Feng Shui Cure Arowana Double Carps Over Dragon Gate for Education Luck

The double carps are able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jump above the water to reach heaven and this symbolizes great achievements in one’s pursuit in the area of education. The general belief is that once these carps cross the dragon gates they turn into dragons. The goal of these carps is to cross their finish line which is the Dragon Gates. A representation of the double carps crossing the dragon gate signifies that you can set your dragon gates too and like the double carps if you work hard then you can achieve your goals too.

To attract education luck place a representation of the double carps crossing the dragon gate in the northeast corner of the study desk.

The carps are considered to be very lucky symbols that signify good luck. These fishes are closely related to the dragon. The symbol of the carps crossing the dragon gate signifies the strength to overcome hardships and succeed in the face of difficulties in life.

Arowana crossing the Dragon Gate is mostly a symbol of education and literary luck but in general it is also considered as a symbol for fortunate outcomes in life.

Place a double carp in the personal success direction to attract general success and power.

Career Climbers may place the double carp in the north portion of the work desk to attract personal growth and recognition for hard work.

Double carps are also considered as symbols of harmony and can be displayed in the east for improving family luck.

Many business people have found that displaying the double carps in their premises has helped improve the cash inflow. Hence displaying the double carps in the south-east sector of the work space is also beneficial


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