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I am trying to find the video of the RC commercial from the 90’s where they are fishing for people ?

I have checked on UTube and google with no luck. There’s a guy in a fishing boat and he’s drinking an RC Cola while he’s fishing. He gets a fish on his line, and as he’s reeling it in, you see it jump out of the water. You then see that he’s using other colas (Pepsi and Coke) as bait, and it’s people on the other end of the line. He reels them in and stacks them up, and they are lying there, just flopping around like regular fish do.

Korda – What They Have Done for Fishing

Korda developments are some of the best anglers and developers that you are likely to find, their aim is to provide anglers worldwide with the best and most improved fishing equipment out there. They dedicate all of their work to getting it right and making sure that their product is going to be the best out there on the market. If there is something better out there on the market already then Korda are not going to develop it. I for one believe this is a brilliant business achievement as every time that they release or develop a new system or piece of tackle you know that it has been through a lot of long and vigorous testing measures.

As well as Korda stepping up the game to its competition in the fishing tackle department, they also provide some of the world’s best carp fishing information which is seem everywhere worldwide in the fishing industry. They have produced many DVDs and also write for a lot of magazines and newspapers on regular basis giving constant up to date correct fishing tips and information to their very loyal fan base.

When Korda distribute their products they aim to give you as much information about the product as possible and they also try to give you as many tips as possible to using it correctly. For instance if you went out a and bought one of their DVDs you will be sitting there intently as everything is explained clearly and in so much depth to you.

The Korda team is built up of some much respected anglers, this must be why all of the products and information that is rolled out from them is so bang on. They give their entire products range thorough field testing to make sure that everything is working fine and that everything is durable and most importantly that it works the way it should, ensuring that it is the best on the market. Also it is these anglers who provide all of Kordas information which is why they have become so respected for their work. Everything from them is top notch on quality.

For one of the best fishing information resources on the web you will want to take a look at their website where they offer you all of this vast information on all of their products. Korda make sure that if you are just starting out as an angler you are going to be able to use their products without any issues, they believe that everyone should be able to do it so if it isn’t clear at the start they will make it clear before anything goes to print or publication so that even the very most beginner of anglers can understand what is going on and how it should be done as professionally as possible.

I have seen many galleries, photos and videos from Korda products being used and the end results that they have produced, believe me they are exceptional and I can see why they are the leading company in fishing rig and tackle products worldwide, some of the pictures are incredible.

I can certainly recommend that you any angler should try them out because if you want to catch the best you need to fish with the best.

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