An All Round Angle to Angling

Match fishing consists of an organised group of anglers fishing for an allotted time, normally five hours, in a swim where you have to stay for that period (except for a call of nature!). The winner is the competitor to have the greatest total weight. You pay an entrance fee, which normally includes the day ticket and at the end the prize money is distributed to the designated winners. You need just normal tackle for these matches: Rods, Poles, Reels etc.

Carp fishing, is generally the pursuit of larger fish. This involves having the right equipment: Rods, Reels, Bait, Clothing and Rigs but probably more importantly water craft. Water craft often means long spells of just observing waters and fish, watching their behaviour patterns and feeding patterns because after all you are targeting large specimen fish. Some people take this a stage further by targeting individual fish and most of the biggies have names, which are well known in the higher levels of carp fishing. Often with this type of fishing you only get out what you actually put in. As they say if you are not fishing you won’t even get a run, so get out there and get catching !!

At Bromages we have a large selection of Carp rods from 2,25 lb t/c to 3.25 lb t/c ideal for most carp fishing situations, with Rod Pods and Rod Holdalls to suit our range of carp rods. All luggage for carp fishing is generally personal i.e. I like that one but not that one, so we tend to sell the better quality luggage. Bite alarms and indicators are once again personal choice but we cater for the novice as well as the expert. Bivvies have a great variety, so make sure you choose the right model for your need. We carry a large selection of carp baits including Pellets, Pastes, Boilies, Maize and Hemp, we also freeze down maggots and casters which are ideal for spodding especially in the summer months. When targeting large species such as Carp you need to have the correct tackle and accessories to optimise success. Bivvies are important when spending time on the bank, obviously weather conditions can change quite quickly so a decent bivvy is essential. But as with most things now fishing tackle has never been so cheap and I would have to say it is a buyers market. Clothing is normally a forgotten purchase but a really important item for the serious carper.

Coarse fishing is generally referred to as pleasure fishing. Strange really as ALL anglers enjoy their sport. Mostly these anglers do all styles of fishing including Pleasure, Match, Carping and Piking. Pleasure or coarse anglers normally travel further to try out a wider variety of venues. The tackle used is probably a broader spectrum including Spinning and Pike Rods and Reels, Carp Rods and Reels along with Float Rods and Reels and Feeder Rods and Reels and of coarse Poles. I would imagine these anglers have a larger knowledge of most fish. Pleasure or Coarse not only means fishing but also the pleasure and peace of the countryside and wild life. So in a nutshell Coarse anglers are Match Fishermen, Carp Fishermen, Pike Fishermen, Pleasure Fishermen or all of them rolled into one !!

Predator fishing is a totally different style of fishing i.e. you can use Lures, Livebaits, Deadbaits and Flies tied for this style of fishing. You need a variety of tackle, including Spinning rods, Deadbait rods and Reels to suit. Spinners, lures etc. are normally used with wire traces of varying strengths, either made yourself or bought off the shelf. As with Carp fishing you need to spend time on a water and get watercraft to see where the predators tend to feed. This is such a varied style and very personal to the angler with baits flavour enhancers and types of lure and spinners so you really need to do your homework when planning a predator session, carrying the right baits and lures and tackle for the water you are fishing.

At Bromages we stock a wide selection of products for all the types of fishing mentioned in this article. We offer unbiased advice on any area of tackle shopping and can usually provide any products you require even if we do not stock them.

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