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A Quick Guide to Carp Fishing in France

A Quick Guide to Carp Fishing in France

If you are planning your next vacation in France, then carp fishing can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. There are many fishing lakes in France that welcome anglers. The availability of 22lb to 50lb+ carp in these lakes magnetizes the carp lovers from all over the world.

You will find a number of fishing spots, right from the public lakes to the most stunning and beautiful private lakes. Public lakes are the cheapest methods of having fun. There are hundreds of public fishing lakes in France that are full of carp. All you need to do is to simply go to an angling shop and fetch a license. Fishing on such lakes requires a little research about the suitable habitat of carp.

About French carp fisheries

However, to avoid the hassles of seeking permits for angling at night etc., the best option is to opt for the fishing venue in France with accommodation and choose a suitable carp fishing package. You can also try your luck at private French carp fisheries. A privately owned lake allows you to experience the fun of abundant carp fishing in France. Spread over 10 acres of tranquil countryside, the French carp fishery also has great accommodation options. The fully furnished and lavish Gite, overlooking the panoramic lake, can be the perfect plan of stay for you and your family on a fishing holiday in France. French carp fishery stocks 152 Virgin Carp, ranging from 22lb to 50lb+, so you can expect a worthwhile carp in your hand too!

The private lake is surrounded by the panoramic vistas. The beauty of such a mesmerizing place can be enjoyed to the fullest by renting a Gite that provides you with a wonderful lake view.

Private French carp fisheries offer a wide variety of carp fishing packages, and it is quite easy for you to grab some cheap fishing deals for having fun with your family and friends. You can also customize these packages to cater to your specific needs and requirements. The rates of packages vary depending on the facilities that come with these.

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