Get the Best Out of Your Bait in Winter and Maximise the Money You Spend on It! These are a Handful of Very Well Proven Expert Tips to Help You Catch

Why not find out more how to maximise the money you spend on your baits in winter and spring and achieve better catches?! See these expert tips proven to work for more cold water carp again and again and save you money! Use these tips to help you right now!

Carp get filled by boilies and other potentially more difficult to digest baits, and it is well known that feeding too many of them in winter is not only often the kiss of death of a swim, but a big waste of money too which certainly does not maximise your chances of bites! Many methods have evolved to provide attraction near your hook bait without over-filling carp. Boilies threaded onto a water soluble PVA stringer next to the hook is very effective and this kind of idea has also spawned countless variations on the theme and really helps maximise bites, while minimising bait costs and usage.

In ground baiting for winter and spring carp it is wise to pre-bait if at all possible and then apply minimal bait while actually fishing, perhaps using soluble pellets, stick or method or spod mixes incorporating broken boilies as opposed to whole boilies at this time. You choice of what to ground bait with and how to do it is a skill and art form that very many carp anglers really need to develop far more as it is vital in manipulating suitable carp feeding behavioural responses to your hook baits! Ground bait using bread is a very reliable method and almost anything excluding indigestible oils can be added; for example boilie base mix and homemade boilie liquid additives and foods.

Bread is often and over-looked ground bait base and it is soluble and digestible enough to really be ideal for the job at this time, and it is very well known not to be just a small fish bait! Fishing over all kinds of forms of bread-based ground baits in winter and spring has proven successful time and again. You can always fish reliable boilies on your hooks and these will of course always remain successful.

Anything you do to raise the likelihood of a curious or hungry carp sampling your hook baits in winter and spring in particular are of vital significance. Solubility and digestibility of your free baits in extremely important so choose very carefully; winterised boilies and carp pellets low in oil are good examples. Low oil pellets designed specifically for carp (as opposed to halibut pellets for instance,) are far more preferable at this time and many great boilie recipes and pellets contain high levels of ingredients ideal for low water temperatures; such as betaine, and Robin Red.

If you find you struggle by still sticking with your usual halibut pellets for winter and spring ground baiting try something like CSL or hemp pellets instead! Cold water-soluble attraction is so vitally important to fish attraction at this time! Soluble attraction dispersing easily from bait through the water column is really the name of the game at this time. Adding Vitamealo from Ccmoore for instance to your ground baits and particles will really boost water clouding and add loads of water soluble milky carp attraction…

Glugs and soaks and dips based on liquid proteins, spleen and liver extracts, and things like herb and spice terpenes and flavour components like butyric acid and so on, really can help catches now. Extra liquid foods and boosting attraction substances will multiply the performance and catch rates on hook baits and ground baits ranging from bread to boilies, pellets, particles and even maggots and fake baits. Thinking far more about your winter and spring hook baits and ground baits, and their incredibly important method and rate of application is so underestimated by very many carp anglers; try to stimulate carp senses as much as possible and build on your knowledge of tips and edges to draw on!

When the huge importance of the relationships between carp senses and your effective (or ineffective) choices of hook baits and ground baits become cornerstones of your fishing attack, you will not stop until you have read as much as possible on this subject and gathered an extremely effective arsenal to stop you wasting as much money on blanks and wasted bait as possible; so keep reading on…

By Tim Richardson.

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