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Siemens: Nearly Half Of China’s Internal Investigation Involving Bribery Business?

Siemens bribery involving nearly half of business?

The person responsible for the company is conducting an internal investigation, no factual basis for this statement

“There is no indication that Siemens China has a relationship with the bribery case, Siemens will not be tolerant commercial fraud.” Six months ago, Hausmann, president of Siemens China has stressed that China is “a pure land.”

This week, Germany’s “Economic Weekly” quoted insiders as saying that Siemens, the Siemens operating companies in China, nearly half of the business involved in bribery. If the person is true, then Siemens is not only not “Pure Land” has become a “disastrous.”

Siemens China will resolutely fight back, but the above statement. “” Business Week “and there is no convincing basis to make such judgments. From June onwards, Siemens China has adopted a third party law firm Debevoise & Plimpton self-examination of China business, but the accounts are very complex, the end result When out in doubt. “Siemens China public relations head of entrepreneurs and economic experts said the newspaper, Siemens will be the inspection as an opportunity to thoroughly investigate the case, not be tolerated.

Internal investigation has been carried out for two months

In November last year, German police detained several Siemens employees, accusing them of taking bribes overseas telecommunications contract. Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. President and CEO Richard Hausmann was a positive response: “I am able to reply, Siemens China has nothing to do with them.

However, with the Siemens bribery investigation into the case, Chinese companies are still not spared?? The first half of this year, Siemens auditors KPMG issued a report, nine Chinese companies and business-related Personal been dragged into the bribery case.

Germany, “Economic Weekly,” “nearly half of the Siemens business in China involves bribery,” the judge is more like rock splashing into the water, the report said about 90% of Siemens business in China are through third-party implementation, and a third party has started receiving Siemens internal investigation.

Siemens China, said the newspaper is not clear that the report called “third party” of specific points. “We read the” economic magazine, “the article, but only that the Chinese side on the solitary word, and there is no concrete basis to support. To Chinese companies labeled Siemens ‘bribery’ offense, too early . ”

Learned that Siemens China investment projects in China, or the acquisition of orders, some are joint ventures with local Chinese companies to acquire, partly obtained through competitive bidding. Guangdong people’s livelihood and health law firm Yu Jianjun Tian pointed out that “third parties” may refer to the Chinese partner of Siemens in shell companies, some should be registered overseas. “Shell companies through fake transactions and services, the barriers for commercial bribery, and finally get rid of shell companies may also be a result of evidence-strand breaks, it is not easy to identify.”

PR entrepreneurs and economic experts stressed that Siemens China, Siemens commissioned the Debevoise & Plimpton LLP (Debevoise & Plimpton) to the company’s financial conduct internal investigations and audits have been carried out over two months now but because the accounts are too many and complex Therefore, the final results take some time. “We certainly hope that the results of the investigation as soon as possible, can be said that Siemens this inspection is to leave the past completely.” Industry sources said Siemens “Bribery Gate” incident, the various business units of Siemens China has deployed some to participate in the survey.

As to whether the judiciary has been involved in investigations of Siemens China, Siemens China is not defined. People close to Siemens said, because cross-border judicial inquiry can not be arbitrary, so the judiciary is still confined to Germany as the center of the area to investigate, “but the Chinese companies involved will be sure all materials inventory.

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