Stink Bait Recipies – Different Stinkbait Recipies for Catching Catfish

The catfish is a unique species of fish with prominent barbells that gives them the appearance of whiskers, which is what earned them the name catfish. They also have spines on their dorsal fins which may cause a lot of pain if you are stuck by one, depending on the type of catfish you are catching. Despite this fact, catfish are one of the most sought after species around and anglers will travel for miles to find a good fishing spot in which to catch them.

There are many different methods available when it comes to fishing for catfish but there’s nothing quite like using the right stink bait recipe to get the perfect catfish. If you’re looking for a stink bait that has those catfish practically jumping into your lap, here are some great ideas.

Sardine Bait Mix – Sardine bait mix is made with flour, water, sardines in oil, salt, tropical fish food and cream of tartar. Mix up all the ingredients in a pan and simmer until it becomes thick and hard to stir. Next, you need to remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool by spreading it out ontoe the mixture has dissolved spread it out on the aluminum foil and cut into cubes while it is still warm.

Blood Bait Mix – Blood bait mix is made up of flour, cornmeal, garlic powder, chicken blood, cheese cloth and strawberry jell-o. Combine these ingredients and then roll them up into ops. Combine all the ingredients together with the exception of the coco pops until the mixture is stiff enough to form a ball. When you are ready to use the mixture you need to place the coco pop onto the hook and squish the bait around it into a ball.

Catfish and Carp Hotdog Bait Mix Catfish and Carp Stink Bait Mix – With this bait you will need nightcrawlers, flour, frozen bread dough, sour cream, beef livers and garlic powder. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and kneed them together.

There are other recipes available and many anglers have designed their own special concoction that works wonderfully. All stink bait should be kept in an air tight marked container until ready to use. This will keep it fresher so you can get the full benefits from the bait. It’s the strong odor that draws the catfish to your bait. Experienced anglers have learned they can have a lot of success when using stink baits. In fact, many have doubled the number of fish they can reel in during each fishing trip.

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