Fishing Tips – How To Become An Expert Fisher

Looking for the target fish first is needed before attempting to catch fishes. Keep in mind that fishes stays at the water where there is enough cover, oxygen and food. Be certain to stay at a close distance to this area and you can certainly catch fish there, only you have to pay patience in finding them.

Fishes living there ranges in wide variety. That is why, they do not live in same areas in the water. Different fishes adapt to different conditions of environment. Different fishes can tolerate different salt levels, oxygen amount, food amounts and types, temperature of the water and areas for hiding. Salt is the element that distinguishes most of the fish. Fish used the element of salt to survive. However, there are fishes that cannot survive in areas with lots of salt but there are also fish species that can live in both fresh water and salt water.

Compared to ocean, rivers, reservoirs and freshwater ponds have lesser salt. Majority of the water in North America are bodies of freshwater. In this kind of water, fishes are mostly carp, crappie, bass, catfish and bluegrip. However, many fish species live in the salty water portion of the ocean. This can be attributed to their kidneys. Because of the kidneys of the fish, they are provided with the ability to retain an appropriate balance of salt in their body. Flounder, sea trout, cod and bluefish are some of the more common fishes that can be found in saltwater.

Oxygen is another factor for looking at a perfect spot for fishing. The level of oxygen is important for the fishes to survive. There are some fish that can survive in less oxygen. This is exemplified by the carp species, unlike the trout, which needs sufficient level of oxygen. The presence of living plants in the stream or lake has a significant effect on the oxygen level in the water. These plants increase the oxygen of the water by the process of photosynthesis. This is a process that makes food by the use of sunlight. Oxygen also goes to the water from the air above the water surface.

Specific fish species are found in water depending on food types available in the area. Different areas provide various food types and amount. Since all the fish must eat, there is a big competition among the fishes. And this issue is another important factor that distinguish which species of fish are present in certain area in the water.

Water temperature is another factor. Different fishes tolerate different temperature of water. There are fishes, which are flexible. They are able to live in different ranges in temperature. On the other hand, there are also fishes that need either warm or cold water to live. This can be exemplified with the trout. Trout can only live in cold water. To easily find the certain type of fish, one tip is to know and learn the different water temperature preferences of different fish species. Through this, one will not get difficulty locating the preferred fish types.

As human, we have the ability to control one of the factors when talking about where the fishes live. This is the water quality which is the most common determinants of the specific place to find the fishes. We have the ability to retain high water quality level. Just keep in mind that sufficient oxygen level is very important to let the fish survive. Clean and pollution-free water is another very important factor, but this is actually not enough. There are still some fish species that do not just need clean water. Carp for one can live in not-so-very-clean water. Therefore cleanliness is not enough, high quality of water is the most important factor for the fishes to survive.

Knowing the specific places where to find the target fishes is important for successful fishing. There are several factors that affect the place where fishes most often stay. These are salt level, oxygen level and water temperature. Fishes are all different and have different needs too. That is why, knowing about these different factors to find the area in the water where they live is important for anglers like you.

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