Carp Tackle :: Bait Boats

I was sat on the bank enjoying a days carp fishing. The weather was good, the water was calm and the bite count was quite productive.

The pond is located in a large private, well hidden area. There are generous coverings of lily pads and other greenery.

About 4 hours into the day, a chap had arrived on the opposite bank. After tackling up and before he cast for the first time, I saw him put what looked like a remote controlled boat.

My first thoughts were ‘How can he think of playing with a remote controlled boat when fishing?’ I was thinking how I could show my objections when he put this boat into the water. He steered it over the area he was about to fish. The boat was very quiet, much quieter than the standard remote controlled boat. It was at that point I realised he must be baiting the fishing area using this device.

I’ve never come across this technique before and was intrigued. I walked around to investigate and I was impressed. It was a bait boat. You stock 2 channels in the top with bait. When you’ve taken the boat to the area you intend to fish, you simply open 2 flaps on the boat which releases the bait into the water.

Simple and marvellous idea. I am thinking of adding this to my collection of carp tackle, although initially I was concerned about the noise level and vibrations, but, after speaking to a few people who uses these, they can be a very useful device.