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Catfish Fishing – a Few Tips to Get You Started

Now we know that there are a lot of people out there that are fishing for all kinds of different fish and we know that there are definitely a lot of people out there fishing for carp etc, Now we should be thinking “I want to catch some big fish that will test my strength and agility”. If you are thinking this then let me introduce you to the “Wels Catfish”, this is a amazing fish that will definitely give you a challenge every time you try to catch these monsters, catfish fishing is huge and is going on all around the world, read on to find out more about the mighty Wels catfish.

Now the Wels catfish isn’t any normal kind of fish these things can grow up to massive sizes, the fish itself has a long body which is scale less just like eels that you may have encountered, the difference being that the Wels catfish has a huge head and a really big mouth which inside contains 100’s of little teeth along the bottom and top sides of the jaw. At the back of these monsters throats they have a crushing plate with which they crush up their prey. The fish also has a couple of fins one which runs near on the length of its body. These fish are also to spot by eye when catfish fishing because their bodies are mainly greeny-black and their eyes are dark, but then also they have creamy-yellowish sides which create a brilliant look, the look also disguises them well in the water from above.

Catfish fishing is made so much fun by these brilliant creatures that will actually shock you by how much strength a fish can really have but before you can start doing this you need to know what are the best ways to catch these fish when you are catfish fishing? Well read on and I will tell you some useful tips that will definitely come in handy.

So when catfish fishing you will want to try and identify where they are hiding out or especially where they are trying to feed, the main places that these types of fish like to hide are in dark quiet places when they are not looking to feed s o this may be handy but it is quite rare that catfish do not want to feed as they like to munch down quite a lot. Right so we know where to do our catfish fishing when they are not trying to feed but if they do which is the most likely thing they will be doing they like to go to places such as weed beds, the hollows under the bank and places where there are objects such as overhanging trees. Catfish fishing is good because when they want to feed a lot of people have said that they tend to come to you rather than having to look for them, another reason is that they will eat a lot of bait and they usually wont mind what but if you really want your catfish fishing to boom then you should use some smelly, fishy bait such as shrimp or tuna which they seem to love. They become attracted to the smell very easily.

One of the best methods used to catch these catfish when catfish fishing is to use live bait as these look very attractive to the catfish. Another bait that you will want to use if you are night fishing is to use worms but I’m warning you now if you only want Wels catfish you are going to need to use this bait at night otherwise you will catch many other fish other than the Wels.

I hope that this has somewhat helped you and given you a slight insight into catfish fishing for the Wels, if you are thinking of taking it up then I definitely recommend doing so.

Good Luck!

Find what you need to become great at catfish fishing

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Fishing For Carp With Proven Techniques Tips And Tricks Catch More Big Carp

Like many once you start fishing for carp you will surely find a pleasurable and fulfilling pastime and this explains why carp fishing is growing bigger and widespread around the developing world.

Our Fishing for carp website is designed to help all levels of carp fishing anglers, be it from a beginner level to a highly seasoned and advanced carp fishing specialist. Our carp fishing content is a valuable resource for carp news, reviews, tips and tricks, underground and secret tactics, and interesting product reviews and latest carp rigs and bait advice that actually does help you catch more and bigger carp.

To be successful in fishing for carp you must first try and put yourself in the place of a carp and see a few things from their perspective, this way you will understand the failings of many average carp anglers. A carp is much like a dog and it develops senses in relation to caution and danger over time and you will find evidence that on highly fished lakes and certain carp fishing swims that carp will not feed because of previous experiences with being caught using normal carp anglers techniques in baiting and rigs, also noise from radios or TV’s can put them off feeding and therefore they become almost impossible to catch.

With the above in mind it is therefore important that in harder fisheries and hard fished waters or swims that we understand the reasons for carp not feeding and we develop a solid fishing for carp strategy that will help us catch the carp whilst others are not – I find it quite funny when every other carp angler is just having to watch me reel in big carp catches when they just blank. Our website helps you build a solid reliable and successful strategy to catching carp time after time.

We can avoid many of the basic pitfalls of the average carp angler with simple but proven carp fishing techniques that will leave most carp anglers dumbfounded.

However, if you take the time to understand how carp will react to their environments you can utilise the problems faced by most to use it very much to your own advantage. We will show you how easy and quickly you can learn and develop advanced carp catching skills that leave average carp anglers just simply amazed the difference will be that you master good fishing for carp techniques and methods that help you catch specimen carp up to 60lbs with big carp catches.

The fishing for carp website covers a number of beginners to advanced topics and just a few are mentioned below.

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Next, to start catching more carp and learn about proven carp fishing methods, carp news and reviews, better tips and tricks, also the latest carp fishing equipment and product reviews then hop over to our website – catch more carp today @ fishingforcarp.net

Better Winter Carp Fishing Results Using Well Proven Bait Tips!

Get the best out of your bait in winter and maximise the money you spend on it! These are a handful of very well proven expert tips to help you catch more winter and spring fish. Discover more now!

Carp do not digest bait very well in colder conditions so it is extremely vital you design and select your baits and ground baits for exactly this situation to maximise your greatest chances of bites and literally in effect stop actually wasting good money on bait! Of course one way to do this is use as little bait as possible, but this is only part of the solution and does not maximise your chances because you will not necessarily be applying bait and baiting in the optimum ways possible for best results. Many anglers will choose to utilise water-soluble PVA products in combination with whole or crushed boilies, yet you still have to pay for the PVA of course, however it baits-up exactly where your hook bait is, so drawing most attention to it without filling fish up.

The choice of bait these days means you need never worry about over-feeding fish but you need to know what will and will not over-feed fish in the first place and this requires some know-how. In general you need to avoid bulk oils and un-winterised oils in baits and avoid using too much free bait that takes a long time to break down in water. after all, if a bait is not very soluble it is likely to take much more energy and time for carp to digest it and this is something to very definitely bear in mind! Proteins are much better if they have at least been part-digested and fermented shrimp powder, whey protein concentrate, predigested yeast powder and enzyme-treated yeast powders for example are very well proven.

Of course you can apply as many various baits in your attack as you like, from readymade ground baits, to maggots, to hemp, to various crushed boilies and soluble carp pellets and so on, all in conjunction with PVA products and methods (and specialised bait feeding cages and droppers etc. Ground bait application is the art and skill that is a genuine cornerstone of successful carp fishing so it is absolutely essential especially in winter to do it to suit the situation and conditions taking into account all the possible variables that may challenge your fishing. Ground baiting for some carp anglers might mean launching spods of pellets or hemp or slop or method mix etc, instead of just firing out whole baits; which may well fill carp up too fast and bread is a very useful ground bait base often over-looked.

If you choose to exploit bread in winter and spring you will find it is not necessarily a small fish ground bait base; in fact far from it! In the coldest of nights you can get bites from big carp over bread-based ground baits and of course, know fish are gorging on free bait very little without actually sampling your hook baits with this method. Boilies in standard bottom bait, or pop-up bait or critically-balanced form etc all are reliable hook baits and always will be.

Increase your bite rate by improving the effective addtives and ingredients in your baits and ground baits that induce more sampling of hook baits having not fed fish up on free baits first! Water-solubility and digestible potential of your baits is paramount. Pellets and boilies made with little oil as possible (that make baits less digestible and less effective in cold water) are very highly recommended!

Many forms of popular pellets substantially lose their edge in winter owing to their high oil levels, including the halibut pellets and others which are designed as commercial feeds for fish with comparatively higher dietary lipid requirements. Pellets with low oil levels and wheatgerm are great for winter and spring carp fishing and you will normally get far more bites in the long-run fishing over such digestible free ground baits than over ordinary high oil halibut pellets for example. As oil is pretty much insoluble in water low oil pellets and boilies are much more able to draw fish towards your baited area as more water soluble attraction is dispersed more effectively in low water temperatures.

Robin Red is one of those famous winter bait and ground bait additives you can adapt and apply to almost anything just by mixing it into a mix or adding water or almost any liquid. Red Factor, Red Band, crushed hemp, Insecto Insecivorous, Nectar Blend and other mixtures such as Meggablend, Ccmoores Meggablend Red and Meggablend sweet are excellent as are yeast products and Phillips Yeast Mixture in winter baits. Essential oils and lecithins work their magic too and some are mostly under-dosed, while others are often over-dosed, so take the effort to discover correct levels!

If you add a liquid to your boilies and pellets for whatever period you choose whether long or short, you can raise the water-soluble proportion of your baits making them far more effective. Baits like particles, boilies, pellets etc all benefit from glugs, dips and so on, and so do fake and live baits such as maggots. These tips are just a sample taster to give you a perspective on the importance of you bait choices and the seriously important free bait application methods and ground bait formats you might select; preferably you will try to stimulate as many carp senses as possible at this time by gathering as many tips to help you as possible!

In winter and spring you get what you work for so to guarantee you save yourself money in wasted bait and on wasted blank trips, think about your carp senses-related issues around your hook bait and ground bait effectiveness and it will pay you back big-time; so read on…

By Tim Richardson.

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