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Oh how I used to long for the monthly fishing magazine to hit my local shop magazine rack – hoping that there would be an article on carp fishing to some how help me with my struggles in the pursuit of my ‘addition’ the monster carp! This was the 1970’s yet it only seems like yesterday, those were the days when carp fishing was a minority sport unlike today – when it seems everyone and their grandmother goes carp fishing!

There was very little information available, even your fellow successful carp fishermen where you happen to be fishing were, well to put it bluntly – would not even talk to you, let alone pass on a few good fishing tips, it really was a very secretive era.

I remember one very secretive carp fisherman from the old days that was very successful, you would not believe the extremes that this chap would go to, for example when he started his carp angling session, he would lay a large ground sheet down and set up all his tackle here, when he packed up, he carefully rolled the ground sheet up making sure he took every single item of tackle home with him as he just didn’t want anyone to know how he was catching the carp!

This is just unbelievable to today’s modern day carp angler, who incidentally – must be overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available, from several monthly magazines that specialize in carp angling, plus an endless stream of carp fishing DVD’s and books coming out, it’s enough to confuse any beginning carp angler.

Today one of the greatest breakthroughs in learning on ‘How to be a Successful Carp Angler’ is by studying a carp dvd with actual live filming of carp fishing, especially a carp fishing dvd that not only shows actual tactics but specifically concentrates on the underwater filming of how the carp feed in their own environment, this is really an important area that the beginning carp angler should learn, if he/she truly wants to be successful. So take my humble advice and learn about how the carp live / behave in there habitat before moving on to the area of bait, rigs and fishing techniques.

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