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Your Basic Fishing Equipment

So what equipment do you need nowadays to go fishing?

Well, the basics are of course a rod, a fishing line, weights, hook and bait; however, it doesn’t always stop there.

Equipment needed for fishing would also depend on which type of fishing you want to do. Types of fishing include, deep sea fishing, lake fishing, pond fishing, canal fishing or perhaps carp fishing.

Some types of fishing also require a licence, so it is important to find out if your chosen type of fishing involves you applying for a fishing licence.
The ideal way to find out exactly what you would need for your chosen type of fishing would be to walk into a tackle shop and discuss equipment with the person behind the counter.

If you walk into a fishing shop, presented before you would be a mass of equipment and accessories from rods and reels to chairs and tents. You could even buy an electronic bite alert, therefore, talking to someone experienced would be a great help when considering what equipment you need.

Fishing equipment can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Fishing in lakes and ponds may only require the bear minimum. Why take the fun out of fishing by adding all the expense? We already know it is possible to enjoy a great day out fishing without having to spend a fortune on equipment.

For the more serious fisherman, using a wooden pole and stones as weights simply would not do, especially if they are on a fishing weekend.

Fishing at night is said to be more successful than daytime fishing if you want to bait a particular fish. Most fish are more active at night looking for their feed, therefore, many fisherman will leave their homes at 11 – 12 pm at night to set up for a nights fishing.

On top of your essential fishing equipment, you would also need to consider waterproof clothing, a large umbrella, seating and perhaps even a tent.

Once you do have your equipment, and you have spent the day on the lakes catching your bait, remember to rinse off your reels and rods in fresh water, this is especially so if you have been fishing in salt water.

Most equipment is fine in a cool dry environment, but do not be tempted to lean your rod up against a wall, this could cause your rod to warp, instead, store them vertically or horizontally.

Whatever equipment you decide to purchase for the type of fishing you choose, we all know that fishing is fun.

A recent study showed that most fisherman fish for any type of fish and happy with whatever they catch, just as long as they catch something. In this case, equipment needed for fishing would perhaps prove to be less expensive and a lot more fun.

This is the type of fishing the kids are interested in, however, you still have to watch those pockets, as kids come up with all kinds of equipment they ‘need’ and just cannot do without. Sound familiar?

Information on bowhunting moose can be found at the Bowhunting Tips site.

Bow Fishing Equipment For A Heart Racing Good Time

Bow fishing is very popular among hunters in the off season for deer and birds. To fishing in this way you need the appropriate equipment to basically spear the fish. Bow fishing generally takes place in the warmer months for the most obvious reasons. Fishermen will usually either find a shallow body of water to hunt or may hunt from a small boat for lakes and rivers. It is also possible to bow hunt in the ocean, which can land some wonderful wall decorations as well as bragging rights. There are several different types of bow fishing equipment and it depends on the type of fish that you are looking to hunt.

During the winter months the hunters use their bow and arrow to hunt deer then turn their focus to the water with their equipment during the summer months. They claim that the bow fishing keeps their aim in practice and provides the same excitement that the land hunts provides. Many even state that the water hunt is more of a challenge due to the reflection and movement of the fish. Those little devils are quicker than what you think. Bow fishing equipment truly puts the hunt back into the sport of fishing.

For many years carps were regarded as the trash of the lake. Today many fishermen are seeing them as an adrenal pumping hunt. These fish are the larger fish of the lakes and rivers so they provide an excellent target. If it is more of a skillful shot that you are looking for then hunt a smaller fish! That should get you practiced up to one great shot before winter rolls around! There is also a great line of bow fishing equipment for the ocean fish such as the stingray, sharks and other marine life. There are many tours that take individuals out on the ocean for an afternoon of fishing.

Bow fishing dates back to ancient times when man would stand in the water and spear their dinner with a long hand carved arrow. Today there is a more advanced line of bow fishing equipment that powers the arrow. It is still a difficult sport and one should not assume that it is a great deal easier today over the past centuries, but the equipment has certainly improved. There are other types of equipment such as special arrows for different types of fish and even spear guns. That way there is something for everyone when participating in the sport of bow fishing.

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Korda – What They Have Done for Fishing

Korda developments are some of the best anglers and developers that you are likely to find, their aim is to provide anglers worldwide with the best and most improved fishing equipment out there. They dedicate all of their work to getting it right and making sure that their product is going to be the best out there on the market. If there is something better out there on the market already then Korda are not going to develop it. I for one believe this is a brilliant business achievement as every time that they release or develop a new system or piece of tackle you know that it has been through a lot of long and vigorous testing measures.

As well as Korda stepping up the game to its competition in the fishing tackle department, they also provide some of the world’s best carp fishing information which is seem everywhere worldwide in the fishing industry. They have produced many DVDs and also write for a lot of magazines and newspapers on regular basis giving constant up to date correct fishing tips and information to their very loyal fan base.

When Korda distribute their products they aim to give you as much information about the product as possible and they also try to give you as many tips as possible to using it correctly. For instance if you went out a and bought one of their DVDs you will be sitting there intently as everything is explained clearly and in so much depth to you.

The Korda team is built up of some much respected anglers, this must be why all of the products and information that is rolled out from them is so bang on. They give their entire products range thorough field testing to make sure that everything is working fine and that everything is durable and most importantly that it works the way it should, ensuring that it is the best on the market. Also it is these anglers who provide all of Kordas information which is why they have become so respected for their work. Everything from them is top notch on quality.

For one of the best fishing information resources on the web you will want to take a look at their website where they offer you all of this vast information on all of their products. Korda make sure that if you are just starting out as an angler you are going to be able to use their products without any issues, they believe that everyone should be able to do it so if it isn’t clear at the start they will make it clear before anything goes to print or publication so that even the very most beginner of anglers can understand what is going on and how it should be done as professionally as possible.

I have seen many galleries, photos and videos from Korda products being used and the end results that they have produced, believe me they are exceptional and I can see why they are the leading company in fishing rig and tackle products worldwide, some of the pictures are incredible.

I can certainly recommend that you any angler should try them out because if you want to catch the best you need to fish with the best.

Find more information about Korda

Commonly Used Fishing Equipment in the UK

Fishing in the UK is a sport that’s both relaxing and exciting. The relaxing part is casting a baited hook into the water and waiting for an unsuspecting fish to happen by. The exciting part is when the fish takes the bait. Here’s some information about two types of Fishing Equipment required for this enjoyable sport.

When you are starting out as a fisherman in the UK, it is best to start with the most simplistic form of Fishing Equipment. It really doesn’t require a lot of fishing gear to go fishing. However, a rod or pole is indeed a necessary piece of equipment. The fishing pole is used to suspend the line from which hangs the bait for the fish. Bamboo, fiberglass and carbon fiber are all basic materials used to make the poles. The fishing rod is used for the same purpose but is somewhat more sophisticated. They have various lengths and also vary in action. The sizes are available from a 24-inch rod to 20 foot one. The casting is better with the longer rod.

There are many different types of fishing rods. A carbon fiber pole is a more technologically advanced pole, which is usually used for coarse fishing in Europe. Fly fishing rods are made to cast artificial flies. They are part of the Fishing Equipment used to catch salmon in the UK. Many fishermen in the UK use this salmon fishing equipment each year for a successful catch. Normally salmon is fished from the rivers in England, although it can be done well in the sea also. In addition to the right rod, you will need waders for the majority of UK Rivers in order to get to the best fishing places.

When you are searching for sea fishing equipment in the UK, try to find sea rods made to be used on the open sea. These rods will be built stronger and longer than the other kinds. For sharks and other huge game, specialty rods are designed. Be sure that the deep-sea fishing rod that you have selected can hold up to the pressure of the resistant larger fish when they are hooked. Also be certain that it is constructed from material such as fiberglass or graphite, which will resist corrosion from the salt air.

Every other part of your tackle has to be able to fit with your rod. This includes the lines, lures, reels and hooks. If you aren’t sure about your choices, get advice from a more experienced fisherman. You need to bear in mind that no matter what kind of fish you are trying to catch in the UK, you have to have the right fishing equipment to be successful.

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A Beginners Guide on Essential Carp Fishing Equipment

If you\’re a beginning carp angler, this guide is for you. Here, you\’ll see what carp fishing equipment you\’ll need before you get started. You can choose to start out with a single rod kit (using the stalking method) or you could use a 2-rod or 3- rod static system; the 2 or 3 static rod system is the more popular of the two, but the choice is yours to make.

Carp Rods Beginning carp anglers usually don\’t want to deal with carp rods which require making long-distance casts. You\’ll probably do better with one of the all-through action carp rods that you can buy. A 12\’ rod is a good choice for a beginner. It\’s easy to find a wide range of beginner rods online, but you can also find them in a lot of tackle shops.

Carp Reel For carp fishing, a baitrunner reel works best; these reels let the carp run out the line once they grab the bait, preventing your rod from being pulled into the water when the carp try taking off with the bait. These reels also have the advantage of being easy for beginning carp anglers to handle.

Audible Bite Alarm This handy piece of equipment lets you know when you\’ve got a bite with a visual signal and an audible alert. Look for one which offers adjustable volume.

Rod Banksticks Your carp rods will need support, so you\’ll need to find some rod banksticks. Look around for the stainless steel screw-in type, because they\’re easier to get into dry or hard ground. It\’s best to avoid using aluminum rod banksticks because they\’re nowhere near as strong, sometimes bending when you work them in.

Line and Carp Rigs A 12 lb-test fishing line is probably the best line for beginners to start with. A wide variety of different types of hooks exist, and which one will be best for you depends on your rig. You can choose from the prefabricated carp rigs that you can buy, or you can make your own fishing rig.

Landing Nets and Unhooking Mats Landing nets can help prevent damaging your fish as you haul it in. Use a net with a fine mesh because a coarser weave can damage your carp\’s scales. Removing the hooks from your catch sometimes also causes damage, but you can prevent or reduce this by using a quality unhooking mat.

Bite Indicators A bite indicator is a great addition to any carp fishing kit; these tools can help you figure out where the fish are going and what they\’re up to.

Carp Bait Of course, you\’ll also need some bait. Bait shops everywhere offer carp bait boilies, but you can also make your own carp bait. Just choose from one of the many successful recipes you can find online.

P J A Allan is a keen carp angler and is keen to help beginners and experienced carp anglers. He has created a web site dedicated to carp fishing tackle, carp bait and carp fishing tips. For more tips, reviews, bargain carp tackle visit his site.