A Guide to Fishing Tackle


Are you planning on going fishing for the first time? If you are, then you have walked into any tackle shop or read through a fishing magazine and confused the hell out of yourself. There are thousands of types of fishing tackle you can buy, for all types of fishing, for many different places and it can get a bit overwhelming!

The rod is one of the most important parts of fishing tackle that you can buy. Without one, there is no fishing. A good sized rod will be about 12 or 13 feet in length and should be made from carbon fibre. This will ensure it is durable, and it is long enough to cast correctly but not too long as to scare you! Lighter rods are better than heavier rods, but obviously, the lighter the rod will mean the more expensive, as will better quality rods.

Once you have chosen your rod, the next bit of fishing tackle that you should invest in, is a reel. Generally, rules will come that can be adapted to suit both right and left handed people. It should be of a light weight and preferably with an open face. Again, the better the quality, the more money you will be expected to pay. A spare spool is a good thing to keep handy as well!

Line is a rather difficult part of fishing tackle. A 3Ib or 4Ib line would be better, but you need to choose the line that is appropriate for the type of fishing you wish to divulge in, and also the type of fish you are aiming to catch. Lighter lines will not always suit heavier fish and suchlike.

Floats are an important part of fishing tackle. Floats enable you to see where you have cast as well as, (obviously) floating on the top of the water to make sure the line doesn’t go down any further. It is best to talk about floats with an expert that can point you in the right direction.

Next, we shall look at hooks. You could start by using types of hook that come already tied onto hooklength. Again, it may be best to talk to a professional or someone in the fishing tackle shop to ensure that you are using the most suitable hook.

There are a few other essential fishing tackle parts that will help, and one of these is called a plummet. This will help you to work out how deep the water is, and therefore point you in the right direction with regards to floats etc. A net is also important to keep the fish you have caught, as is a disgorger which will help you to get the fish off your hook quickly and without any problems. A rod rest will enable you to keep fishing while you are eating, drinking or just popping to the toilet and a small seat will make the overall trip enjoyable. Standing up for hours on end is never much fun!

So, there you have it, the basics to choosing the right fishing tackle. The best thing you can do is to talk to someone in the shop that knows what they are talking about to further assist you in your fishing mission! Just remember to have fun and enjoy it!

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