A bronze coin thousand fish culture

Chengdu accident scouring the public to fish coins, bronze, fish experts Daochu Origin

A few days ago, who lives in Ho Mong Ping Street will be a fish-shaped coin sent to this newspaper, For expert Kam Po. According to Mr Ho introduced While this coin is that he not long ago in Beijing, a heritage market Amoy come. Money to take home, Charles, a lot of information search, have found many collectors to help, but the fish, mysterious ancient culture still puzzled him … …

Fish culture has a long history

While this money was brown, bronze quality, top coin is a simple, innocent form of fish, fish body intact, the central cylindrical inner side, under which a special tattoo. Antique market in Chengdu, Mr. senior players left that the shape of this exquisite coin, showing a thousand years ago folk artists extraordinary imagination.

This bold new ideas and Wuwei in Gansu Cultural Relics Unearthed from the Han Dynasty Bronze Horse, “Horse riding swallows” the hyperbole bit the equal of one in heaven, one in the water, similar to. Han paintings and plastic art, inherited Chu gorgeous, secretive magical color, often using imagination and exaggeration, While this money can be a powerful physical evidence. Mr. left a lot of antiques collection can be of ancient coins is first time to see. Access to a lot of information he found that fish as a mascot in Han times already commonly used in coin design, while fish do we decorate the coins have also been called “lucky money.”

For fish culture, strong Xing

Interest, together with reporters, Mr. He came to Chengdu Water Conservancy Bureau, Fisheries Department, visited the fish has a deep history and culture of fish and aquaculture expert Guo Fuhua, Guo Fuhua said: “Speaking of fish, there is near the mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympics One of the ‘Fuwa Beibei’ prototype is the carp, with the blessing of prosperity it is passed. In traditional Chinese culture and art, the ‘fish’ and ‘water’ pattern is a symbol of prosperity and harvest people to use ‘ ‘moral successful career and the realization of dreams,’ fish ‘have luck and paintings of the implication. ”

He also added that the Babe’s head decoration on the use of the Chinese Neolithic Fish Mating Designs. “When it comes away, as early as 3000 years ago, our ancestors began to fish the Western Zhou Dynasty. To the Spring and Autumn Period 2,000 years ago, fish farming very prosperous. Then raise carp Fan Li summed up the experience, writing the world The oldest fish book “Fish Classic.” In the long history of mankind to give the fish rich cultural connotations, thus forming a unique cultural categories??? fish culture. ”

View of the times of eating fish

“From the ancient hunting and gathering times, fish has been closely associated with humans, and even become one of mankind’s survival food. Annual New Year’s Eve, the table must have fish on the map a ‘more than year after year’. This custom, folk call ‘to discuss Lucky’. not only in China, is China’s cultural influence to the regions and countries, this practice is also very popular. “Guo Fuhua introduction to” fish culture, “Ho-loving collection excited to Hua Feng a turn, “Fish is a good thing! I fifty years old still in robust stature, because I love fish.”

In the eyes of Mr. Ho, fragrant fish dish is essential to the table: “With the improvement of living standards, diet gradually scientific, fish more attention has been paid. Fish are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins and other nutritious and delicious, is a favorite meat. high nutrition and more cholesterol, more difficult to get fat food, is generally recognized in the international scientific health food. ”

Having said that, like Women in The Writings Ho “gourmet” about his eating fish, like endless tips. He believes that the traditional way of eating fish, especially the processing methods, such as a long stew, or fried fish is very easy to destroy their own nutrition, resulting in some loss of fish protein. The fish not only to treat, more importantly, intake of nutrition, so a good selection of fish and cooking techniques are a lot of knowledge, which many are not known.

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