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Carp fishing rods the three types you need to be aware of

The choice of rod is very important when you are going after that elusive specimen carp. There are so many different makes of carp fishing rods and carp reels on the market every one for a specific type of fishing.  There are three main types of rod to consider every one of them dependant on where you are going to fish.  

You will often see when looking to select a rod a mention of a rod’s test curve. A test curve is determine by how much weight it takes to bend the rod through 90 degrees. The most common test curve is 2.5 lb which is normal for close to medium range fishing. If you are looking to fish long distances then a 3lb test curve would probably be more suitable.

The three main styles are as follows.

All through action

These bend through the whole length of the rod. You will often feel the rod bending under the handle. This type of rod is for playing fish with the best safety margin rather than a casting tool. These rods usually feel nicer and are a pleasure to use.

Medium action

The bend on these rods starts about two thirds the way down the rod. This offers a pleasant bend on the rod whilst there’s still power left in the butt to control a good fish. These rods certainly give a greater safety margin when playing a fish but at the expense of some casting distance. This kind of action is the one that I recommend and frequently use myself

Fast tip action

These will usually feel extremely stiff as they bend only in the tip section with other joints remaining rigid. These rods are intended for fast pick-up and long casting. The disadvantage is that every movement of a fish tends to get transmitted right down to the hand. There is also no cushion if the fish makes a sudden run as it is being netted. This can result in the line breaking or the hook being pulled out.

Most rods are made from hollow tapering tubes from a mixture of carbon and glass fibres bonded by a resin. The more carbon present in the mixture, the more expensive the rod. It will also make the rod stiffer and allow manufacturers to reduce the diameter of the tube. Most cheaper rods are manufactured from a mix containing a larger proportion of glass fibres. These rods are often referred to as composites. These are cheaper, less stiff, more robust and of larger diameter and by being less stiff and more robustthey make good carp fishing rods for the beginner.



With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit  www.carpfishingequipment.org

Going Carp Fishing in France

France has become an extremely popular destination for the carp angler, especially with so many different carp lakes in France choose from and many that have carp in excess of 40lb to 50lb plus.

However, due to the sheer size of the carp, you do need to have sensible equipment in which to land these fish.  Most people recommend at least a 2 and 3/4 test curve rod or more, plus baitrunner reels are a must.  We actually use the Shimano 8010GT baitrunner reels, and although there are some more modern ones on the market, we prefer these to anything else.  But a lot of people also opt for the large big pit reels that hold a lot more line, as some of the places you may choose to fish could be quite a considerable distance from the bank.

In France there are a lot of privately owned fishing lakes such as Rainbow Lake, L’Etang de Tricherie, L’Etang du Chef de Ville, etc, that hire boats and many other lakes such as Bills Lake and Brittany Mill Lakes that allow you to use your own or hire out bait boats.

Also, many carp fishing lakes do not allow braid and the best option is monofilament line and we have found that Ultima PowerPlus is an excellent quality fishing line, yet a higher breaking strain line is needed when you are carp fishing in France compared to fishing most lakes in the UK.

Some lakes are also extremely strict on the type of tent where it must be a bivvy, but like ourselves where we do this as a family, we have a large tent which is not gaudy in colour but needs a bigger swim than most, so there are certain lakes that we could not go fishing at for this reason, so it is sensible to check out these details prior to booking your carp fishing holiday.

Now bait is something that differs from lake to lake and in some French carp lakes they will only allow specific types of bait and it is necessary to check this before you go, for instance, tiger nuts or certain ground baits are not allowed.

Mobile phones are the norm these days, but apart from these that need charging, you do have to consider things like bait boats if you have one, but there are now plenty of carp fishing lakes in France that do cater for charging different equipment you have, and when it comes to facilities, something you may not have really thought about is the need for a freezer, hang on forget this, what about washing facilities?  Well forget this as well, we need the fridge, not just for the bait, but that cold beer or chilled water on a really hot day!

And although we all know the drive and survive aspect, there are now numerous different carp fishing lakes in France that have complete packages available right through from accommodation, to all of your equipment supplied and even lakes that supply a complete service from the flights through to full board, along with exclusive fishing and some of these include Dream Lakes, Croix Blanche, Willow Lake, Lake Juvanze, Brittany Mill Lakes and many more, plus some lakes are also available as an exclusive family holiday.

However, the cost for these and the all inclusive carp fishing packages can be considerably more expensive than making your own arrangements, but it can certainly save you a lot of hassle and keep the Wife happy!

Rules and regulations vary at the numerous carp lakes in France and some allow you to fish with three rods, whereas others are four and night fishing is only allowed if the owner has a permit for this, so again it is always a good idea to check these points prior to booking.

Other points you feel are essential for you, like local bars, restaurants, shops or swimming facilities, etc are also good points to check on, plus most people find that the carp fishing is best during the months from April through to October, but do bear in mind the further down South you go in the height of summer with hot days, most of the action will happen at night when it is cooler, so you had better be prepared for lack of sleep!

On one session near Bordeaux, we were getting up and down to the bite alarms at least two to three times every night and by the time our stay was coming to an end, we pulled our rods in just so that we could get some peace and quiet and catch up with much needed sleep before the long drive back home!

But saying that, when you are catching 40lb plus carp each time, the lack of sleep becomes insignificant and if you want to try catching a fish of a lifetime or just beating your personal best, then a carp fishing holiday in France is definitely for you!


Martyn Davis European Traveller, Author, Photographer and Business Development Manager, For all your French holiday needs and travel guide to France, with tourist information, landmarks and attractions – http://www.placesinfrance.com/fishing_in_france.html

Carp Fishing Equipment – Getting The Right Stuff

Most fishermen think that any rod and reel will bring in the carp of their dreams. What they do not realize is that carp, though once considered the trash of the lake, are sneaky creatures. If you are planning on fishing you might as well spend a few dollars extra and get the appropriate equipment for carp fishing. While some think it does not make a difference, carp fishing equipment can be the difference between a batch of carp fingers or hunger pains.

The rod used for carp fishing can vary with the different sizes of carp. In smaller lakes you may be looking at carp up to 15 pounds or so. In larger lakes carp may be as large as 30 pounds. Not every rod will allow you to wrestle a 30-pound carp, so choosing the rod carp fishing equipment should be based on the size of the carp. A 1 to 2 pound test curve rod will handle carp up to about 15 pounds. Anything over the 15-pound mark should probably use a rod with a test curve of about 3. The fishing distance also makes a difference when considering carp fishing equipment. The longer fishing distance requires a longer rod with the ability to handle a heavier weight because of the distance.

The reel also depends on the type of rod and distance that you will be casting. The reel must be compatible with the rod of course. That is something that in most cases can be purchased together to alleviate confusion. Most professional fishermen recommend a baitrunner type reel. This will help you hold on and keep from getting drug into the lake!

Another part of the carp fishing equipment is the fishing line. The rod and reel should give you a clue as to what size fishing line that you will need. Make sure that the line that you purchase is rated for the size fish that you are looking to catch. In most cases you can count on a 2-pound test curve rod to handle about a 10 pound fishing line. That is a rough estimate and the best way to determine is by your rod.

As for hooks there are a number of different sizes, shapes, colors and other bells. Most fishermen will build up a collection of carp fishing equipment that has a variety of hooks, weights and tools. Most professionals recommend that you go ahead and purchase a carp hook. They may cost a little more than a regular hook, but it will work better. When you are purchasing hooks make sure that you abide by the fishery laws. In some counties using barbed hook is prohibited.

For more information on all aspects of fishing equipment, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide

Spodding, zum des Karpfens in Ihr Schwimmen anzuziehen

Steve Michael Smith asked:

Wenn Sie über der Strecke eines Katapults hinaus fischen und Köder-Boote dann einem Spod ist ein sehr vielseitig begabtes verboten werden und unschätzbar für das Liefern einer großen Menge Köders in einem festen Bereich bearbeiten Sie. Gerät für das Spodding die zwei wichtigsten Stücke des Installationssatzes für das Spodding sind die Stange und die Bandspule. Die Stange und wirbeln Sie wählte abhängt von der Art von Spodding Sie beabsichtigen zu tun. Der kleinere spod kann unter Verwendung einer normalen gegründeten worden Karpfenstange und -bandspule geworfen werden aber, wenn Sie das größere spod&#039 verwenden werden; s dann werden Sie eine Stange mindestens der Kurve des Tests benötigen 4-5lb. Fast jede Stange stellt jetzt haben eingeweiht spod-Stangen in ihrer eigenen Strecke her. Die spod-Stange nimmt viel Missbrauch während einer Jahreszeit mit der konstanten Form und holt von einem geladenen spod zurück, also stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie das hochwertigste erhalten, das Sie dir leisten können. Die besten Bandspulen für das Spodding sind die großen Grubenbandspulen, wie das Daiwa Emblen oder das Shimano Biomaster, die Ihnen erlauben, den spod viel schneller zurückzuholen als die Standardkarpfenbandspulen. Ich ziehe es vor, umsponnene Linie für mein Spodding zu benutzen, während der niedrige Durchmesser und keine Ausdehnung genaueres Gussteil zulässt. Meine Bandspule wird mit Flechte 20lb geladen, die einen Durchmesser von 0.25mm hat. Wenn Sie Flechte benutzen werden, ist es wesentlich, dass Sie einen Finger stol oder einen Golfhandschuh benutzen, um Linie Schnitte zu vermeiden. Was den spod anbetrifft selbst, gibt es eine vollständige Strecke auf dem Markt, von der kleinen Taschenrakete für das Hinzufügen von kleinen Mengen Partikeln in das Schwimmen dem großen Korda freien Geist, der für große Mengen Köder in Abstand heraus setzen bestimmt ist. es gibt auch bollie spod' s entwarf spezifisch für das Liefern von bollies. Ich neige, eine Vielzahl mit mir zu tragen, also kann ich den spod anpassen, um das Schwimmen unterzubringen und bedinge I' m.-Fischen innen. Erinnern Sie sich, dass Sie jeden möglichen Köder benutzen können, den Sie im spod mögen, ich eine Mischung der Partikel benutzen mag und Tabletten und das Hinzufügen eines Zinns der Thunfischarbeiten auf meinem See sich wundert. So Experiment! Genaues Spodding jedes hat ihre eigene Weise von Spodding, also werde ich die Weise beschreiben, die gut für mich funktioniert. Sobald ich den Bereich gefunden habe, den ich meinen ersten Köder unter Verwendung meiner Markierungshin- und herbewegung heraus setzen möchte, I' ll warf heraus einen leeren spod hinter meiner Markierungshin- und herbewegung und Wind innen, bis der spod ist, waren ich wünschen es, dann befestige ich herauf die Linie im Bandspuleclip und -wind innen. Dann I' ll Platz ein Bankstock im Boden als Ausgangspunkt. Dieses ist der Ausgangspunkt für alle meine Stangen. den spod über dem Bankstock anspannen, den ich entlang die Bank gehe, die heraus Linie lässt, bis ich die Linie Klipp erreiche, war ich setze eine Niederlassung, oder Stock im Boden Stangenan umkippen, dieser gibt mir eine Abstandsmarkierung für diesen Köder. So, jedes Mal wenn ich zu spod zu diesem Köder aller mich wünsche, müssen tun ist, den spod über dem Bankstockweg zurück zu dem anzuspannen anlockt Markierung, während, Linie ausbreitend, bis die Stangenspitze mit der Markierung ausrichtet, befestigen die Anordnung und ich kenne I' m, das jedes Mal geht, im gleichen Punkt zu sein. Ich führe dann das gleiche Verfahren für alle Stangen durch, die ich benutze. Damit ich weiß, welche Markierung ist für, welche Stange ich auf ein Stück des unterschiedlichen Farbenklebebandes um die Stöcke mit einem zusammenpassenden Stück des Klebebandes um den vorderen Summerstab klopfe. Weil ich die Tiefe des Wassers ausgearbeitet habe, das jeder Köder innen mit der Markierungshin- und herbewegung fischt, ich diese Markierungen für meine angelockten Stangen auch benutzen kann, ist aller ich tun muss, auf Hälfte Tiefe des Wassers hinzuzufügen, um den Köder in eine Pendelbewegung sinken zu lassen also, weiß ich, dass mein Köder immer im derselben Ort und immer über dem spodded Bereich ist. Einige beim Spodding zu bedenken Spitzen. Halten Sie die Flechte naß ständig, um Windknoten zu vermeiden. Auch zum Hilfsmittel in der Genauigkeit benötigen Sie spod in einem Rhythmus, also hilft er, wenn Sie Ihre Wanne von spod mischen oben bis zu Ihnen können so Sie don&#039 anheben; t müssen vorbei, sich zu lehnen halten. und das meiste wichtige Don' t überfüllen den spod, oder Sie hinterlassen eine Spur des Köders auf die Form 3/4 sind voll viel und stellen Sie sicher, genügend Zeit zu gewähren, damit der spod sich leert. Das genaue Spodding ist eine Kunst und die, die nur mit Praxis kommt. Gehen Sie so dort hinaus und üben Sie. Feste Linien Steve

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