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Some Characteristics Of Carp Fishing Versus Bass Fishing!

Carp Fishing versus Bass Fishing

Magnificent Carp Fishing
Picture Credits to Rick Evans at http://www.rickevansphotography.com

There are some specific differences between Carp fishing versus Bass fishing. Ultimately an in an attempt at unbiased journalism, it is fair to say many fisherman discover a preference within themselves, based on a number of professional and personal standards. In the end however, the choice between fishing preferences illustrates a true fisherman’s passion for sentiment amongst the fishing craft.

Deciding a preference on Carp versus Bass fishing delegates an introspective glance into not just the sport of fishing but the type of person a fisherman is entirely. This is because the decision splits hairs over the differences between trophy fishing and fishing for a quality meal.

First and foremost, it is necessary for you to know the aging difference of both types of fish. In Carp fishing, the young Carp are less sensitive to the environmental conditions. They do not easily die in case there are somehow ultra extreme weather conditions that may occur in certain places. The young Carp can easily swim their way through the advanced stages of prolonged harsh environments but are not usually particularly well liked for a meal. On the other hand, Bass are slightly more sensitive to the cold, or frigid temperatures, when compared to Carp. When there are some changes in the environment, Bass fish experience stress making them more difficult to fish in more tumultuous areas.

Many fisherman also will come under the impression that because Carp survive in more areas and for longer periods ,(and in greater numbers) that Carp fishing is easier. Specifically, carp fishing can be easily attracted by enthusiasts who simply want a mantle piece for their home or office. Many fisherman also easily catch Carp, since during their seasonal reproduction Carp proliferate in a “bunched” matter, often splashing the surface of the water giving away their position.  There is no need to do a lot of trapping techniques in order to get the first and the succeeding catches you want, it’s even easier than that. On the other hand, bass fishing is a little more meticulous and challenging.

When it comes to size, Carp fishing takes the cake by a large margin, as a commonplace trophy fish. If you want to commercialize your feats on the water, than maybe Carp fishing is your thing. Moreover, you can also bring in huge numbers of Carp since they are so commonly reproducing alongside one another, as mentioned earlier. In the case of your bass fishing, you will found out that these fish come in smaller more elusive sizes, when compared to Carp. The size of Bass depends on the size of the body of water, where large mouth Bass weighing in at huge weights is more rare and displays more expertise of a true fishing enthusiast.

This is information you have to keep in mind in terms of Carp fishing versus Bass fishing, where to go and how to fish for these very different aquatic specimens. Carp tend to be bottom feeders, the choice for which is more delicious when prepared is easy, that is Bass. Bass are sportier, but Carp are the more demanding fish to catch, making them an ideal fishing target. Carp will fight the line for as long as a fisherman allows and make a great story to tell every catch. Fishing for Carp is argued by many as more exciting and provoking, nevertheless whichever your fish of choice, have fun fishing!

Boilie tipped with sweetcorn carp fishing

Underwater video of carp and a tipped boilie. See more underwater carp video’s at my website www.underwatersecrets.co.uk Please add your comments, I love feedback and new ideas to video. The carp appears to pick out the tipped boilie time after time before being caught.

Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder

In fishing there’s so many new things out there for the sake of conversation we’re going to call this one a “Gizmo”. Now although these have been around a while it’s always refreshing to stay up to date with good products. Anyone not familiar with method feeders wouldn’t have a clue what method feeders are. Here’s an introduction to method feeder’s for carp fishing, watch the video’s too, if you’ve never heard of it or never tried it you are going to want to go out a get one today!

Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder
Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder

Preston Quick release method mould
Developed to allow perfect loading of groundbait onto the Preston In-line Flat Method Feeder, the Quick Release Method Mould quickly forms a perfect feeder full of groundbait or pellets every time. This ensures more accurate casting due to the constant size of the loaded feeder.

The release button on the bottom ensures that the feeder is ejected consistently, without the frustration of leaving the groundbait in the mould.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Preston In-line Flat Method Feeder.

Baggin’ up with minnowmaster209.

Are you good enough for a Carp Tournament?

Carp Fishing Tournament

1st Place $30,000 • 2nd Place $25,000 • 3rd Place $20,000 • 4th Place $15,000 • 5th Place $10,000

The most elite professional carp anglers in the world will compete in the Carp Angling World Championship (CAWC) on the St. Lawrence River the week of September 23, 2011. CARP Tournament Series and the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce announced the St. Lawrence River in northern New York State will be the site for the world-class tournament. Over 100 two-person teams are expected to compete along a 30-plus mile course on the river corridor of St. Lawrence County.
Expected among the nations represented for the 100+ continuous hours of competition will be teams from the United States, England, France, Holland, Germany, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, Romania, Japan, Ukraine and Bosnia.
The 2011 CAWC is sanctioned by the UK-based International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA).
Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society® (BASS), will be the special celebrity guest at CARP Tournament Series’ elite Carp Angling World Championship on the St. Lawrence River in September. The legendary Scott sweetened the prize pool for the first-place winners with a getaway at his renowned private lake in Alabama.


Catching the BIG ONE! Fishing For Giants

Catching the BIG ONE! Fishing For Giants

In the wee hours of the summer night, gigantica France gave way to this behemoth of a fish. Carp fishing is notorious for having large catch’s but what happened in France was monumental! Whenever a monster is over 50 pounds, let alone 72, your going to be in for a fight. The fight is what many fishers crave and I myself thirst for. There is no experience quite like fighting a 50, 60 pound carp. These animals will not go willingly! Bringing a strong well kept net is always a necessity with carp. Not only that having a strong partner never hurts either, I myself have nearly fallen head over heels into the water before just trying to pull up a 50 pound monster, for some glamour photos. As a seasoned veteran of Carp fishing, I personally love taking pictures with the most notable of beast. With Carp its amazing how people are blown away when I show them the pictures of some mantle fish I’ve tamed. Fighting these beasts can take quite some time and the struggle can be not only difficult, but amazing fun!

This video from France, is just another fine example of the exotic fishing you can find while Carp fishing abroad. Gigantica is a famous water hole, for the biggest monsters on the planet. This particular tape however if the largest fish ever documented in this water. Taking exotic fishing trips can be extremely fun and nothing is better than catching monsters, while your abroad! I like to go for Carp on my more exotic fishing trips, because of the thrill. Carp is a thrill fish, that will fight like the dickens to escape even the mightiest fisherman. Me and my partners frequent a lot of great watering holes, all over the world, looking for this type of action! No matter what your fancy, fly fishing, casual fishing, kayak fishing, I think almost all fisherman can appreciate the fortitude of Carp fishing, mixed with the flash. It’s flashy catching 50 pound fish, let alone 60, 70 pounders. When most fishermen focus on more delectible appetites, the true monster fisherman knows the nature of Carp fishing.

The Carp are biting all over the world, but where is the best spot to go, for that exotic, monster fish! You know the picture that makes other fisherman green with envy. The picture of you with the biggest fish in the world, short of a killer whale. I like France, as this video is evidence, however the States also provide, amazing Carp holes. While Carp swim in a lot of water, the finer points of fishing carp are the distinct abilities a fisherman must hone. Mastering Carp fishing requires mastering the skill of taking the big ones! Changing your lures is essential for these low water fish, that tend to stay lower to the ground level of water. Adjusting your rod length, adjusting your taunt and even focusing on strict reeling, fighting and tiring, your way to the top. So hone your skills, and take into accound the beauty of Carp fishing next time your planning the big get away! Stay fishing!