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Alan Glover – Top Weight of the Rose & Crown Winter League

Alan Glover shocked the world during the match of the year. The Rose & Crown Winter League did not expect two late catches to put Alan ahead of the competition. No one expected the overnight frost to make fishing as difficult as it had been, but Alan knew that it was time to change his tactics and gear if he was to win. What did he do differently?
• Glover decided to use a long pole from peg 16.
• The bait of choice was ground bait, caster and maggot.
This allowed Glover to reel in nearly 34 pounds of beam and roach to win the event. The runners up had some interesting tactics that they used as well. Let’s see what the pros did to land them just below Alan Glover in the event.
Second and Third Place
Russ Dowding came in a close second during the event. Seen casting from peg 24, Russ caught over 19 pounds of carp by using bomb and corn. This is the same strategy that third place Martin Pacey used from peg 9.
Interesting Switches
Let’s take a look at some of the interesting changes made throughout the event.
• Steve Hoult: Bomb and corn was Steve’s initial choice, but he later changed to pellet and a long pole. This allowed him to reel in much bigger fish during the event.
The most interesting facet to note is that none of the competitors stayed with bait that simply wasn’t yielding the most catches. Instead, the group changes poles, typically to a long pole, and bait when they were not reeling in what they deemed to be satisfactory. Bomb and corn seemed to be a fan favorite this year, but as Alan Glover proved, good old ground bait works just as well some days. Change tactics and experiment seemed to be the name of the game during what is deemed as the, “match of the year.”

Carp Fishing World Record – 132 Pound Carp Caught

Carp Fishing World Record – 132 Pound Carp Caught
The world of carp fishing has just started to recover from the recent loss of Paul Wells.

Breadcrumbs, bird seed, molasses and a touch of cayenne pepper were just some of the ingredients he combined in his blender to lure the carp.
Breadcrumbs, bird seed, molasses and a touch of cayenne pepper were just some of the ingredients he combined in his blender to lure the carp.

For all those that do not know the name, Paul was the top angler in the Midwest and a legend of the sport. Over 200 trophies were won by Paul during his lifetime. However, the sport must go on and while Paul died at 55, another man by the name of Keith Williams celebrated his 56th birthday by reeling in the world’s biggest carp – a whopping 132 pound Siamese carp fish.Keith Williams Record Carp Catch
Keith set out on his day with a fishing trip to Krabi, Thailand. This well-known fishing resort brings thousands of people to the crystal clear waters of Thailand every year, but this year was drastically different. While the resort boasts a plethora of world-record catches, they have never seen a carp of this magnitude before.
Keith stated that he could sense something magical was going to happen. This feeling would be realized within less than 30 minutes of fishing. Approximately 25 minutes after he arrived, he had reeled in the massive 132 pound (60 kilogram) Siamese carp. While this is a time for celebration, the record will not be finalized until the International Game Fish Association reviews the catch and approves the application.
The current record will stand until that time and is currently held by Terry Mather. Terry caught a 114 pound Siamese carp in Thailand in March of 2004. Until the proper application has been filed, Keith Williams will only be able to relish in the fact that he may be, even though unrecognized as of yet, a world record holder in one of the world’s most prestigious sports. This is a record that many have tried to break, but it seems as if fate has chosen Keith to be the record holder.
Terry Mather

BOLT RIG Most Successful Way of Carp Fishing a Bait on the Bottom

The Bolt Rig is a term used to describe the way a particular set up is fished.

When using the bolt rig, you use a peice of fishing line 10 – 20 inches which allows the carp the freedom to move away after it has taken the bait into its mouth. When the carp moves away the hook length tightens up to the weight/lead causing the hook to prick the carps mouth, making the carp panic as it feels this prick and bolt off at speed, dragging the weight/lead along with it, consequently this drives the hook home and the carps own power against the weight/lead has caused the carp to hook itself.

The bolt rig is probably the most successful method of fishing a bottom bait, with the self-hooking mechanism decreasing the chance of the carp ejecting the hook, as the more the carp “bolts” away, the firmer the hook hold.

Carp Fishing American Style “Carpocalypse Now” With Remote Control Boats!

Animal Planet at 8:00pm e/p SUNDAY September 30th, Off The Hook Extreme Catches, Season 1 Episode 10 “Carpocalypse”

Americans are known for their ingenuity and when it comes to fishing we’re no different. Animal Planet’s host of the new series “Off The Hook Extreme Catches” traveled across the USA and dared to seek out the most ingenious ways Americans are putting fish on the hook!

From kayaking for bass down treacherous rapids to fishing from a jet-ski he has uncovered some really productive ways to fish.

This season of “Off The Hook Extreme Catches” comes to and end tonight with the seasons finale that’s sure to get us Carp guys excited! Tonight’s episode reminds me of some old movie called “Apocalypse Now” this episode is rightly called “Carpocalypse Now”! Why, host Eric Young goes after the invasive species known as the Asian Carp, and when I say invasive I mean these fish have invaded out waters and have become a nuisance to fishermen everywhere. There’s not too many redeeming qualities about these carp except they make good fertilizer, and if you’re starving you’d have no problem catching one.

In this episode Eric meets up with a bunch of Carp Fishermen named The Peoria Carp Hunters and has some down-home fun with these critters! Talk about shooting fish in a barrel watch em water ski down the Illinois River with implements of destruction in hand, as these invasive Carp meet their makers on the end of a spear or tennis racket!

As an added bonus to the finale episode of “Off The Hook” watch as we put remote control boats to the task of catching some fish too!

The show airs on Animal Planet at 8:00pm e/p SUNDAY September 30th, Off The Hook Extreme Catches, Season 1 Episode 10 “Carpocalypse”

Carpocalypse and remote control fishing boats on Animal Planet
Carpocalypse and remote control fishing boats on Animal Planet
Fish Fun Co Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat featured on Off the Hook Extreme Catches Episode 10 season 1

Fish Fun Co Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat featured on Off the Hook Extreme Catches










Carpocalypse and Fish Fun Co. remote control fishing boats on Animal Planet

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