Fishing Tips: How to Find Fish

Catching fish is easier to do when you know where they are. In this article on fishing tips we will give you some pointers to help you understand where fish live.

Fish are going to be everywhere there are water, food, oxygen, and protection. However there are different types of fish and they all live in different types of water. They all need different amounts of oxygen, salt, amounts of food, different water temperatures, in different areas to hide.

Salt is a particularly distinguishing characteristic for fish. Some fish prefer to be where there is a lot of salt why others do not want any salt at all. Some fish must have salt to survive while others are more of a freshwater type of fish.

North America is particularly known for the amount of fresh water lakes and ponds and streams. This is where you will catch carp, bass, bluegill, catfish, and other types of fish.

The opposite would be a fish that prefers salty water like you find in an ocean. Common types of fish you will find in salt water include cod, flounder, bluefish, trout, and tuna.

Oxygen is an important factor when it comes to the type of fish you will find. All fish need a certain amount of oxygen to survive. Trout for example need a larger amount of oxygen to survive. Anywhere there are lots of plants you will find higher levels of oxygen.

Some fish need more food to survive. Certain bodies of water will have more food than others and the types of food available vary as well. All fish need to eat and the amount of competition for the food affects the type of fish in that particular area.

Water temperatures vary and this determines the type of fish you will find as well. Some fish are more flexible than others and can live in a wide range of temperatures.

Other fish need either particularly warm or cold water to survive. Trout for example will only be found in cold water. If you are looking for a certain type of fish you need to learn about the type of water it prefers before fishing in that area.

Another factor that humans can directly impact is the quality of the water. Keeping it unpolluted is important and most fish need good water to survive.

This is a few fishing tips on how to find where fish are living. As you can see there are several factors including salt, oxygen, temperature, food, and the quality of water that all come into play.

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