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Catching the BIG ONE! Fishing For Giants

Catching the BIG ONE! Fishing For Giants

In the wee hours of the summer night, gigantica France gave way to this behemoth of a fish. Carp fishing is notorious for having large catch’s but what happened in France was monumental! Whenever a monster is over 50 pounds, let alone 72, your going to be in for a fight. The fight is what many fishers crave and I myself thirst for. There is no experience quite like fighting a 50, 60 pound carp. These animals will not go willingly! Bringing a strong well kept net is always a necessity with carp. Not only that having a strong partner never hurts either, I myself have nearly fallen head over heels into the water before just trying to pull up a 50 pound monster, for some glamour photos. As a seasoned veteran of Carp fishing, I personally love taking pictures with the most notable of beast. With Carp its amazing how people are blown away when I show them the pictures of some mantle fish I’ve tamed. Fighting these beasts can take quite some time and the struggle can be not only difficult, but amazing fun!

This video from France, is just another fine example of the exotic fishing you can find while Carp fishing abroad. Gigantica is a famous water hole, for the biggest monsters on the planet. This particular tape however if the largest fish ever documented in this water. Taking exotic fishing trips can be extremely fun and nothing is better than catching monsters, while your abroad! I like to go for Carp on my more exotic fishing trips, because of the thrill. Carp is a thrill fish, that will fight like the dickens to escape even the mightiest fisherman. Me and my partners frequent a lot of great watering holes, all over the world, looking for this type of action! No matter what your fancy, fly fishing, casual fishing, kayak fishing, I think almost all fisherman can appreciate the fortitude of Carp fishing, mixed with the flash. It’s flashy catching 50 pound fish, let alone 60, 70 pounders. When most fishermen focus on more delectible appetites, the true monster fisherman knows the nature of Carp fishing.

The Carp are biting all over the world, but where is the best spot to go, for that exotic, monster fish! You know the picture that makes other fisherman green with envy. The picture of you with the biggest fish in the world, short of a killer whale. I like France, as this video is evidence, however the States also provide, amazing Carp holes. While Carp swim in a lot of water, the finer points of fishing carp are the distinct abilities a fisherman must hone. Mastering Carp fishing requires mastering the skill of taking the big ones! Changing your lures is essential for these low water fish, that tend to stay lower to the ground level of water. Adjusting your rod length, adjusting your taunt and even focusing on strict reeling, fighting and tiring, your way to the top. So hone your skills, and take into accound the beauty of Carp fishing next time your planning the big get away! Stay fishing!

Fishing Trips A Very Wholesome Experience

Have you ever heard the old saying, Give the man a fish and feed him for the day or teach the man to fish and feed him for a life time? Sure you have, and you know what, it is very true. But, where do you suspect that they learned to fish? Probably as a youngster setting out with a fishing adventure with they’re parents or grandparents. Fishing is a great sport and a way that many have Sunday lunch. The kids absolutely love it. Not only is a fishing trip for the kids educational it also spends that desperately needed quality time with them.

Some dads do not suggest a fishing trip because they think mom would balk at the idea. Men do not hold your tongue, women are not as fragile as they would like everyone to believe! Many women truly enjoy the outdoors and can learn sometime from catching a fish. Also moms like to see their children sharing an educational and loving experience with their family! Families that play together stay together, remember that!

Fishing trips can be relatively inexpensive. Pitch a tent in a state park and enjoy the rest of the weekend. If you do not want to purchase fishing equipment there are many outfitters that will allow you to rent equipment. You may not have the need for fishing rods, reels and bait at home so go ahead and rent them. For safety sake don’t forge the life jackets for everyone. Never scrimp when it comes to safety.

Children of all ages can learn to bait the hook and wait patiently until they feel that little tug! You may want to help them reel it in because some of those fish can be quite the handful even for us adults. Fishing can be found in just about every state around the world, but some places are much better than others are. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect location for your next fishing trip.

The lone star state of Texas offers many activities and some of the best fishing ever. They have catfish stocked ponds that can leave you with the best meal of your life. Bass fish, trout, redfish and carp are all fish commonly found in the Texas freshwater areas. There are also saltwater fishing experiences in Texas as well. Look for the Flounder, Macrerel, Shark, Snapper and many more.

Colorado is another popular fishing trip spot. The serene lands with snowy mountaintops are a picture perfect vacation. The different species of trout is one of the leading fish that anglers are looking for in the area. From the brown trout to the cutthroat trout they are all delicious. Salmon is another popular fish in the Colorado area.

For more information on all aspects of planning your fishing trip, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide

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Saltwater Fishing- Get The Best Fishing Reels

Irrespective where you are fishing the fishing reels must be the best quality and not let you down. If you are in the process of building your fishing kit, you should pay particular attention to the kind of equipment you are putting together. A penny pinched here and there could cost you a prized trophy on any of your fishing trips. There are different sets of equipment for different game. You definitely so not want to fish for shark with a rod and reel designed to go after carp do you? As you gain experience an angler you will be adding equipment to your fishing gear. You should only add the best and proven equipment if you want to prevent frustration and disappointment on any of your fishing trips.

The reel on your fishing rod is a very important bit of equipment, especially if you are fishing in the salt waters of the deep seas. The size of the fish that you can hook can be monstrous and put up a big fight when you try to land it. The reel is essentially a set of gears that facilitate reeling in a huge weight. When you hook a large fish such as a Marlin or a shark you will ensure that you are able to bring it in without losing your equipment. This is the reason many fishing boats have a seatbelt for the angler and a fastening system for the rod as well. The saltwater fishing reel is designed to lock in a way that will prevent the reel from un-winding. The gears on the reel facilitate the angler to effortlessly reel in the fish a little at a time.

If you hook a large fish it is going to put up a great fight to prevent you from bringing it in. You will have to be patient if you do not want to lose your hook and lure. Reel in the fish slowly allowing it to swim and trash around in the water. If your fishing rod is secured to the boat you do not have to worry about losing it, at the most you will have to cut the line and let the fish go. But if you have patience, and the right equipment, you can have the biggest fish for a trophy. Basically you’re fishing reel and line is what should not let you down.

Salt water fishing reels differ in size and use. A reel too big will not serve the purpose of fishing for smaller fish and a small reel will not be any use when you are fishing for big game. Experience will teach most of what you need to know about fishing and the equipment that is just right for the game you are after. Experienced anglers will teach you where to get that equipment from.

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An Introduction to the Art of Fly-fishing

Fly fishing differs from regular fishing because you don’t use a heavy lure and a light line. Instead, using a fake fly on the end of the line, you cast out a heavy line with a thinner leader on the end. Often a color of ribbon, thread, or fur is tied to the fly. This gives fish the impression that what they see is a bug that they eat. Fly fishing lines are much heavier than regular fishing line, but are often designed to float. There are two types of fly fishing. Dry fly fishing involves the fly remaining on the surface of the water. Wet water fly fishing involves sinking the fly down into the water. Both methods are very effective. The use of the techniques is up to the person fishing and the circumstances on “fishing trips.

Fly fishing is practiced throughout the United States and Canada. The most common states for fly fishing are Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California, and Alaska. This is because of the amount of fish flowing through the Rocky Mountain area. West Yellowstone is considered the major hub for great fly fishing. More fish are caught here than any other location. Areas of Canada including Alberta as well as other water areas throughout the world are great locations for fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a great sport enjoyed by fisherman all over the world. This method of fishing requires artificial flies, and a rod that is very flexible. The sport of fly fishing has been around since at least 200 A.D. The first knowledge of the sport is found in books written during that time period. Today the sport remains very popular. Most people fly fish for trout, salmon, and bass.

This sport of fly fishing continues to be very popular, with no sign of letting up any time soon. Fly fishing enthusiasts spend lots of time and money fly fishing. They buy the best equipment and travel to the best fishing locations, hoping to be lucky enough to catch that great fish swimming upstream.

Stevie James is an experienced fisherman who has set up a Free Fishing Information website to offer free tips, techniques and tutorials that will really help you on the way to more successful and more enjoyable fishing!