Carp Fishing – Land Monster Carp With These 3 Excellent Tips

Carp Fishing is one of the most challenging and enjoyable forms of sports fishing. What makes it so appealing? Well, there are a lot of reasons fishing enthusiasts enjoy fishing for carp. For one they are big, and make impressive trophies. (Even if the trophy is just a picture of you standing next to your catch.) Secondly, catching a carp isn’t easy. These put up a fight, which is why catching one, especially a big one, feels like such an accomplishment. And, finally, they are abundant. Carp are found all over the world, and there’s a very good chance that there is a lake, pond or stream near you that is filled with them.

So, now that you know why so many people enjoy going after these “big fish,” what do you need to know about actually catching one? Well, here are a few carp fishing tips.

Learn All You Can About Carp

If you have had experience sports fishing, you might know a lot about catching many different kinds of fish. But what you know about other fish, like bass, won’t necessarily apply to carp. Even something as simple as taking the fish out of the water safely, and without damaging your catch, could be different than what you are used to. That is why it is so important that you learn all you can about carp. You want to know where you can find them, the best bait to use, how they differ from other fish…Absorb as much information about carp as you can.

Use Creamed Corn to Bring the Carp to You

Carp are attracted by the smell of corn, so you can use corn to lure them to your fishing spot. So, the next time you go fishing for carp, take a can of creamed corn with you. Take about a handful of the corn and toss it into the water. It won’t be long before there are plenty of carp nearby, ready for the catching.

Be Cautious

Carp are pretty suspicious as far as fish go. They also have pretty sharp senses. So it doesn’t take much to spook them and drive them off. Movement on the water. A sound that they don’t like. So, when you are fishing for carp, it’s important to stay as quiet as possible. You also don’t want to move around a lot, especially if you are on a boat.

But, when it comes to carp fishing, the best tip is to be patient. Patience, and keeping the above tips in mind, will help make your next fishing trip a success.

Written by Glen Buchanan,, Carp Fishing Tips.