Basic Carp Fishing Tips

Carp fishing can be a frustrating yet exciting type of fishing. This is because carp fish are adept at blow sucking and blowing. Carp usually stay eating on the surface of the water as long as food such as bread, peas and corn are present.

Here are some of the important carp fishing tips. First of all, have any food such as cookies softened. You can do this by soaking them with water for a few minutes. Afterwards put the wet piece inside a sealed plastic bag for one hour. It all depends on the kind of food – as long as you see that it is already firm for casting, then you can now hook it as bait. Another tip in hooking bait is by attaching the pellet to the shank by gluing it.

Get the carp into feeding – this allows them to become at ease with the bait. And as they become more comfortable, this is a good indication for the angler as the fish becomes less picky. These carp fishing tips are actually useful when employing the method of zig rigs.

As soon as they become quite at ease with feeding, you now can cast your bait. However, it is a must that the fishing bait does not fall directly into the area where the carp are eating. Ideally, you must cast and position your bait away from the location of the feeding carp. Slowly, pull the bait gently, drawing it to the feeding position.  As the bait hangs, you have to be patient and continue supplying the area with food in order to attract further the fish and make it stay and feed with your food. 

It is advisable for fishers to utilize hair rig – such will increase the changes of catching carp fish. Carp initially taste the food, they tend to be very picky. And if it so happens that they do not like how the food tastes, they would avoid it. So it is advisable to choose the food items that are good to the carp’s taste.

Simply put it is not just the bait that effectively catches the fish – it is actually the fishing method which is used to introduce the bait. One of the most effective carp fishing tips is to do pre baiting regularly on a single spot. Carp will think that this spot is a good place for them to feed. Soon enough many carp will visit the area. And you have an excellent place to fish for carp.


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