Delkim – the Leading Bite Indicator History

Fishing has been a very popular sport/hobby for a long time now and has been going on for ever and is not by any means looking like it is going to die out. There are anglers all over the world in every country, it is a way of life for a lot of people.

Now if you are fishing say for example carp and would like to use more than one rod to increase your chances then you are going to probably want something that will be able to tell you when one of your rods gets a bite. This is where DELKIM comes into play. They are one of the most well known bite indicator developers and manufacturers that there is.

Created in the late 1970’s by Del Romang and Kim Donaldson, DELKIM was formed, they originally started out so that they could get hold of bait making ingredients and flavourings which they wanted to use. Delkim has in its time discovered a lot of commonly used bait flavourings which are now used worldwide. At the time there was pretty much only one bite alarm that was useable, this was a 1950’s Heron antenna alarm. Now this was cutting edge and top of the range at the time until DELKIM came along and started trying to implement electronic circuits and speakers etc therefore making a much better bite alarm.

Once people started seeing what DELKIM had done they started to ask for their Herons to be upgraded as well to the new one which Del had created. After this they decided to start a service which they called the DELKIM Heron conversion. This was a service where anglers would send in there old Heron antenna alarms and for a small fee DELKIM would convert it into their new upgraded version.

After a few years and in the early 1980’s another bite alarm was released from a different company which called the alarm the “Optonic bite alarm”. This undoubtedly had many issues with it which was not that great for the fishing community. A lot of people started going to Delkim and asking if they could or have found a way around it. Because of this DELKIM set to work and as ever they came up with the goods and started offering another service called the DELKIM Optonic conversion, where once again anglers would send in the bite alarms for conversion to the new cutting edge, top of the line ones that were being converted to.

This new conversion was absolutely brilliant for the fishing industry and also for DELKIM because they built one of the best bite alarms ever which are still  being used to this day even though conversions like this are no longer done.

Even though they were offering brilliant conversions to the new best bite alarms on the market, DELKIM had always wanted to create and develop their own bite alarms. One day Del had a dream and the vibration system was thought up, after this Del spent 9 years perfecting the system until he registered a patent for it and released it. This system is heavily used nowadays and seems to always be getting better and better and the years go.

If you was to buy a bite alarm I would definitely advise strongly to get a DELKIM, because so much love and effort goes into their products, you know you are in safe hands.

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