Enjoy Carp Fishing In France

France is the best and most popular place for tourists interested in carp fishing. Since there are many public and private lakes, carp fish found in abundance. These fish grow fast depending on the quality of food available in the lake. Carp fish can grow up to 60lbs. However, the common sizes found in the lakes vary from 40lbs to 50lbs. Considering the huge size, one should have the perfect equipment to tackle the fish. The carp fish is not very vigorous but it is master of its territory. Hence, to catch them prior knowledge is essential. The angler has to use his acumen against the fish to trap it. The knowledge of the place of availability of fish is required. The carp may not eat your feed, thus it is essential to learn which type of bait carp fish of the particular lake prefer. Carp fishing in river Mosselle is an excellent experience. It is a slow running river, which flow from France into Germany. Carp fish is immensely available in Loraine. The valley has many gravel pits where big carp fish are found. Another area located between Thionville and Nancy hold lot of carp fish. However, to lure a flock of carp fish proper bait has to be laid and the fish should be attracted to the food. Crete lakes is the suitable place for fishing. It is a private lake covering 60 acres and is located in the North east of France. Big fishes are found here. For two decades, the lake left untouched. Therefore, the carp matured on the natural environment. Crete lakes is an excellent venue for carp fishing which will make you excited and will remain a memorable day of fishing. Recently, in 2010 March they have introduced, coaches to travel to the location. You will feel excited with its surroundings and facilities. They give, restaurants to eat, shower block, toilet facility and the package include everything required for carp fishing. UK tourists are taken care in the package for to and fro journey They have Bailiff’s to care of your baggage and bring them safely to Crete lakes. For an angler the deal costs around 495 pounds and for others it is 195 pounds, only. In Spring and Autumn you are offered discount. However, April to October is finest period for carp fishing.

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