Big Carp and Catfish Bait Secrets That the Famous Anglers Will Not Tell You!

If you use readymade baits, or if you make homemade baits then you seriously need to read this! Having just had a very lengthy conversation with the boss of one the UK bait companies we agreed it is so extremely clear that even really well-known anglers using readymade baits are not maximising the true effectiveness of their baits! So open your eyes and mind and read on now to improve your catches for life!

Apart from giving away trade secrets there are things I can tell you that will improve your catches. Many of these things cannot be simply expressed in a few lines because you need to know the why and how something works and how to combine it in ways to maximise impacts not only on fish senses but in terms of maximised interaction with water! Many anglers ask me for advice on pastes and making boilies.

But instead of giving them some recipes (which is what they most usually want,) I give them a far more powerful suggestion! Fish detect very many substances through actually having substances dissolved in the water actually contact their body, externally or internally. This fact is so central to how I see how we can maximise our fishing success when we truly appreciate and harness this!

When we design baits and adapt all baits so they cause maximum concentrations of attractive and feed-triggering substances to draw fish along their concentration gradients like the smell of a curry or bread luring punters inside a shop or restaurant, then we will catch far more fish! Far too many anglers think baits need to be bound up with a basis of cereal binders such as semolina, and then heated up to coagulate proteins, glutens, but I do not recommend this at all. Instead, I recommend you adapt your readymade baits or design your homemade baits based primarily on the feeding triggers your species of fish are most sensitive to; whether carp, catfish, barbel, tench etc!

Test any boiled or steamed or other heated cooked boilies in cold water against and un-heated paste (even of the same recipe,) and you will notice that the un-heated baits form a solution massively faster than the heated baits. This solution is the prime basis of your baits success, so why on earth reduce the functional capacity of your baits by heating them up and dramatically sealing them? Apparently boiling baits can reduce nutritional values by as much as 60 percent in some recipes and even though this cannot be proven in accurate terms in fishing reality the damaging and detrimental effects of heat upon vital nutritional elements and bioactive factors essential in the biological and health values of foods is very well established!

The next time you think about looking at comparing prices for readymade boilies think how much you want your bait in solution in the water because this capacity of your baits will be extremely essential and vital to your success! Quality of bait ingredients and the recipe etc is so secondary to this and price is of such low importance by comparison! I would rather use a handful of exceptionally potent homemade feeding trigger based highly soluble paste baits fished accurately, than use 10 kilograms of the most well nutritionally-balanced boilies; no matter which potent additives, ingredients, enzymes etc they contain, and no matter what a great priced deal they might appear to be!

By practicing seriously feeling and experiencing like a fish, and not just thinking like an instant angler, you will be amazed at your improvement in your catch results! But it takes the right knowledge and insights to be able to do this correctly and it can take decades to achieve this; but my ebooks are proven short-cuts that will skyrocket your catches by comparison to remaining in ignorance for decades to come! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information so see my unique website (Baitbigfish) for these highly essential details right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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