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Remote Control Bait Boat Fishing Review for bait boat fishing reviews comparing advantages via features of different radio controlled bait boats Don’t we all love the peace of nature while angling for some great carps? Next thing, I am sitting at a pool full of carps and I need to select a great spot for my swim. In the best case you have been feeding the fish frequently over weeks at the same location, which could give you a pretty good chance of encountering quite some large carps at your sweet spot. Yet we need to take the risk to get tangled up ,disturbing other anglers, to end up after several attempts on our favourite spot and finding out after having lost valuable quality fishing time, that the sweet spot is not the favourite spot for the sort of fish you are angling for. We prefer to be capable to situate the carps and get our fishing rig and lure to that position with utmost precision at minimal risk. We require an instrument to carry both bait and hook to the place full of fish. Thanks to modern technology we have the perfect solution via a wireless controlled bait boat. If the rc bait boat is fitted with a fish discoverer, you can finally fulfil all the aspirations of a real carp or pike angler: find the ideal fishing spot and get yourself over to that perfect position with rig and bait to catch them fish. These radio controlled bait boats come in different taste and flavours, so when selecting your rc bait boat you need to always keep in mind your goal and your needs. Do you
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A short clip showing the Waverunner in use on the water
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Carp Fishing – Using a Hi Sport Bait Boat

We’re going to try to educate our fishing members here in the U.S.A. about Bait Boats. They’ve been using them a long time overseas to improve the chances of landing more Carp. A Bait Boat is a simple concept, really. A bait boat is just a remote control boat, with a few added features. Can’t I just go to Walmart and pick me up a rc boat, you might ask? Well, no, here’s why. The concept of the bait boat is simple, Take advantage of the range and precision of the remote control boat to deliver fish food, more commonly known to us as Chum to a specific spot to attract the Carp. The part about chumming the fish has been tried many ways throughout history, but until the Bait Boat came along it was never as efficient.

Very Expensive, Try a $79.00 one from Fish Fun Co. instead.

John Bramley of K-1 Baits using the Hi-Sport Bait Boat (Watch for the take literally seconds after dropping the bait) Enjoy…
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