Carp Fishing – Some Basic Points To Remember

The awesome carp can be a very frustrating fish to catch. These game fish can be very good at sucking in the hook and lure and instantly spitting it out, if it finds at all suspicious, all in a fraction of a second. It can be very exciting to watch the like quiver while you wait for the perfect time to hook the carp and then all is lost almost as soon as it began.

We list here some pointers you could follow to catch some carp for yourself. Follow these tips and you are sure to get a good catch worth writing home about.

A characteristic of the carp is that they are very comfortable feeding on the surface. You need to make these fish very comfortable before you cast your hook line and sinker to lure them. The best ways to attract the carp to your area of fishing is to fed them small quantities of food they like to eat. These include biscuits, pellets, chic peas, re-hydrated corn and bread. The good thing bout these are that they are really inexpensive food and attract the fish like no other form of fish food available. The bread can be hooked on the hook and lowered into the water other lure such as pellets can be glued to the shank with super glue.

Throw some of the bait into the water to make the fish feel comfortable this will assure you some good nibbles and bites as the fish are comfortable with the food in the water and are no longer picky of what they eat.

No sooner than you notice the fish feeding on the food you have thrown into the water you should cast your bait. It you let the fish feed long enough they will be full and your chances of catching any will diminish. You should cast away from where you have thrown the food and then slowly draw the hooked bait closer to where the fish are feeding.

How to Set-Up?

• It is advisable to set up a hair rig to increase chances of a catch. Remember that carp taste their food first before eating, if they do not like it they will not come close to it. • A spider line is also useful.
• A good tactic is to thread the bait on the needle and then hook the hair loop. Foam dipped in some flavor greatly increases the chances of a bite.
• A float can prove to be a great advantage as it adds some much needed weight for casting to greater distances and the location of the bait is easily also identified.

Many experienced anglers will have us believe, and rightly too, that it is not the lure or bit that catches the clever carp but the method used to catch the elusive fish. Pre-baiting, a method of visiting the same spot for a few days and feeding the fish before actually casting your line, is a good way to increase your chances of catching some good fish. Pre-baiting actually helps spread the word among the fish where the food is and they soon begin to school around at the same time every day expecting their meal to be dropped into the water, so much the better for you.

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