Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Recipes Using Pineapple Flavours And Readymade Boilies!

Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Recipes Using Pineapple Flavours And Readymade Boilies!

You will be the first to ever have access to these new unique pineapple recipes and unique fishing method; so I suggest you use them as soon as possible on your next trip! I highly recommend that you use them (or even play around with them,) and exploit them as much as possible to fool those big wary fish you always dreamt of catching! Read on for far more information now!

What is this mysterious innovative method you might well ask? (and one of very many I might add) that you can use to very great effect! Going straight into it then, what you do is put your bait actually on your hook, and up the line so the first thing that goes into the mouth of your carp is not your bait but your hook. What you do is tie your hook on hook link material and then slide a big pineapple pop up boilie or pellet up the line so it sits on the eye of your hook, but so your line and hook form an elbow as in the old bent hook or shaped heated tubing types of line aligner etc types of rigs with an angle at the eye or above it.

Now you trim all the exterior surface of your big pop up bait off and shape your bait so it looks like a thin slug sitting on your hook and line which is about 5 millimeters wide by around 2 centimeters long. Next you tie on 5 millimeters by approximately 25 centimeter long strips of Japanese Sushi Nori onto your line starting above your hook and winding down over your pop up bait slug going down onto the hook then back up and around your pop up bait. Use some elasticated cotton or small elastic rings to hold the Sushi Nori onto your bait, line and hook.

You may add extra small strips onto the back of the bend of the hook. Make up a number of rigs like this. Now to prepare your liquid dip or glug; note that these are creative ideas so do play around with them OK!

Try mixing together 3 different pineapple flavours from different companies; you will benefit from many things by doing this.

Boost the attraction of you pineapple flavours by adding 2 milliliters of butyric acid to each 10 milliliters of mixed flavours. Mix this little lot with 1 milliliter each of clove, geranium, and thyme essential oils from CC Moore. You might want to go for a little glucose syrup, honey, molasses and a protein based intense sweetener also (each enhances many factors to great effect OK!)

Add betaine HCL from Carp fishing pellets or CW Baits in generous levels, plus a little sea salt, (mineral rich salt not table salt) for example, 1 level teaspoonful of each to 10 milliliters of your flavour and essential oils mixture.

You might well fancy adding some liquid kelp complex or Feedstim XP or enzyme treated liver etc. There is far more to this kind of preparation than I am saying here because you can make these things seriously addictive, extremely potently thermogenic, even possibly psychoactive exploiting phytotrophic substances etc in certain ways but that is for further reading – as you will see!

Make a mix of your favourite base mix into paste not using eggs, but including a little blood powder instead mixed with icing sugar. Simply add your powder to the flavours mixture described above. However please note, cut this particular mixture for this purpose with perhaps an equal amount of CC Moore liquid Super Slop, or their liquid shellfish extract, or their Feedstim XP or even simply use liquid molasses boosted with enzyme treated liver and Marmite for instance maybe with a fruit palatant enhancer.

Make your baits in different sizes in squares and air- dry them not heat them in any way at all. When you come to use them simply tip them into your PVA bag or funnel or whatever, and maybe pack out your bag with stick mix or any ground bait or homemade mixture of base mix materials to really potently trigger fish and pull them onto your hook baits.

You might for instance use soaked shrimps and silk worm pupae from CW Baits and even alternatives like dehydrated fruits like citrus peels and cranberries, mulberries and blueberries etc steeped in CC Moore liquid fruit enhancer and pineapple flavour etc. Inject your PVA bag last thing with a PVA friendly liquid food.

Examples ideal for winter and onwards include CC Moore corn steep liquor boosted even more with their corn steep liquor powder, maybe or their Liver Amino Compound for instance boosted even more with enzyme treated liver powder or maybe soluble fish protein for example, or maybe hydrolysed poultry protein etc. (For more examples and for unique ones you can make at home that will not melt PVA read on to find out more.)

I hope you can see how being creative like this will deliver far more potent feed triggering stimulation to the water column surrounding your fish! This is exceptionally important when water is cold and dense OK!

Remember that carp are most powerfully triggered by substances in enough concentrations in the water to change their brain chemistry and mood and activity so they will investigate and mouth your hook baits. That is about it as far as the job of baits is concerned.

I do want fish to remain as healthy and vitally balanced and energetic as possible for the good of their own health, but ultimately I want the most bites as possible in the shortest time span possible.

Just feeding fish with quality nutrition is very far from the complete answer to maximizing the number of bites you can achieve and where new and innovative bait secrets and substances really come into their own for you in achieving incredibly competitive edges! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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