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Episode 9 Carp Fishing at King GeorgeV Pool in Altrincham

In this video Harry Andy and YouTube member FishMadrid go Carp Fishing on King Georges Pool in Altrincham. Andy runs through his new set up that he bought on ebay and Harry gets a screaming run in the last hour to take a nice 14lb Mirror Carp. Andy and FishMadrid go back in time 20 years and show some of the fish they had from the lake in the 1980s and we get to see one of FishMadrids recent lumps from Spain caught just outside Madrid a 42lb Mirror The weather was windy so appoligies for the sound at times. Day Ticket Adult £2 Child £1 Sound Track Tour de France

African Carp Fishing Adventure brought to you by OutdoorPAGES.co.za

Dave Lane, Paul Forward and Nick Forward were invited by Dream Africa and Great Lakes Carp Fishing Safaris for 10 days of carp fishing in sunny South Africa. Within 2½ days the guys caught 36 carp, averaging 27 lbs, with the biggest being 42 lbs. We then decided to move to another, more challenging venue to see if we could land a decent-sized mirror. The weather was perfect, the fishing great and on top of that the guys also had the opportrunity to visit the Kruger National Park to see all of the Big 5. What more could we have asked for. The DVD will be released in January 2010. Check out the promo.

Episode 7 Carp Fishing at Goose Green with Harry and Tim lands his first British 30lb Mirror Carp

In this video Harry has a short day session fishing at Goose Green Farm in Cheshire. The weather couldnt make its mind up. Harry had Carp taking on the top and pulled out of one and uses the Method Rig to takes a bag full of Bream to plastic sweet corn. Tim has his first British 30lb Mirror Carp. The venue has three lakes with good access. The fish stocked include Mirror, Common, Crusion Carp Tench Bream Roach Rudd and Perch. Fishing available from 7am until dusk. Please purchase day-ticket from farm before fishing. Please Note. Boilies only on hook.No bloodworms, jokers or keep nets.Use only barbless hooks. Available for match bookings

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Go Fish!

Pack your rods, reels, lines and hooks for the ultimate fishing trip – sportfishing Hawaii. The islands’ surrounding waters have at least a dozen varieties of fish you can try outsmarting for days on end. So hop on that fully equipped charter and sail on to these top Hawaii deep sea fishing destinations.

Maui or “No Ka Oi” loosely translates as “number one” or “the best” in Hawaiian. Holding true to its name, the island provides great weather and great fishing conditions to anglers from all over the globe. Apart from its fishing lore, its scenery and vivacious way of life makes Maui like no other place in the (Hawaii) islands.

Oahu is well-known not only for outstanding attractions such as the Arizona Memorial but also for Oahu charter fishing. A thing to remember when going Oahu deep sea fishing is that the deeper the water, the bigger the fish. Blue Marlin, Mahimahi and yellow fin tuna prefer the deep blue waters so you’ll never know when, or where, one of these big fish will hit the surface. Also located in this great fishing destination is Wahiawa Public Fishing Area which has a 300-acre reservoir that holds carp, bass, tilapia and catfish among other known fishable species. They say you have to go see for yourself why Hawaii big game fishing is all the rage in Oahu.

Kona is said to be Hawaii’s most productive deep sea fishing area. You’re guaranteed to spend more time hooking monster fish than riding the boat because you’ll get to the prime big game fishing grounds within minutes of leaving Honokohau Harbor. The steep drop-offs and deep blue waters are proven good hunting grounds for prized fish like swordfish, spearfish and big eye tuna.

Kauai, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands is also a famous location for sportfishing. You don’t have to travel a long distance to get to the deep water where it is highly recommendable to fish. Expect the water to drop off as soon as you leave the harbor and catch tuna, mahimahi and ono among others. In this northernmost island there also are various tours to choose from be it by zipline, helicopter, sportfishing charter, boat and biplane.

In any of the islands, the standard practice is that all catches are property of the charter you’re on. There are some sport fishing charters that offer you portions of fish for your own cooking pleasure, for an extra fee that is. When visiting Hawaii, fishermen should also be mindful of the restricted areas wherein angling is prohibited and all endangered species are fully protected. Such areas are Manele Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) on Maui, Kealakekua Bay MLCD on the Big Island and Hanauma Bay MLCD on Oahu.

And when fishing in the islands, remember the Hawaiian proverb – “a bad day of fishing is still better than the best day at work”.

Boom Boom Sportfishing is a company offering Oahu deep sea fishing and Sportfishing Hawaii. For more information, visit http://www.boomboomsportfishing.com/

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Carp Tackle :: Bait Boats

I was sat on the bank enjoying a days carp fishing. The weather was good, the water was calm and the bite count was quite productive.

The pond is located in a large private, well hidden area. There are generous coverings of lily pads and other greenery.

About 4 hours into the day, a chap had arrived on the opposite bank. After tackling up and before he cast for the first time, I saw him put what looked like a remote controlled boat.

My first thoughts were ‘How can he think of playing with a remote controlled boat when fishing?’ I was thinking how I could show my objections when he put this boat into the water. He steered it over the area he was about to fish. The boat was very quiet, much quieter than the standard remote controlled boat. It was at that point I realised he must be baiting the fishing area using this device.

I’ve never come across this technique before and was intrigued. I walked around to investigate and I was impressed. It was a bait boat. You stock 2 channels in the top with bait. When you’ve taken the boat to the area you intend to fish, you simply open 2 flaps on the boat which releases the bait into the water.

Simple and marvellous idea. I am thinking of adding this to my collection of carp tackle, although initially I was concerned about the noise level and vibrations, but, after speaking to a few people who uses these, they can be a very useful device.

Source: http://www.carptackle.org.uk