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The Radical Crash 3-Day Diet

Try the 3-day diet for immediate but short-term results. But only if our career depends on it and not done regularly. A 3-day diet has sure result but not aimed at better health – so it is adviseable to stick with 3 days only and to get back up on vegetables and carps after the diet schedule has ended.

There are people who need to lose weight fast for a short term. The so-called 3-day diet is most convenient and effective for them.

Is there really an effective 3-day diet? Yes, there is. And it’s really quite simple because it’s mostly about cutting back on calories-and it’s just for three days. The shorter it is the more workable it becomes. Definitely, we cannot prolong this type of diet over 3 days. Some people need this for a specific and momentary purpose.

Hence, a 3-day diet is not for everyone. Neither is it for life, unlike other diets. It’s not a healthy thing to do habitually either. People who do 3-day diets do it to pass certain weight or fitness requirements for the time being. Like boxers. Professional boxers are categorized according to their weights. To qualify for a weight division, overweight boxers-even those who just go slightly past the standard weight-have to loose weight fast.

There are times when 3 days before a fight, some boxers find themselves a bit overweight. Some resort to drastic weight-reducing drugs. But others prefer a 3-day diet. The trick here is to simply eliminate all calorie-rich foods and reduce liquid intake for 3 full days. It’s something similar to partial fasting. A tip here is that, it’s the cut on water intake that really makes this diet effective.

Another example is fashion models. Sometimes, on short notice, they are made to wear super fitting getups. To cope up, they undergo a rigid 3-day diet prior fashion modeling day to lose more excess weight and size and look extra slim. Thus, a 3-day diet is not really geared towards better health but better looks and qualification.

Diuretic beverages like tea and coffee make up most 3-day diets. Cruciferous veggies like cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower are, of course, excellent. Lean beef meat plus fish and chicken, some egg white are also possible. Important also are veggies and fruits high in fiber like squash, carrots, and papaya.

But bear in mind that the veggie and fruits should be taken sparingly in a 3-day diet. They should just slightly supplement a basically liquid diet mostly of diuretic drinks to flush out liquids and fats and reduce calories considerably within three days. After 3 days it’s back to regular eating. And the danger is that the yoyo effect afterwards may result to double weight gain.

Thus, a 3-day diet should not be done regularly to avoid getting in to the yoyo effect. And most especially, this diet is certainly no for everybody as it is a hard slimming program.

John Grant is a the author for a diet fads site where he is writing articles about the 3-Day Diet.

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