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What You Need to Know about Koi

The term “koi” actually means “carp” in Japanese. They are domesticated common carps. Koi breeding started in Japan in the 1820’s. To date, koi breeding is very popular and an extremely  lucrative business. Koi fish now come in various color patterns and combinations that can involve black, red, orange, yellow, silver and green.

Backyard koi ponds, with the wonderful sound of running and cascading water, can provide relaxation to the mind and soul. They give owners their desired peaceful and tranquil environment.  These ponds can be amazing sights especially when koi owners introduce living plants to the koi ponds, replicating in the process a real pond environment.

In a few instances, though, these koi fish and plants cannot seem to co-exist.  Koi fish could at times be very difficult to manage especially when mixed with plants.  Owners often try to place these potted plants on the pond floor and allow them to sit there.  Larger koi can sometimes knock off these potted plants and create real problems to the owners.

Koi can also have the tendency of “digging” up the soil.  But, that does not mean you cannot have any plants in your pond at all.  Koi pond owners can be really creative in finding solutions to these problems.  You can wrap netting over the tops of the pots to keep the koi from digging in them.

Pea gravel placed on top of your plants can also solve the problem.  Larger and bigger pots can take the weight of river stones.  With the stones on top of the pots, the koi fish will have a harder time knocking them over due to their weight and they will not be able to get to the dirt underneath the stones in order to dig it up.

Water lilies can provide a great look to your koi pond.  They come in several different varieties including ones that grow well in shallow water and ones that grow better in deeper water.  They really provide your koi with shade and shelter even if they are not oxygenating plants.  Plus, having plants in the water will attract insects.  Koi fish are omnivores and will search the plants’ foliage to seek out insects and larva to munch on.

Other than the insects that the koi fish search out from the plants, they can also be looking for some other types of food.  It is not unusual for koi fish owners to mention that they successfully trained their fish to eat out of their hands.  Koi fish have the ability to be able to recognize the person who feeds them and will approach that person during feeding time.  Watermelons, lettuce and peas are favorite foods of the koi fish, other than the usual pre-made koi food.

It is really an amazing experience to watch your koi fish in various colors swim with grace in your backyard pond. They give their owners so much pleasure and in return, these owners reward the koi with unrestricted generosity and care.

JAMES FIELD is a koi fish expert. For more great information on koi fish, visit http://www.koifishadvice.com/.

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