Carp Fishing Baits…high Oil Trout Pellets

Be careful what bait and Liquids you use when fishing for Carp, a lot of research is under way into how fish respond to baits with Hi Oil content typically Trout Pellets.

These pellets could contain up to 30% oil content depending on the size of pellet being used, the larger the pellet the higher the oil content.

The research is concentrating on the long term effect it has on their well being and this research is providing a strong case that these pellets can be in fact harmful to the fish; some fisheries in the uk are now considering banning baits with such high oil content.

In the last few years high oil pellets have become the trend on many waters as this is what fish farmers are feeding their stock on from fry upwards, fish soon recognised these oily pellets as a good food source. Anglers up and down the land soon wised up to this and day ticket waters across the country were being besieged with anglers using these high oil trout pellets, most anglers never gave a thought to what they were using for bait or the effects it may have on their quarry, and to be fair to them, all they were after was a bait that would catch fish and these oily pellets seemed to fit the bill perfectly, fish everywhere seemed to respond to them and anglers were happy as they were catching plenty of fish.

Gradually commercial venues got concerned about the level of oil that their fish where consuming and started to ban or restrict the amount of high oil pellets that anglers could use in a session.

The bait companies where quick to respond and started to manufacture low oil coarse pellets; these pellets are typically high in protein and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Fishmeal baits are now one of the favourite choices of the carp angler but flavours also now play a huge part Strawberry, Tuna, Maple and Chili to name but a few and some baits sound as if they are a culinary delight prepared by celebrity chefs.

I feel that a more sensible approach is needed, oily pellets are ok in moderation during the summer months when the fish are more active and can digest these pellets but come the colder months when the fish are less active opt for a more natural offering or a bait with more attraction than actual food content, our online bait shop offers a wide range of low oil pellets also liquids to enhance your baits, give them a try you will be amazed at their effectiveness.

Sussex Carper is a dedicated angler who is committed to the welfare of fish and their habitat, he is a corporate sponsor of ECHO and has attended many courses on fish management, offering a wide range of pellets to sort all anglers with the essence on good nutrition view the range at