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Kinds of Koi Fish Tattoo You Need to Know

Koi fish tattoos are becoming popular right now trending back from its long history during the ancient Japanese times.   The Japanese assigned a different meaning depending on how the fish behaves in the pond or in the wild.  Unlike in China, the word koi means carp which means love, therefore it is a symbol of love for most Japanese people.

In China, the koi means very masculine since they are considered to be tremendously energetic.  The tattoo designs are made up of brilliant and lively colors with lots of variety.  The koi fish itself is dominant to fight the water’s current and it can swim against the stream to get food sources or spawning grounds.   But its strongest interpretation is aspiration, determination, achievement, ambition and perseverance and achievement in journey to one’s goal in life.

The Koi represents strength during trying times as it takes a lot of courage to be able to go against the tide.   Koi often represents victory despite of the terrible adversity; courageous triumphant over the struggle.  Its second interpretation is very independent, proudly going to the grain, little cares for belief of others and society, depicting the animal swimming through a chaotic torrent is a powerful personal image.

A koi tattoo is supposed to represent different things depending on the color, amount and direction they are swimming.   5 golden koi represents eternal wealth and well being.  Each color represents a specific meaning.   It is believed that the color of the koi tattoo on the body should be in harmony with the surroundings.

Tattooing plays an important role in both Chinese and Japanese myths, legends and stories. The varieties of a koi fish in traditional Japanese tattoos include:

Kohaku is a red patterned and white skinned Koi
Taisho Sanshuko (Sanke) is a red and black patterned white skinned koi
Showa Sanshoku (Showa) is a black skinned koi with red and white patterns
Tancho is any koi with the only red circle on its forehead
Asagi is a koi with red scales on its bottom and light blue scales on its top
Shusui  Asagi is the partially scaled version
Bekko is a white, red or yellow skinned koi with black patterns
Utsurimono is a black koi with a red, white, or yellow pattern
Goshiki has a red, white,brown, and blue accents with mostly black koi
Ogon has a red, orange,platinum, yellow and crème combined in one solid color, can also be regular or metallic
Doitsu-goi is a German carp
Koromo koi has areas of blue-edged scales aligned neatly

The decision with the koi fish tattoo is purely based on ones desire and preferences.   Each one can choose whatever color, style, length, position of their tattoo. It is still a matter of one’s own interpretation.

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Information Regarding Koi Fish Tattoos

Finally, you have thought about getting a tattoo. You are decided to get your skin inked. After this decision has been made, the next move is to find out what kind of design to get. The designs of the tattoos that you can acquire are merely restricted by your imagination as well as the endowment of the tattoo artist. Have you thought about getting a koi fish tattoo? This is actually a well known design and one that you may like to reflect on before getting inked.

Koi fish is a huge fish. This is a relative of a carp. More often, red and orange koi fish are usually mistaken as oversized goldfish. The most frequent colors of this fish are: blue, black, white, orange and red. Similar to any kinds of fish, their surroundings have great effect on the size that they can become. If you will provide a sufficient space for koi fish it will be capable of reaching 3 feet long in size.

The Japanese treasures koi fish the most. Japanese people have full respect and affection for koi fish over thousands of years already. These creatures are bred and kept for they are really stunning fishes.

Koi fish do not simply appear gorgeous, there are several meanings behind this tattoo design. When you get a tattoo, it is always better if there is a story behind it. In this manner, when somebody appreciated your ink, you will be able to share with him what the meaning is or representation of your tattoo. This is also a great way to begin a conversation.

Here are some of the representations behind Koi fish designs:

Ambitious Improvements Advancements Determination Endurance in decisive instances Good luck in almost any aspect Strength to survive life Identity Strong personality

Koi fish have many different lovely colors. They are also flamboyant looking. If you are able to find an expert tattoo artist who is capable of creating the vibrant colors as well as the complex appearance of koi fish then you will be lucky to have a masterwork inked on your skin. However, you will have to spend a lot for such elaborated labor.

When the tattoo artist employs colors for your ink, these will only be utilized for a single person. The need for that is because your blood will get into the needles. The needles and ink remains will be disposed after the session for health and sanitary purposes. You should know that colored inks cost higher.

Even though, tattoo artists will always work their best to use their inks wisely. If you will prefer to have your koi fish tattoo in a more elaborated and colorful design, then you will be priced accordingly. This is for you to be able to get the quality for your money. However, there is no doubt that koi fish tattoos are something that is truly stunning and it will be worth every penny.

Find the best place for you tattoo design.

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Koi Fish Tattoos and Their Meaning

Now that you have already decided to get yourself a tattoo the first part of the process is over. You just have to find the right tattoo design for you and as this is a major decision you should take your time and carefully figure out what type of tattoo you would like to have. Tattoo designs are only limited by your imagination and the capability of your chosen tattoo artist. A design worth consideration is the Koi fish tattoo; they are very popular and hold great symbolism.

So, what exactly is a Koi fish? Koi fish are large freshwater fish related to the Carp family and have distinctive bright or contrast colouring however, the orange and red Koi fish are often mistaken for large goldfish. The most common of the Koi fish colours are: Red, orange, white, black and blue. Just like many other types of fish their environment dictates how big they get, most grow no bigger than a mans forearm but with sufficient room they can reach sizes of up to 3 feet in length.

Koi fish are most treasured by the Japanese who have maintained a great respect and love of the Koi fish for thousands of years. They also breed them to stock sacred and ornamental ponds and because they are such beautiful fish.

Koi fish tattoos not only look good, there is also a great deal of symbolism behind the image of such a tattoo. When choosing a tattoo it is always nicer if there is a story or meaning attached to it, this way, when someone is admiring your work, you can explain the meaning or symbolism behind it and how this connects to you. Here are some of the meanings attached to Koi fish tattoos:

* advancements, improvements, and ambitions
* courage to surpass all the challenges of life
* determination and endurance in critical situations
* good luck in almost everything
* independence and freedom
* strength to withstand the test of time
* strong character and identity

As already mentioned, Koi fish are created in many brilliant colours and the real life creatures are ornate looking. A talented tattoo artist can capture the vibrant colours and the amazing look of the Koi fish onto your skin and create a beautiful work of art. However, be prepared to pay the price for such a work of art on your skin.

When a tattoo artist applies colours to your skin they are only allowed to use that ink on one person, the reason for this is simple, the needle and the ink have both been in your skin and therefore in contact with your blood, the needle then goes back into the ink. Whatever ink is left over must be disposed of for sanitary and health reasons and those coloured inks are expensive. While the tattoo artist does his best to waste as little ink as possible they usually do lose some.

If you would like a colourful Koi fish tattoo you will be charged accordingly however, Koi fish tattoos can be the most stunning works of skin art and worth every cent.


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Koi Fish Tattoo

Fish Koi Tattoos Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos Design.Fish Koi Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism.The word “koi” comes from Japanese. Koi fish are specially bred in Japan for their color. A prize example can be valued in the $100,000 range. Koi are a type of carp and have been cultivated and bred in Japan for possibly thousands of years.

If you have been to Japan you will notice they are a common feature in most traditional Japanese gardens. They most likely originated from Eastern Asia, Aral, Black and Caspian Seas. Earliest records of Koi have been found in China and have been widely spread in Japan.

For the Japanese Fish Koi represent strength and power because they are often able to lift their entire body up and jump out of the water.Koi fish tattoos are beautiful and wildly popular right now.

Koi fish tattoos of course have a long history and go all the way back to ancient Japanese times and it is a definite Japanese or Asian tattoo theme. Therefore the tattoos that represent koi fish often show them splashing in the water and water flying everywhere which shows of their strength. Plus as an added bonus they are an absolute beautiful fish and the colors of them lend themselves to a tattoos.The beautiful bright oranges mixed witht he blues of water make for an ideal tattoo plus since they are traditionally a Japanese tattoo they lend a sort of forgien mystery to their air.Fish Koi tattoos are now very popular among men and women. Typically men get them on their shoulders or calf and women like to get them as a lower back tattoo.There are a few out there that also get them as full back tattoos with more of a tradition Asian design.The color scheme of the Koi fish tattoo is very important element. A common color scheme would be the Yen Yang design of black and white. Most of the cases, the color scheme work the best if integrate with your shin color. For instant, if you have a dark or olive skin color it may be more suitable to choose a bright hue so the Koi fish tattoo to make it more visible.The natural colors of white, red, black, yellow or gold or perhaps a mixture of those colors would be applicable if you really want the test of more traditional style.Always remember that Koi Fish tatto o needs a place of honor on your body.

Men generally get them on their shoulders or calf and women like to get them as a lower back tattoo. Additions- Along with the koi fish tattoo you can always put some water in the background that splashes around the fish. Also Cherry blossom flower are very traditional and go well with a Japanese themed tattoo. Cost-It all depends on what size, how many colors, and type you Want.Additions and if you want the work custom designed or you are going to use flash. They typically run between $50 to $250 dollars.

More Koi fish Facts:

1. The Koi is associated with the family. On Children’s Day Koi flags are raised, Black Koi the father, Orange/Red mother, Blue/White for a boy, red/pink for a girl.

2. The Koi Fish symbolizes courage in the Buddhist Religion. According to Buddhists, humans ‘swim’ through the ‘ocean of suffering’ without fear, just like a fish swims through water.

3. Another word to describe “love” is “koi”. The kanji character for “kokoro (heart)” is included as part of both kanji characters. Both “ai” and “koi” can be translated as “love” in English.

Fish Koi tattoos

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