Tips to Help You Learn How to Bass Fish

When you want to learn how to fish bass, the first thing you need is the right equipment. This doesn’t mean you have to stock up on different kinds of rods or purchase a large selection of lures. You have to learn the technique of the sport first. Beginners should start with one spinning rod and one casting rod. Both of these should be 5 or 6 feet in length, be if medium stiff material and in the mid-price range of rods. If you ask the dealer at the store, he/she will be glad to point you in the right direction for both the rod and the reel that best suits the rid you choose.


There are some things you have to learn before you cast out for the first time. This involves attaching the reel to the rod. When you attach the reel, lay the rod across your open hand. If it is attached properly, the rod should balance. This is important for your cast because if the rod and reel are not balanced, your cast will go to either the left or the right of where you want it to go. Casting out with an unbalanced rod will also make your wrist very sore.


Practice casting out using a lure but don’t use a hook. You can easily do this in a small pond or even in your backyard. Without the hook, you won’t get the line tangled in anything. The best line to use is 10-pound test monofilament line. It is very fine, yet strong enough to withstand the fight of the bass and any tangles in vegetation.


The types of lures available are mind-boggling. When choosing lures, you have to consider the situations in which you will use them. The most common are spinners, deep divers and plastic worms. For bass fishing you will also need crankbaits that closely resemble the type of food that bass eat, such as perch, sunfish, shad, minnow and carp. Noisy baits are best when fishing in the early morning or late in the evening. These are usually buzz baits, which are spinners with yellow or white skirt. You should also have a floating lure that you can twitch a little, retrieve, stop and repeat the actions.  You also need a tackle box in which you keep all this bass fishing gear.


If you fish off a dock, the best type of lure to use is a Texas rig. When you start to retrieve, do so very slowly. Lift the tip of your rod each time, but keep the line tight in your free hand so that you can feel the tug on the line when the bass bites.


Fishing bass is a learning experience in which you have to be very observant of the conditions of the lake and water. You should also learn about the bass itself so you can learn about its feeding habits and times when it will be inactive. When fishing a lake, divide it into sections and fish each one separately until you find out where the bass are located.

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