particle baits to a carp water can be devastating and this has been proven again and again.

    The “Redmire” carp including Chris Yates’s record fish that stood for years were often tempted by sweetcorn. Often a can of “Jolly Green Giant” can save the day. These days soaking sweetcorn in sweeteners lik talin and thaumatin, or in liquid liver, yeast or betaine might work better. I’ve had good hits of fish on ‘Scopex’ soaked sweetcorn for example. The possibilities just with bait are endles, but it could be tiger nuts, peanuts, or any other bait. But I wonder how many fisherman think how to give the fish what they want but are very difficult to tempt on an individual bait alone.

    A hook with samples of various diverse unrelated baits can often produce fish for many reasons, not least because the fish have not previously been ‘conditioned’ to be able to deal easily with it. Various different types of boilies and or dough type baits with particle baits or maggots or worms on the hook can do well for example.

    Combinations with seafoods like prawn or cockles, an old fish cube, with some chicken or pork meat, all coated in an enticing paste or dough mixture can really produce fish when an individual bait simply will not.

    Even boilie and dough mixes that have done so well on waters previously, can need changing after a long period of success. The revitalised success of the boilie “Active 8,” when teamed with a new maple attractor brought a new generation of anglers their first big fish success, even when the original version of this bait was still available, but it’s effectiveness had tailed-off compared to its early success before fish wised-up to it.

    Often bait is still effective in triggering a feeding response, but the carp feed in different more cautious ways on and around the bait. Often the phenomenon of baits being picked-up, off the edge of, or even some distance away from a bed of baits, has worked better than a hookbait fished in the middle of thousands of identical baits.

    The amazing way carp can ‘clean-up’ a huge bed of baits just leaving your hookbaits remaining is quite staggering to those fishermen who just do not appreciate how sensitive to every aspect of their surroundings, fish can be. Often it is those last remaining baits, your hookbaits, which are the last to be picked up, if they are at all!

    Big fish man Dave Lane has experienced this many times. The question is really, why do the fish still pick up these hook baits at all, when out of possibly hundreds or even thousands of baits, these have been identified by all the feeding fish to be the ‘dangerous’ ones?

    Most fishermen might suggest it is the ‘just one more’ syndrome kicking-in, where the urge to feel the effect of one more morsel replaces the instinct to leave those last baits ‘well-alone.’

    There are numerous ways to make a bait have this effect, often by exploiting essential nutritional food signals, or by using attractors, enhancers, stimulators etc with highly stimulatory effects, many of which bear little resemblance to any natural carp food at all nor providing any particular nutritional benefits, but work anyway.

    There are many ways to add these effects using many ingredients and additives to boilies, meats, and particles like hemp, pellets, and ground baits etc which are highly effective at keeping those bites coming.

    This fishing bait secrets books author has many more fishing and bait ‘edges.’ Just one could impact on your catches!

    By Tim Richardson.

    For the unique acclaimed expert bait making and secrets ‘bibles’ ebooks / books:



    Tim is a highly experienced homemade bait maker big carp and catfish angler of 30 years. His bait enhancing books / ebooks now help anglers in 43 countries improve their results – see this bait and fishing secrets website now!

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    Making Homemade Boilies For Big Carp and Catfish Fishing!

    My readers ask me questions every day on the subject of fishing baits. Far too many anglers just do not realise what are the most important aspects of carp or catfish baits that make fish most interested in picking them up – at all! Some of the very most vital aspects of how and why baits actually work and can be improved are inevitably missed; so why not read on now and find out more on how to make your baits and big fish catches better!


    So how do you think a fish senses your bait in the first instance and how does this make a fish test out your bait with its mouth and various senses simultaneously? When you think about it, if they were ways you could enhance the impact of your baits on fish senses internally and externally, and even exploit how your baits change the water around your baits, then you will certainly massively improve your chances of catching loads more fish than the average angler!


    I knew as a kid of 6 or 7 that fishing over tiny particles of bait that all dispersed in the water column where some sunk to the bottom, some remained hovering suspended and rising and falling in different water levels, and where some even rose to the surface, that this kind of bait was extremely effective for catching carp – and catfish later too. Bait success is very much all about dispersal in water. This dispersal is how fish come into contact with various bait substances, and these substances and particles provide a trail of suspended particles, and a concentration gradient of diffused substances in solution (or part solution) that lead the fish right back to the area of your hook baits waiting for them to make a mistake on them!


    But there are endless things you can do to massively improve this effect so your fish are incredibly stimulated – even long before they come across your hook baits. It appears that relatively few anglers realise just what stages of modes of feeding behaviours carp can go through on their way to becoming hooked up! You can exploit and manipulate these behaviours by using various baits and bait substances, and combined fishing tactics and approaches to maximise fish behaviours in your unique personal favour.


    Ok so you might think that using boilies or pellets straight from the bag is a very well proven way to catch carp, catfish or maybe big barbel for instance. But consider this; these fish home predominantly home in on the bait substances that leach out and become solution, that dissolve the most easily in the water. Dry baits take time to hydrate in water, and this also means that such baits are harder for fish to digest. But most worryingly is this; these baits take the longest to pull in fish – so you are wasting your valuable time, when you could be doing things to maximise every bait in every single fishing situation!


    So consider this; next time you buy readymade baits use a few ideas from homemade bait making. In making homemade baits you learn countless tricks to overcome fish caution and manipulate both fish senses and feeding behaviours massively in your unique favour, but also get to know how to get very distinct competitive edges over the vast range of readymade baits out there which seem to confuse anglers so much.


    So taken from my own products, let us imagine you are fishing a water dominated by a brand of readymade bait and you cannot hope to compete with the guys using that bait – because you either do not want to bother trying, or want to do things your own way, or simply do not see why you should spend all that money on bait when these guys are maybe getting it massively discounted or even for free. So what kinds of options might you consider to catch more fish despite fishing pressure from a dominant group on a bait?


    The first obvious thing is to simply find out what their bait is and fish on the edge or on top of their baited areas in between times they are fishing in their chosen swims – that way you are catching fish guerrilla style and exploiting their efforts. This is an age old trick that has frequently caught angler good numbers of big fish. But you often cannot do it and anyway I for one do not fish this way because I prefer to do things my own way and derive far greater fun and satisfaction from my catches by doing this!


    So maybe something you might do is maybe look at the boilie base mix they are using, and cut it so you make a cheaper more economical version – that the fish will recognise, that you can use but at much less cost. In fact this can be a brilliant edge and can lead to you catching even more fish than them as they will still be on the old version of the bait that fish could easily be getting wary of after enough captures.


    Boosting your own unique boilie base mix with extra elevated levels of hygroscopic substances that are extremely rich in fish feeding triggers is a sure way to ensure you get really good results! But there are countless more innovative ways to catch more fish – economically, using methods, substances and knowledge beyond the conventional or the expected! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!


    By Tim Richardson.

    Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit:


    The home of the world-wide proven homemade bait making and readymade bait success secrets bibles and more unique free bait secrets articles by Tim Richardson!

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