How to Choose a Bait Boat

You need to buy a bait boat if you are really serious about carp fishing. You will have to loosen your pockets a little to own it. A bait boat can cost you anything from 500 – 1300 dollars. This investment will certainly bear great fruits. A bait boat is an excellent tool to help you put your bait where it is going to give fantastic results. Before making up your mind to buy one, you should know certain facts so that you take an informed decision. Do some research online and compare different models. These comparisons will have some, if not all, important parameters which will help you form a basis for accepting or rejecting a particular boat. There is no point of spending large amount of money on jet drive boats. It’s perfectly okay to have a conventional propeller to get the job done. Rather you can spend money on buying extra batteries. You can even buy batteries with solar charging options. With a regular power supply, you will be sending out your boat more number of times on bait. A small and light sized boat will be an obvious option to do so.

Smaller boats are of no use if you are going to fish in huge carp waters. Only a heavy duty boat can survive the mighty, high rise waves when the weather turns a bit nastier. A lightweight boat is still alright if you are fishing at a local pond. Even if it gets stuck somewhere, you can swim and get it out. A costly boat will have all sorts of unnecessary accessories such as stylish lights, bells and chimes etc. However, you need to pay attention to its overall size, weight and bait capacity. A small sized boat, as we mentioned earlier, will mean higher number of bait runs as long as power supply has not exhausted.

By: Jim Johannasen

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