Carp fishing rods the three types you need to be aware of

The choice of rod is very important when you are going after that elusive specimen carp. There are so many different makes of carp fishing rods and carp reels on the market every one for a specific type of fishing.  There are three main types of rod to consider every one of them dependant on where you are going to fish.  

You will often see when looking to select a rod a mention of a rod’s test curve. A test curve is determine by how much weight it takes to bend the rod through 90 degrees. The most common test curve is 2.5 lb which is normal for close to medium range fishing. If you are looking to fish long distances then a 3lb test curve would probably be more suitable.

The three main styles are as follows.

All through action

These bend through the whole length of the rod. You will often feel the rod bending under the handle. This type of rod is for playing fish with the best safety margin rather than a casting tool. These rods usually feel nicer and are a pleasure to use.

Medium action

The bend on these rods starts about two thirds the way down the rod. This offers a pleasant bend on the rod whilst there’s still power left in the butt to control a good fish. These rods certainly give a greater safety margin when playing a fish but at the expense of some casting distance. This kind of action is the one that I recommend and frequently use myself

Fast tip action

These will usually feel extremely stiff as they bend only in the tip section with other joints remaining rigid. These rods are intended for fast pick-up and long casting. The disadvantage is that every movement of a fish tends to get transmitted right down to the hand. There is also no cushion if the fish makes a sudden run as it is being netted. This can result in the line breaking or the hook being pulled out.

Most rods are made from hollow tapering tubes from a mixture of carbon and glass fibres bonded by a resin. The more carbon present in the mixture, the more expensive the rod. It will also make the rod stiffer and allow manufacturers to reduce the diameter of the tube. Most cheaper rods are manufactured from a mix containing a larger proportion of glass fibres. These rods are often referred to as composites. These are cheaper, less stiff, more robust and of larger diameter and by being less stiff and more robustthey make good carp fishing rods for the beginner.



With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit