How To Improve Your Weekend Carp Fishing Success Right Now!

If you are like most weekend anglers trying to fit fishing in between all kinds of other time-consuming activities, you will know that weekend fishing can be a challenge in terms of achieving really good consistent catch results. But there are many unique tips you can exploit that can seriously multiply your chances and create totally unique opportunities for you that make catches much easier for you compared to other fishermen so read on for them now!

First think about the fish and focus on the fish. Do not think about outside influences not connected with your fish in your water directly. For instance if you have read a carp magazine in the previous week and want to try out a new bait and rig and method because it says its really good, do not act on it. Instead visit your lake mid-week if at all possible in order to learn more about the entire environment the fish are in.

The more you take in the more you form a big picture, a 4 dimensional picture of what is going on in your water, and on the banks. I say a 4 dimensional big picture because this part is you; your thought in response to what you see and feel will influence your thoughts and these will directly influence how you fish. The more you have this kind of biofeedback going on the more suitable and appropriate your fishing will be to the moment in time and the fishing situation right now in the present.

I say this because masses of anglers are fishing in the past thinking that worked previously will work today not realising that fish are such dynamically adaptive beings that they can evade your baits and rigs and methods if not purely because they recognise potentially dangerous scenarios. It is very simple to fool fish into feeling safe and so much more relaxed and more confident and far easier to hook. You remove as many danger reference points from your tackle, rigs, baits and lines and entire fishing approaches that you can possible remove!

The easiest way to fail when weekend fishing is to think that what worked before will work again and again. There are so many waters now under so much fishing pressure from anglers that the same rigs and baits will fail within a matter of weeks when enough fish have been hooked on them. This is no exaggeration on some waters. High nutritional baits are supposed to go on working for years but this is simply not true if you do not adapt their danger reference points to get around fish caution.

I know Gary Bayes of Nashbaits agrees with me on this one – because he basically told me this in so many words, based on his own bait testing experiences. But it is logical that if enough pressure is put on fish from any bait even if it is lobworms or maggots then fish will very soon become cautious and feed on such baits extremely differently (if they actually take such baits anymore at all,) following negative experiences having been hooked on them!

For example I can tell straight that a rig that has a worm on the hair as well as a cut-down pop-up boilie is going to have far more potential for fooling a very experienced and extremely wary cautious old fish, compared to a standard pop-up bait that such a fish has had many thousands of opportunities to deal with and so more easily avoid over the years!

New baits have the edge over baits that have been hooking fish and are used by the majority – of that there is absolutely no doubt. Also there is no doubt that the bigger fish in a water can very definitely be among first to succumb the fastest to newly introduced baits. I make my own homemade baits based on the fish first and not ingredients or recipes; such things are secondary. My main focus is on the properties and characteristics and modes of action of bait substances that get break down or bypass fish resistance to feeding which will naturally transform caution into confidence! What is your focus and how powerful is it; does it even make enough logical sense compared to other forms of focus?

Can you see how powerful this thinking approach is? Compare it to simply buying a bag of readymade baits or even committing to a bait long-term simply because a mate suggested you get on it because it is doing the business! Remember that any bait you can easily get hold of can usually be also exploited by anyone else on your lake – in direct competition to you; thus vastly reducing your chances of catching your target fish the more fish get hooked on that bait over time. This is a very major reason I hate to use readymade baits, but it is not just the unknown factors of who might have used the baits and lost their edge already even for one individual fish.

One of the incredibly important points about success with bait is that ideally they will not resemble any baits that have hooked fish before. If they do then chances are you have just lost huge advantages over the fish which you could have had and are free to everyone!

When you begin your entire fishing approach by thinking and experiencing your bait and rig and entire underwater scenarios just as closely as possible to how a fish might then you will catch loads more fish! Remember that fish sense things in water not in air. The colours and tones and tastes and flavours and smells and palatability of baits and sounds in water and feel and look of rig materials and main lines will be different to what you think they might be to a carp. In part this is because our senses are so vastly dulled compared to fish and we are adapted to live in air not water. Also baits look different to fish at a depth of perhaps 12 feet or 20 down after 12 hours immersion compared to what they might look like in a glass of clear water!

Although fish are more sensitive to different ends of the light spectrum compared to us and tones are very much more important to fish, remember that they do pick up on things most anglers just do not appear to be interested in. for instance the way they can detect weak electrical fields around leads and rigs and baits. The way light penetrates and diffuses in water, how it refracts in water, and how main lines and rig materials will not only not necessarily match the colours of bottom weed and silt and gravel etc, but that fish are perceiving things differently to us because they are acutely aware of tiny details in their environment.

OK so attention to detail is of primary importance and very many weekend anglers do not take anywhere enough care with this and simply copy other anglers and expect things to work out! Your bait recipes and modes of action teamed with how they are perceived by fish are of exceptional importance in actually achieving bites in the first place.

In maximising the impacts of your baits as being different and unique I will say now that I especially do not recommend using any rounded boilies or pellets at all and certainly not barrels or round baits. Why use things that lost their edge years ago if merely because of their basic shape? Sure rounded baits catch but part of that is because the vast majority of anglers insist on using them, but loads of other seriously successful alternatives exist!

Think about it; if you do things based on thinking from the perspective of fish then you are far more likely to succeed in short sessions and longer sessions anyway. If you are out of touch with fish you are really just hoping for some luck to come your way and just working on chance. But modern fishing can be very much about catching fish by design not luck.

For instance, if you do things in unique ways using the right information and knowledge, then you can set up your own feeding area that can out-compete even a natural hot-spot such as a significant bloodworm bed. This is no exaggeration, but it can take someone years to work out the basic bait principles for achieving such things to not only create but to maximise such feeding situations to your very own unique favour. But such edges make fishing success guaranteed!

Weekend catches can be extraordinary far more often when you think about things from differently from the far more detailed perspectives and senses of fish, and when you get and exploit the very best information on how fish really work! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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