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Carp Fishing Equipment the basics you need to get started

Preparation is key when you are looking to take up carp fishing.  The price of the equipment will vary depending on the carp fishing rodscarp reels  and accessories that you want to purchase.  You can pick up a basic set for around £50-£60 or you can go more upmarket and spend hundreds if not thousands.  For someone just starting out it is advisable to study as many reviews and fishing magazines to guage what carp fishing gear is out there.  Again you’ll want to think about the waters that you’re going to be fishing before making any purchases.

Where you decide that you are going to fish is one of the factors that you need to think about before you purchase any carp fishing equipment.  If you are looking to fish thickly weeded areas where you might have to bully a fish to land it  then you need to take a look at a heavier sort of tackle.  If however you are fishing a gravel pit or a large lake free of weed then you can get away with lighter tackle as you can give the fish a lot more slack.

Another great idea is to visit the waters and talk to the anglers that already fish there, by doing this you will probably get a good idea of the kind of tackle that is used.  These people will have no financial interest in the carp fishing equipment for sale in the tackle shops which means you ought to be able to get an unbiased review on what is required for each fishery.
When you have decided what type of tackle you are looking for then it is time to visit the tackle shops.  You should physically visit the tackle shops so you can get an actual feel of different rods and reels.  Once you have got a feel for the rod and reel hold off from making a purchase and begin to shop around.  You will almost certainly manage to get a better deal on the internet and as you will have physically handled the products you are not buying blind.

In addition to a rod and reel there are two other items that you will need to purchase. One of them is a landing net which needs to be at least 42″.  You also need to ensure that it has a fine mesh so that the carp’s fins cannot get caught.  You also must have an unhooking mat as this is a requirement on every fishery which you visit.

What you must not do when buying your carp fishing equipment is try to do things on the cheap. There may be a lot of temptation to buy a basic kit when you are first starting out, but could wind up cursing your luck when that 30 pounder gets away due to your inferior equipment.


With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit  www.carpfishingequipment.org

ESP Quality Carp Fishing Tackle

What is E.S.P. Fishing Tackle?

Well, if you were thinking it was a new kind of tackle that would help you find and catch fish using some kind of mysterious psychic power, not quite. E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is a popular and well respected brand of fishing equipment. In fact, for many carp fisherman (and fisher women) E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is the brand of choice.

Carp fishing is growing in popularity. There was a time when some considered carp “junk fish”, the ones you did not want to catch, and would quickly toss back if you did. But, over the years, many anglers have come to realize that fishing for carp is a worthy past time. And for many different reasons.

First and most importantly is the fact that you can eat carp, which you can’t always say for a lot of the “sports” fish. True, some people fish simply for the challenge of catching a “big one”. But being able to dine on the fruits of your labours adds to the feeling of accomplishment you got from catching the fish.

Another appealing thing about carp is their size. Part of the fun of sports fishing is being able to catch the really big fish, which is relatively easy when using quality equipment like E.S.P. Fishing Tackle. It’s not at all unusual to stumble across carp that are upwards of 20 or 30 pounds in size. (Although carp 10 pounds and under tends to be better for eating.)

Another thing that makes carp fishing so appealing is the challenge. Serious anglers don’t want to just drop a line in the water, pull it up, and find a fish dangling on the end. They want a fish that puts up a fight. And this is definitely true of carp.

Two more advantages of fishing for carp are its abundance, and the many different places they can be found. You can find these fish in streams, lakes and ponds all over the world. Wherever you live, there’s a good chance there is a body of water where you can fish for carp nearby.

When fishing for carp, your best bet is to use a heavy, high quality rod and reel with a 15 pound test line. Anything less could be too easily broken by the weight of one of these weighty fish.

E.S.P. Fishing Tackle is a brand that offers a variety of rods designed especially for catching carp of all sizes and in many different environments. If you are interested in carp fishing, this line of fishing equipment should be at the top of your list.

Written by Glen Buchanan, Keep-Fishing.com, ESP Carp Fishing Tackle.

Carp Fishing Equipment

Carp Fishing Equipment: What Do You Need?

Are you interested in carp fishing? If so, you are probably interested in carp fishing equipment. Like many other hobbies and sports, fishing is one of those pastimes where the amount of success you have will depend, in no small part, on the equipment you use. Not that you can’t catch a fish of one kind or another with a pole and whatever you can find in your kitchen that can act as bait. But to catch the big fish, like a 10 or 20 pound carp that can be counted on to put up a fight, you need good tools.

If you are going fishing for carp, here is some carp fishing equipment that you will want in your arsenal.

The Right Rod and Line

Carp are big, heavy and strong. And, well, they don’t really want to be caught, so you can almost count on them to put up quite a fight as you try to pull them in. The result? Many people who go after these fish without the right equipment find that, after hours of work, all they have to show for it is a broken line, broken rod, and no fish to speak of. So your first step is to get yourself a quality rod. You also want to use a 15 pound test line.

The Right Flies

Many who fish for carp have great success using flies. But not just any flies. There are many flies on the market now days, all of them promising they will help you catch more fish than you ever imagined possible. Some of these flies look like little works of art. But, when fishing for carp, you want to choose flies that look as much like actual carp food as possible. Otherwise, the fish will just ignore your fly and go on about its business.

Use a Net to Make Things Easier

After fighting with a carp for a while you will, if you’re lucky, scoop it up and officially declare it caught. Because carp are so heavy, you more than likely won’t be able to hold it up by the rod. Instead, you will have to take it directly from the water. Using a net is the easiest way to get this done. However, if you do want to take the carp out of the water by hand, be careful. Holding a carp incorrectly can harm or damage your catch.

Fishing for carp is both fun and challenging. And the best way to guarantee success is by using the right carp fishing equipment.

Written by Glen Buchanan, Keep-Fishing.com, Carp Fishing Equipment.

Carp Fishing – Right Equipment For It

It is a misconception of the majority of fishermen that any kind of fishing gear will haul in the carp they wish to catch. However, though thought to be the rubbish of the lake, the carp are devious creatures and not easy to bait at all. In case you are planning on angling for carp, it is wise to spend that little extra amount and get the correct gear for fishing for carp. Though a few people feel that the gear will not make much of a difference, in reality it will and the amount that you will be able to catch with the right equipment is truly much larger than without.

The right gear for carp fishing
Different fishing rods are required for various sizes of carp fish. The carp weigh around 15 pounds in the smaller lakes and up to 30 pounds in the larger lakes. So for you to be able to grapple with a larger fish you would need a stringer and bigger rod. The 15 pound fish will need a one and a half pound to two pound test curve rod and a three pound test curve would be required to handle anything above 15 pounds. The size of the rod also depends on the distance of fishing, as the rod will have to handle both the weight of the carp and the fishing distance.

The reel would also have to be considered according to the kind of rod you are using and also depends on the type of rod and distance that you will be casting. The reel must be well-matched to the rod also. It is better to buy both things together so that you do not mix up the issues. All proficient fishermen advise a bait runner kind of reel. This will prevent you from getting dragged into the lake.

The fishing line is another part that has to be considered carefully. The reel and the rod would give you a hint as to the size of the fishing line you have to get. Once again the line should be able to bring in the carp that you are baiting and this depends on the weight of the fish. A rough guess is the most suitable way to determine this is by the size of your rod.

The hooks are also available in various shapes, sizes, colors etc. Most anglers will put together an assortment of carp fishing gear that has a range of weights, hooks, and tools. Another must do that is advised by expert an angler is that you purchase a carp hook. You may have to spend a little more, but will benefit in the long run. Here you will have to take care that you buy the kind of hook that is permitted by the fishery laws of that county. Barbed hooks are banned in some places and if you do not observe these regulations in the law you could land up in trouble.

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Carp Fishing Equipment – Getting The Right Stuff

Most fishermen think that any rod and reel will bring in the carp of their dreams. What they do not realize is that carp, though once considered the trash of the lake, are sneaky creatures. If you are planning on fishing you might as well spend a few dollars extra and get the appropriate equipment for carp fishing. While some think it does not make a difference, carp fishing equipment can be the difference between a batch of carp fingers or hunger pains.

The rod used for carp fishing can vary with the different sizes of carp. In smaller lakes you may be looking at carp up to 15 pounds or so. In larger lakes carp may be as large as 30 pounds. Not every rod will allow you to wrestle a 30-pound carp, so choosing the rod carp fishing equipment should be based on the size of the carp. A 1 to 2 pound test curve rod will handle carp up to about 15 pounds. Anything over the 15-pound mark should probably use a rod with a test curve of about 3. The fishing distance also makes a difference when considering carp fishing equipment. The longer fishing distance requires a longer rod with the ability to handle a heavier weight because of the distance.

The reel also depends on the type of rod and distance that you will be casting. The reel must be compatible with the rod of course. That is something that in most cases can be purchased together to alleviate confusion. Most professional fishermen recommend a baitrunner type reel. This will help you hold on and keep from getting drug into the lake!

Another part of the carp fishing equipment is the fishing line. The rod and reel should give you a clue as to what size fishing line that you will need. Make sure that the line that you purchase is rated for the size fish that you are looking to catch. In most cases you can count on a 2-pound test curve rod to handle about a 10 pound fishing line. That is a rough estimate and the best way to determine is by your rod.

As for hooks there are a number of different sizes, shapes, colors and other bells. Most fishermen will build up a collection of carp fishing equipment that has a variety of hooks, weights and tools. Most professionals recommend that you go ahead and purchase a carp hook. They may cost a little more than a regular hook, but it will work better. When you are purchasing hooks make sure that you abide by the fishery laws. In some counties using barbed hook is prohibited.

For more information on all aspects of fishing equipment, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide