Fishing Bedchairs – Why You Need A Good One!

When I first got serious about carp fishing and had spent a couple of long night sessions cursing my camping chair, I invested in a cheap bedchair, forking out around sixty quid. The first time I used it, it was bliss compared to the chair, and I was well pleased. Trouble is, it lasted all of three trips before it started falling apart. One of the frame joints started loosening and a couple of hinges got a bit floppy. Finally I managed to bend the frame out of shape on a particularly uneven bank. Result: dead bedchair.

But by then of course I knew I wanted another bedchair – there was no way I was going back to sitting upright in a camping chair. A mate raved about his Nash bedchair, so I did a bit of research on the carp forums and ended up going with a Nash Indulgence. I spent a bit extra (already learnt my lesson the hard way) and got the X-Strength Wideboy – you can guess what that added to the normal Indulgence model.

That was a year ago, and I have never looked back. In fact, it’s such a relief every time I lie down on it I would have paid twice the money for it. Not only is it comfortable, it has removable covers for easy cleaning, the frame is indestructible and all the joints and hinges are still in perfect condition. Nash knows their stuff, so if you want a bedchair that’s going to last, and let you sigh with relief when you lie down, rather than curse, look no further than a Nash bedchair.

JRC bedchairs also have a great reputation for comfort and durability. Whereas Nash bedchairs have a four leg system, JRC bedchairs have three. This is a common feature of the cheaper bedchairs on the market, but in the case of JRC bedchairs, it’s more to do with weight. The first time I tried a JRC, I was skeptical, but I have to admit, those three legs do a good job on their own. I’m a big bloke and I feel safer and more sturdy with a four leg bedchair, but the JRC definitely has a weight advantage over a Nash. The extra leg increases weight by a kilogram or thereabouts, so this is something to consider.

In conclusion, I can’t recommend Nash bedchairs enough – well worth what you pay for them. JRC bedchairs are also excellent. Just don’t buy a cheap one – it ain’t worth the bother!

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